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Lemon check

Lemon check

A dough recipe for 2 different bakings - cake or muffins, muffins.

  • 250 ml of natural yogurt with fruit
  • 2 eggs
  • 100 g of sugar
  • 60 gr of melted natural butter
  • 300 gr of sifted flour
  • a pinch of salt
  • preparation paper
  • a tablespoon of lemon juice
  • a vanilla powder

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


The oven is heated to a temperature of 180-190C. Pour all the ingredients into a larger bowl and mix well with the mixer for 4-5 minutes. The rectangular shape of the cake is lined with parchment paper, greased with a little odorless oil.

Carefully pour the dough obtained and bake in the oven for 40 minutes. After baking, leave it in the form for about 20 minutes and then remove it from the form, because it is tender and moist.

It is prepared and eaten very quickly, because it has a moist taste, with the aroma of lemon and vanilla. Serve with coffee or tea. I tried to add cherries, apricots, and I was not happy with the taste. The most successful is with lemon juice.

Check with butter and lemon

This cake with butter and lemon is so fragrant and good that we only had it for dinner and breakfast.

It's fine, the butter flavor gives it an irresistible taste, and with a glass of yogurt or a cup of coffee, it works great!

  • 6 eggs
  • 250 g butter
  • 320 g white flour
  • 280 g old powder
  • a large lemon
  • a sachet of vanilla sugar
  • a sachet of baking powder

How to prepare cake with butter and lemon

Grate the peeled lemon and then squeeze the juice.

Butter, at room temperature, mix the foam.

Gradually add the sugar and mix until completely diluted.

Add the yolks from the 6 eggs and continue mixing.

Add a little salt, vanilla sugar, juice and grated lemon peel.

The sifted flour together with the baking powder is gradually added to the composition, mixing at low speed.

Add them to the lemon cake composition, stirring gently, from the bottom up.

Line two cake trays (or a large one, like a guguluf) with baking paper or grease well with butter and sprinkle a little flour.

Pour the composition and level.

Insert the tray / trays in the preheated oven, on the second stage, at 160-165 degrees.

Bake the cake until it becomes slightly brown on the surface and pass the test with the toothpick.

If we use the large tray it will take about 60 minutes, if we choose smaller cake trays it will take about 40 minutes. The safest is the test and the color of the cake, the time depending on how your oven bakes.

Lemon and yogurt cake & # 8211 Officially my favorite cake. Here is the recipe

Last night I found an interesting recipe for lemon cake combined with yogurt. And as it looked very fragrant, because lemon is my favorite and especially because it was very easy, I thought I'd try it.

What came out? A perfect dessert! Quick to make, you always have the ingredients at hand, very fragrant and in the morning with a cup of tea or coffee a slice of cake with lemon and yogurt makes your day start well.

The ingredients below are for a classic cake tray, but you can make several trays by calculating the ingredients. I used the 125 gram glass of yogurt as a unit of measurement because I also measured the rest of the ingredients with it.

Use four eggs in a glass of yogurt.


  • 4 eggs
  • a glass of yogurt of 125 grams
  • 2 grated glasses of sugar
  • 3 glasses of flour
  • a glass of oil
  • grated peel of a lemon
  • a teaspoon of lemon juice
  • a pinch of salt
  • a teaspoon of baking powder

How is it prepared?

Preheat the oven, grease a cake pan with butter (oil) and line it with flour (if you want, you can use baking paper instead of flour).

Mix the eggs with the sugar, well, until they froth, add the oil, a teaspoon of lemon juice and yogurt, then continue mixing.

Add flour, lemon peel and baking powder and mix the composition slowly so as not to leave.

Turn over in the pan and bake the cake for 20-30 minutes at 200 degrees.

The lemon and yogurt cake is ready when it gets a nice color and is consistent to the touch - you can use a skewer stick to try it.

It is perfect and cold and you can eat it simply, powdered with sugar or chocolate icing.

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I turned on the oven. In a bowl, I grated the lemon peel, put the butter and sugar and mixed until it turned into a foam.

Check 1. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Grease a 23 cm diameter round pan with butter. 2. Sift flour with baking powder and salt. Beat

1) Beat the butter well with the sugar and orange peel. Add the egg yolks one at a time and then the egg whites. Apples are cleaned

Sprinkle the yolks with a little salt and vanilla sugar, mix gradually with the oil and then add the citrus peel. raisins

1-Mix the milk with the melted margarine and the cup of powdered sugar until the sugar melts a little. 2-Add the baking powder quenched in

In a larger bowl, mix all the cheeses that we have previously kept at room temperature. The gelatin dissolves

Prepare a fine cream of butter rubbed with sugar, to which eggs are added one at a time together with a teaspoon of flour, and at the end

Mix the butter with the sugar until it becomes frothy, then add the eggs one by one and then the poppy seeds. Flour mixed with baking powder

I sometimes wonder if only my little girl has trouble eating vegetables. Because I often have endless fights with her to get her

Grease a cake form (26cm). For the cake batter, beat the butter in a bowl with the sugar, then add the eggs one at a time,

Lemon check

lemon cake
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Lemon Slot Check

Soft drink cakes are very popular and easy to make. The orange juice cake, fasting, is one of the most popular sweet recipes, but not the only one.

Today we offer you a cake recipe with Fanta de lăm & acircie, simple, delicious and with a perfectly balanced taste & icircntre sweet and sour.

  • 180 g butter
  • 350 g sugar
  • 5 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 350 g flour
  • 100 ml Slit lemon

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Prepare an elongated or round tray, which you grease with a little butter.

Put the butter and sugar in a bowl and mix until you get an airy-looking cream. Add the eggs, one at a time, continuing to mix. Add the vanilla and lemon juice.

Alternately pour in the flour and lemon juice and mix until the ingredients are well incorporated.

Pour the composition into the pan and bake for an hour or until it passes the toothpick test. Allow to cool, then cut.

Serve the cake with powdered sugar or icing on top or plain.

You have to see it too.

Lemon Check & # 8211 video recipe

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Recipe of lemon cake is our favorite. We love the aroma of lemon and the fluffiness of this cake. To tell you the truth, I really like lemons. I adore them and I would use them every day for every dish. Unfortunately I can't do this, but I try to use lemon as much as possible in desserts and soft drinks. The lemon cake is very suitable for breakfast, along with a good coffee, but I like it the most with a glass of cold milk.

What I like about this lemon cake is that it is extremely easy to make. You don't even need a mixer, one goal is enough. If you still want to use a mixer, just use it to mix eggs with sugar. When adding flour, use a fork or a spatula. The flour should be mixed as little as possible so that the dessert remains fluffy. The more flour we mix, the denser the cake will be. For the lemon flavor I used the peel of three lemons. You can use the juice for one delicious lemonade, e.g.

Bake this lemon cake over medium heat until well cooked. Try it with a toothpick. If the toothpick comes out clean, the cake is ready. Before cutting, let it cool well. Ideally, let it reach room temperature, but it would be good to leave it for at least 30 minutes. I like it slightly warm with coffee or cold milk. You can also serve it with jam or marmalade or with ice cream. And with fresh fruit we can serve this cake. Strawberries, raspberries or blueberries go very well.

This lemon cake is absolutely wonderful! It is very easy to make, it is tasty and everyone likes it. You can replace the lemon with orange or any other citrus you want. But be careful to scrape only the peel, without taking the white part. This is bitter and should be avoided. If you are a lemon lover, as I am, you can try lemon cake. It is a wonderful combination of lemon and coconut, and he prepares it quite often.


The cake with candied fruit and lemon icing is one of the very successful variants of a consistent and refreshing dessert that perfectly accompanies a cup of coffee enjoyed with friends with whom you can share in peace the thoughts and events of the last period.

Sweet and at the same time quite sour icing with lemon juice that covers the fluffy and soft pandispan rich in candied fruits and walnuts, as if to taste another slice and stay with this pleasant aroma at the end of a special day spent with great pleasure. like a late party that you are looking forward to and in a good mood.


  • 200 gr. butter
  • 200 gr. sugar
  • 5 eggs
  • 250 gr. kefir
  • 300 gr. flour
  • 50 gr. chopped walnuts
  • 200 gr. candied fruits (ginger, apricot,
    raisins, lemon peel, orange peel)
  • 1 sachet of baking powder
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 nutmeg powder
  • 1 cinnamon powder

The first step I take is to froth the soft butter at room temperature.

I add the sugar and continue mixing until I get a very creamy mixture that has whitened and doubled in volume.

At this point I start to add an egg and mix without stopping until the complete incorporation of each of the five prepared eggs.

Over the creamy composition I put half the amount of kefir, I change the mixer with a spatula and I add half of the dry ingredients that I sift separately (flour, baking powder, salt, nutmeg and a pinch of freshly grated cinnamon). I mix a little, then I add the rest of kefir and flour.

At the end I incorporate lightly, with ample movements, the pieces of walnut, the raisins soaked for a few minutes in 2-3 tablespoons of brandy and the diced candied fruit.

I line a cake pan with butter and flour, pour the composition obtained in it and put it in the oven heated to 180 ° for at least 50 minutes. For any eventuality, you can do the toothpick test after 40-45 minutes, or you can just as easily notice the reddish-brick color above the well-grown cake that comes off easily from the edges of the tray.

After removing the cake from the oven, let it cool a bit in the pan then take it out on a grill and set it aside.

Only when it is completely cooled, I prepare the lemon glaze of 60 grams of powdered sugar and 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice, which I mix with a spoon.

Slowly pour it so that it covers the sides, then sprinkle the small pieces of candied lemon and orange peel.

This wonderful icing crystallizes quite quickly, flavors and keeps fresh and soft the cake full of candied fruit that I invite you to enjoy with friends no matter the occasion.

Lent cake with lemon - flavorful and quick to make

Because I presented you a delicious cake with oranges, I thought it would be good to present you a recipe for lemon cake, fasting. It is quick to prepare, very tasty and refreshing.

Necessary ingredients:

  • 1 cup sugar, 5 tablespoons oil, 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 cup half flour, a little salt
  • A little vinegar, vanilla essence
  • 1 cup water, 1 larger lemon

It is important to use the same cup to measure the ingredients.

Method of preparation:

  1. Grate the lemon peel - only the yellow part. If you shave the white one too, the cake will be bitter and then burn the grated lemon peel.
  2. In a bowl, mix the sifted flour, lemon juice, lemon peel, vanilla essence, water, baking soda with vinegar and a little salt.
  3. Mix until a homogeneous composition is obtained, as for a cake
  4. Put the mixture obtained in a tray and put it in the oven for 35-40 minutes at 170 degrees

Remove from the cold and powder with sugar and a little lemon peel. You can even make a icing with powdered sugar and water. It looks great!

Homemade cake with apples and lemon - a perfect cake!

We present you the recipe for a delicious homemade cake. In a short time and from simple ingredients you get a delicious and fragrant cake, with a sweet and sour juicy filling, the aroma of which turns a simple homemade cake into an irresistible dessert. Enjoy your loved ones with a special dessert!

Dough ingredients

Ingredients for the filling

Method of preparation

1. Mix all the ingredients for the dough. Knead the dough.

2. Put 2/3 of the dough in the fridge and 1/3 - in the freezer. Preventively wrap the dough in cling film.

3. Peel the apples and grate them.

4. Grate the lemon with the peel. Mix the grated apples with the lemon and sugar. Drain the juice.

5. Wallpaper a baking tin, 24-26 cm in diameter, with paper.

6. Form a countertop from the larger piece of dough and arrange it in the baking tin. Form the border.

7. Sprinkle the top with a little flour and arrange the filling.

8. Grate the smaller portion of the dough as soon as you take it out of the freezer.

9. Arrange the grated dough on the filling as evenly as possible.

10. Bake the cake in the preheated oven at 180 ° C until ready.

Video: LemON - Napraw Official Music Video (January 2022).