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We wash the strawberries very well, with a lot of cold water.
We remove their tails, cut the largest strawberries into quarters and the most suitable into halves.

We take a glass jar, about 5 liters, wash it well and drain it upside down.
In it we put a row of strawberries, one sugar and so on until the last row is with sugar.
We cover it with its lid and leave it in the kitchen.
About every hour we mix the strawberries, it has nothing if they are crushed because it leaves more juice, to melt the sugar well.

In the evening we put it in the cold, and the next day when the sugar is completely melted, we pour alcohol according to everyone's taste.
Mix well and let it sit like this overnight, then strain it and put it in bottles.
On top we put some strawberries to look beautiful in bottles;)
Keep cool.

Dom ’Profesor - Brown plum brandy - 0.7L, Alc: 50%

Pălinca Dom 'Profesor is a super premium rum & acircnesc product made from 100% natural ingredients, a drink obtained by fermenting an ideal mixture of plum varieties, perfect and then sweetened by double distillation.

From the plum brandy picked by the glass to the glass made by glassmakers by blowing, Dom'Profesor lives the life of the authentic product, unique par excellence.

APPEARANCE: It has the color of acacia honey, with subtle hints of amber.

SMELL: Intense woody scent, with an obvious characteristic of vanilla, enriched by notes of cedar and pine.

TASTE: Unctuous and tasty taste, the alcohol being well integrated, with light fruit accents (apricots and prunes), complemented by a strong woodiness, distinct from oak and cedar and enriched by delicate notes of caramel and spices (black pepper and nutmeg).

FINISH: The sensation remaining after swallowing is sweet, intensely vanilla with pepper accents.

It is traditionally consumed at room temperature in small cups / glasses, along with meat snacks and butchers, traditional cheeses and fatty dishes typical of the cold season. It can also be served cold, an excellent 'chaser' poured directly from the freezer into iced shot glasses, or as an ingredient in mixology (see cocktail recipes on the blog).

Traditional Moldovan strawberry - we get drunk with a sweet strawberry flavor

Strawberry can be served immediately but also during the period when fresh strawberries are no longer found, because it preserves the unmistakable aroma of these early fruits.

& Icircnca since ancient times, our people have had the tradition of preparing homemade drinks, with alcohol such as blueberries, cherries, apricots, strawberries, cornata, sour cherries, raspberries but also "old drinks" less known by amateurs, which contain combinations of bitter cherries, sour cherries, horns, blueberries, sugar, alcohol, vodka and sour cherries. Taking into account that at the moment we approach the subject of strawberries, we decided to present you some information about the tradition of strawberry production in our country, Moldova, but also on the territory of Romania.

Strawberry is a very aromatic alcoholic beverage, suitable to be consumed as a liqueur, or as various combinations of cocktails. Studying several sources, I discovered that in most cases, the strawberry is prepared similarly, the differences being in proportions, additions of water or spices.

Thus, to prepare the strawberry, clean 2 kg of fruit and wash it in several cold waters, then put it in a glass jar and cover it with half the amount of sugar. The rest of the strawberries are washed and crushed, put on top of the other whole fruits and covered with the rest of the sugar. The mixture is left to warm for a period of ten days, during which time the bowl is shaken so that the syrup left by the fruit covers them evenly.

After ten days, add the alcohol (vodka, brandy), add vanilla sugar and bind the carafe with cellophane in two, over the cork that covers the mouth of the bottle from the beginning of fermentation. After the fermentation has ceased, it is filtered through gauze and cotton wool, bottled, covered with scalded corks and kept cold. The longer it is stored, the better the drink.

Bee honey or brown sugar can also be used to prepare the strawberry, and in this case the final color of the drink will be darker. It is also recommended to use double refined alcohol, because it will better maintain the drink. You can also add water, if the drink is too strong or it can be flavored with various spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves, etc.

An interesting trick to keep the color of the fruit alive is to add the squeezed juice from a lemon & acircie. The strawberry will have a splendid color, and the lemon will not affect the taste, on the contrary, it will give a touch of extra flavor.

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