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Easy cheese and onion pie recipe

Easy cheese and onion pie recipe

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A simple cheese and onion pie that is quick to prepare, especially if you have a food processor to do the chopping and grating.

Kent, England, UK

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IngredientsServes: 4

  • 4 large onions, finely chopped
  • 350g good cheese, grated
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • grated nutmeg to taste
  • 1 portion shop bought flaky pastry
  • 15ml milk

MethodPrep:20min ›Cook:45min ›Ready in:1hr5min

  1. Partially cook the chopped onion in the microwave for 3 to 4 minutes. Leave to cool.
  2. Grate the cheese and mix into the cooled onion.
  3. Beat the egg in a mug with a fork, and add all but about 5ml to the onion and cheese mix. Season with ground black pepper and freshly grated nutmeg. No need for salt. Mix well and set aside.
  4. Roll out 2/3 of the flaky pastry and line a 25cm pie dish or ovenproof plate.
  5. Pile on the onion and cheese filling. Make a lid for the pie with the remaining portion of pastry.
  6. Add about 15ml of milk to the reserved beaten egg in the mug and use it to brush the pie top.
  7. Bake in a preheated 200 C / Gas 6 oven (or 190 C fan) for about 45 minutes, or until pastry is golden brown.


Serve warm, with baked potatoes cooked at the same time as the pie and either baked beans or green salad.
For a quick pudding baked in the same oven see my 'Dead Fly Pie' recipe. You can use the flaky pastry trimmings from this pie for the dessert pie.

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  • 200g plain flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 100g chilled butter, cubed
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 red onion, finely chopped
  • 4 spring onions, trimmed and finely chopped
  • 2 leeks, trimmed and finely chopped
  • 4 thyme sprigs, leaves stripped
  • 175g Cheddar, grated
  • 175g Cheshire cheese, grated
  • 1 free range egg, lightly beaten
  • babyleaf salad, to serve

Each serving contains




of the reference intake
Carbohydrate 22.4g Protein 15g Fibre 1.3g

Basic Cheese Quiche Recipe

HEAT oven to 375°F. SPREAD cheese evenly in bottom of piecrust. TOP with filling in an even layer.

BEAT eggs, milk, salt and thyme in medium bowl until blended. Carefully POUR over filling in piecrust.

BAKE in center of 375°F oven until center is almost set but jiggles slightly when dish is gently shaken and knife inserted near center comes out clean, 30 to 40 minutes. LET STAND 5 minutes. CUT into wedges.

An outstanding basic cheese quiche recipe relies a lot on a few simple tips and tricks. Learn how to make cheese quiche with our insider tips.

The French-inspired quiche is a perfect light lunch or dinner. Try adding chopped fresh herbs, such as parsley, basil or oregano.

If using frozen piecrust choose the deep-dish size. Always bake your pie shell first to avoid a soggy crust.

For a non-traditional “crust”, mix cooked rice, orzo, spinach or hash browns with a beaten egg and press it into a greased quiche dish or pie plate.

Individual egg and cheese quiche can be baked in pastry tart shells, muffin tins or hollowed out vegetables.

Make fillings from your favorite foods or from leftovers. Use a combination of cheese, meat, seafood or poultry and vegetables.

Filling ingredients should be cooked, not raw. Pieces should be cut fairly small and drained well.

Some classic filling combinations are Cheddar cheese and ham or sautéed onion, bacon and Swiss Gruyere cheese.

No water bath needed. The pie crust protects the custard filling from direct oven heat, so a water bath is not necessary.

How to tell if the egg and cheese quiche is done. Baked custards should be removed from the oven before the center is completely set. The center will jiggle slightly when cup or dish is gently shaken. Custard will continue to “cook” after it’s removed and center will firm up quickly. Overbaked custard may curdle. The knife test: Test for doneness with a thin-bladed knife. Insert knife about 1 inch from the center of a one-dish custard midway between center and edge of cups. If knife is clean when pulled out, the custard is done. If any custard clings to the blade, bake a few minutes longer and test again. Cheese fillings: Quiche fillings containing cheese may continue to test “wet” even after they are done. Tap or gently shake the dish remove quiche from oven when the center is almost set but still jiggles a bit.

For a richer custard, substitute half-and-half for the milk.

Need a party appetizer? Bake quiche in a square or rectangular pan cut into small squares or triangles. Or bake in mini muffin cups.

This recipe is an excellent source of protein and choline and a good source of vitamin A.

Old Fashioned Vidalia Onion Pie Recipe

In this post you&rsquoll learn to make an Old Fashioned Vidalia Onion Pie Recipe.

Have you ever had onion pie?It is so delicious y&rsquoall! This old school recipe has been around a while&hellipwe&rsquore talking centuries. There are a few variations but this is the simple classic recipe.

An onion pie is basically an onion quiche. It&rsquos creamy in texture and savory. If it is your first time having a bite&hellipyou may be surprised at how amazing something consisting of a lot of onion is so darn good.

It doesn&rsquot hurt if you use the famous sweet onion of the South, Vidalia onions, which hail from Georgia. Vidalia onions work perfectly in this recipe and that is why I wait til Vidalia season each year to bake up this cheese and onion pie.

Some of the colonial versions of an onion pie also had apples and potatoes in the pie mix. Today folks may choose to use different types of cheese or what have you.

Lastly, you have the option of using a pie crust or making a crust from saltine cracker crumbs. Both are delicious so you can&rsquot go wrong either way.

Old School Cheese and Onion Pie

This recipe has been handed down to me from generations ago. It is so old that one of the ingredients is scalded milk. They used to scald milk for recipes before the days of pasteurization and such to kill any possible bacteria. We don&rsquot have to bother with that step these days.

I do choose to use raw milk for my family but the way the dairy operation works in a sanitary milking facility make that quite safe today. Still, there is no need to scald the milk that I use.

Caramelized Onion Pie

The recipe for an onion pie is really easy but there is one step that takes a little bit of time&hellip.sauteing the onions. You don&rsquot have to stand over them or anything the entire time but they do require stirring every few minutes.

The onions will cook for about 40 minutes until they turn golden, or you can choose to cook them longer until they are richer in a caramel color.

What do you need to make an onion pie? Vidalia onions, a pie shell, butter, Swiss cheese, flour, eggs, milk and a few seasonings.

It&rsquos completely optional but since I have fresh chives in my herb garden, they&rsquore a perfect garnish for this recipe. I also like a few dashes of hot sauce on my slice of onion pie. MMM mmm mmm.

I&rsquoll share everything in the printable recipe card further down along with all of the steps, including the optional cracker crumb crust.

Vidalia and Swiss Cheese Pie

If you happen to have leftovers of this onion pie, they can be covered and stored in the refrigerator up to three days. A cut slice warms nicely in the microwave. The taste and quality aren&rsquot compromised in the least.

Let&rsquos make this Old Fashioned Vidalia Onion Pie Recipe!

Quick and Easy Savory Cheese Pie Recipe

This savory quick and easy cheese pie recipe is an awesome meal that can be served any time of the day. Very versatile, the recipe can be made with most cheeses out there, from feta to mozzarella to goat cheese.

I make this recipe quite often for breakfast, especially over the weekends, but I love it as an appetizer when we entertain. Slice it like a pizza and let your guests help themselves.

It is super easy to make and delicious and you do not have to bake it either, because it is made in a skillet.

What ingredients you will need for this pie?

  • Milk&ndash I like whole milk, but 2% is good too. I would not use low fat or fat free milk as it is too watery.
  • Flour&ndash All purpose flour is good enough
  • Eggs
  • Cheese- read more below

This cheese pie is something between a cheesy pancake and a frittata, which makes it perfect for breakfast or brunch.

This weekend my husband asked me if we can make something different for breakfast (we rarely have cereals or oatmeal). I decided to make this recipe and serve it with this awesome tomatoes, green onions, cucumbers, peppers and avocado salad.

Let me tell you, it was delicious! Here is a version of it.

This cheese pie is good stuff! It reheats well (not sure if you will ever have that opportunity as it will disappear fast) and it is great any time of the day.

Lunch or dinner, too, yes! I don&rsquot see why not!

What kind of cheese you can use and my experience with already shredded cheese in bags:

I liked this recipe the most with mozzarella and/or with feta cheese. A good mixture of both is good for this pie.

I usually buy the good quality cheese. I grew up eating lots of feta cheese and I know my stuff. For example, the crumbled feta cheese in small containers at the grocery store is terrible. I really don&rsquot recommend it.

I do like the Feta coming from Greece, that is sold in plastic containers at Trader Joe&rsquos, it is also made out of sheep milk and delicious.

Anyway, if you want a good Feta cheese, go buy the block, not the crumbled one. Here are some ideas.

Also, I noticed that the already shredded cheddar cheese in the bags makes a really greasy pie, which I did not like.

If you cannot find Feta cheese, use a tangy goat cheese mixed with mozzarella. A block of Cheddar is ok as well, just shred it yourself.

At least, it does not have the potato starch and the cellulose in it, like the already shredded one.

How traditional Georgian Khachapuri cheese pie is made:

There are multiple recipes for Khachapuri pie cheese and each region in Georgia has a different version. The original recipe that my recipe is inspired from, is made from a yeast dough, similar to pizza.

Some versions use a combination of cheeses, which are usually the local ones available. Other versions are filled with red beans.

After the dough is formed and the cheese is shredded, the cheese is made into a ball and placed right in the middle of the dough. The dough is folded around to cover the cheese.

The dough is rolled again gently and baked in the oven or cooked on the stove until crisp and golden.

How my recipe is made:

My recipe is a super shortcut that skips the steps of making an yeast dough, which takes time. The flour, egg, milk and cheese are mixed together and cooked on the stove in a skillet like a pancake.

Of course you will not end up with the same product, because the recipes are so different. However, as a quick version of this wonderful cheese pie, the results are quite amazing.

Expert Tips:

Prep and assemble the pie up to 24 hours ahead of baking. Stash covered, in the refrigerator and plan to bake it a 5 to 8 minutes longer or until knife inserted in center comes out clean since it will be chilled.

This recipe has been on the Bisquick™ mix box for years, and it is still one of the most-requested Impossibly Easy Pie recipes of all time.

Let a straight-forward cheeseburger pie can be the beginning for a diner-inspired dinner: top the pie with crumbled bacon and sliced avocado, fried onions and mushrooms, a California-style shredded lettuce and tomato, dill pickle chips, or pickled red onions! The sky’s the limit.

Use a wire whisk to beat up a baking mix batter and make it lump-free—it works like a charm.

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Yummy quiche. I used a frozen deep dish pie crust and prebaked it for 10 minutes. While it was still warm, I layered the cheese first to form a slight "seal" to prevent leakage (a tip from Cook's Illustrated), then filled the pie with the onions, bacon (doubled the qty) and cheese. Baked for 45 minutes until top was golden. Also, subbed the nutmeg with thyme (another tip from Cook's Illustrated). Rich but very good.

I've been making this for years. It's one of my most requested recipes. Here's my changes. I make it in a 12x 15" jelly roll pan, use premade pie crust dough, precooked and crumbled bacon, 2 whole eggs and 2 sweet onions. After baking, I cut into bar shapes and serve this as an appetizer. Delicious! This year, I'm making it with swiss cheese instead of gruyere, which is just too expensive.

I used a deep dish crust and baked at 10min @ 400 per review by RosiesMom, Added 2 onions and extra bacon. I did not add any salt. Easy and great light dinner with salad and fruit.

This was my first attempt at making any type of quiche and I am happy I chose this option! I did cheat and use a frozen deep-dish pie crust (I really hate a truly bad crust and am not patient or confident enough to make my own) I'm sure the crust here is better, but not so much that I imagine it would greatly change the flavor of the dish. I ended up cooking it for about 30 min once filled as opposed to the 25 for it to truly set, and it was perfect. my husband asked if we could have it weekly (based on the cream content, i said no). Easy to make, not a ton of ingredients, and quite delicious. Definitely adding it to my go-to recipes and will try more quiche!

Used a deep dish pie crust & baked about 10 min @ 400 then added ingredients (including 2 extra pcs of bacon-great results. Baked for 25 min @ 400.

WOW! This is fantastic. I love this recipe, and it's very versatile, you can mess around with it and add lots more stuff if you wish.

this tart is addictive!mm mm mmm. i love that no "one" ingredient overpowers the tart, the flavors blend in beautifully and the crust melts in your mouth. i will continue to make this again and again.

Love this! I've made this so many times and each time I'm just licking my plate! I use store-bought crust and it tastes just as good : )

Used pre-made crust and only had cheddar on hand but it still went together well. Onions were sweet and a nice touch to the salty bacon and cheese.

i honestly think that this is a solid 3-fork recipe. "delicious" but not "exceptional". it's just a quiche, folks! i, too, found it a bit heavy. but it was definitely tasty. i threw in some thyme and will probably add a bit of creme fraiche rather than all of that whipping cream the next time around. hopefully that will give it more of a bite.

It's a little on the heavy side, but a guaranteed hit at parties! It will fool your friends and family into thinking you can really cook. I, too, used a pre-made pie shell and it turned out great.

This is an excellent tart. Perfect for brunch. Everybody who has eaten it has loved it and had a second helping. Big hit.

excellent! my boyfriend made it for valentine's day and it turned out beautifully!

Our dinner group had this as an appetizer and it was terrific.I made it a second time w/ premade crust and it was still wonderful.I will do this again and again.The crust recipe is very good and I think it would do well as a fruit pie crust too.

Very Good, BUT not worth my time. I have had better, quicker appetizers.

Made this last night for a cocktail party and it was delicious. I used a premade deep dish pie crust and doubled the onions. Absolutely yummy and very easy. I made the onions and bacon the day before and threw it together a few hours before guests arrived and served it at room temperature.

A fantastical tart! It is lovely as appitizer, side dish, or entree, and can play any role at any meal. I added a pinch more sugar for very caramalized onions, and about 1.5 times as much bacon. Also, I left it in a bit longer so that the top would be better browned, as it makes for a nicer appearance. Oh, and as this is almost better the day after because it sets more firmly, next time I'm going to leave more time for it to sit before I serve it.

I cook from this site all the time. I've only rated to items 4 forks. This recipe is extraordinary. And so simple to make.

This was great and easy! Be careful not to add too much more cheese than the recipe calls for as it will turn out way too salty.

Apparently, this was a great recipe. I served it at a large party and never did get to try it myself. I too doubled the onions and used the best bacon I could find. A definite keeper as I need to get a slice sometime.

Made this dish as an easy appetizer for a dinner party. I used purchased frozen mini tart shells and filled. Very good and easy to make if you don't make your own crust. I made onion/bacon mixture the day before. Mixed the liquid ingredients early in the day. 15 minutes before guests arrived I assembled tarts and baked about 10 minutes.

My sister and I chose this dish to make as part of a German inspired meal to honour my Mother's birthday. It is the perfect starter. The crust was buttery and flaky, and the onions incredibly sweet. Couple that with the bite of the cheese and the saltiness of the bacon and this dish is a complete WOW. Definitely am planning to make this again. Everyone was talking about it then and still are NOW.

These were absolutely delicious!! To save time, I used frozen mini tart shells and they were fabulous. I tested them out on myself and my boyfriend and now I will be happy to serve them to our guests at an upcoming dinner party.

Fabulous. I have made this recipe 4 times and the ONLY change made was to double the amount of onion used (and to use a sweet variety when available). This makes for a great appetizer size when you use 4" tart pans. Everyone loved the flavors and were surprised how great onions can be.

Made 3 tarts for our Oktoberfest party and none was left. Our guests enjoyed it all too well. The carmelized onion, cheese, and bacon were a great combination. Since it was such a hit, I made it again for my girlfriends during a Sex and the City viewing party and paired it with a lovely frisee salad. my pals could not get enough of it. Cheers!


Time: About 60 minutes if you want to make a good job of it.

Line an oven tray with baking paper and set aside.

Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan / skillet and saute the onions over medium heat for 5- 7 minutes, or until golden and soft.

Transfer to a bowl and allow to cool for 10 minutes, before adding the cheese, parsley, mustard and Worcestershire sauce.

Mix well, then add 1 beaten egg to the bowl, with salt and pepper to your taste, and mix well again.

Using a cake pan or dinner plate as a guide, cut each sheet of pastry into a 9 inch (23 cm) circle.

Lay one sheet of pastry on the prepared baking tray.

Place a large spoonful of the cheese mixture over the pastry base, piling it higher in the middle, and leave a narrow border around the edge.

Lightly brush the border with some of the second beaten egg.

Place the remaining sheet of pastry over the filling, stretching lightly if necessary to neatly fit the bottom sheet.

Press and seal the edges well.

Brush the top with the remaining beaten egg, and cut two slits in the top to allow the steam to escape.

Bake in the oven for 10 minutes, before reducing the heat to 350F (180C).

Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4 and place a baking tray in the oven to heat through.

For the pastry, place the butter and lard into a large bowl with the flour and salt. Gently rub the fat into the flour using finger tips until the texture resembles very coarse breadcrumbs. Alternatively use a food processor to bind the fat and flour.

Add 2-3 tbsp ice cold water to bind the mixture. Lightly knead the dough until well amalgamated, dust with flour and place into a sealable plastic bag. Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes before using. If you are in a rush, you can use the dough straightaway.

For the filling, heat the butter in a saucepan and fry the onions for 10 minutes, without colouring. Stir in 150ml/5fl oz water, salt and freshly ground black pepper and cook until almost all the liquid has evaporated. Remove the onions, spread out onto a plate and set aside to cool.

Roll out two-thirds of the pastry until it is about 0.5cm/¼in thick and line a greased 20cm/8in loose-bottomed tart tin, leaving any excess pastry overhanging the edge.

Now roll out the remaining pastry to a similar thickness which will also be generously wide enough to use as a lid to the pie. Cover the base of the pie with half of the onions and then cover with half the grated cheese.

Repeat the layering process in step 6 until all the mixture is used up.

Roll out the remaining pastry to make a lid for the pie. Brush the edges of the pastry case with milk to seal the pastry lid upon it, while also pressing the edges together lightly before trimming off any excess overhang. Brush the surface of the pie with milk. Make three small incisions into the centre of the pie using the point of a sharp knife and, if you wish, further decorate to make a lattice effect.

Place the pie into the oven and bake for 40-50 minutes, or until golden-brown. Remove from the oven and leave for a good 20-30 minutes before un-moulding and cutting into generous wedges.


3 lbs of potatoes chopped (or make up to 3 lbs with any chopped root veg)
2 onions chopped in half and very thinly sliced
2 oz grated cheddar cheese
tablespoon of margarine or butter (or fat saved from bacon)
Thyme, salt and pepper

Scrub vegetables and scrape or peel if necessary.
Chop into smallish pieces (carrot needs longer to cook so if mixed with potatoes make sure the carrot pieces are smaller).
Simmer vegetables until tender in boiling water.
Meanwhile add sliced onion to a pan with a little butter/margarine/fat and saute gently until golden.
When potatoes/vegetables are cooked and tender drain well and then mash with a tablespoon of margarine/butter and lots of seasoning. At this stage you can add extras such as some garlic powder or some chopped sauted garlic to add extra flavour. Mix well and when you are happy with the flavour add to a pie dish.
Sprinkle over the top with some grated cheese and finally the sauted long onion slices spreading out evenly over the top.
Place in a pre-heated hot oven at 220 C until the top is golden. This will take about 20 minutes.

Serves 4 as a main dish with a few green vegetables on the side or 6 as part of a meal.