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Swede Eats Handfuls of Money After DWI Arrest

 Swede Eats Handfuls of Money After DWI Arrest

A Swedish man ate his own money to keep it from police


A Swedish man was left a little fuller and a lot poorer after he ate handfuls of money to keep it from police.

A Swedish man arrested for driving while under the influence recently proved the police were right to stop him when he responded to the charge by trying to make a meal of several handfuls of money.

According to The Local, police in southern Sweden initially pulled the man over because they thought he might be driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. When they stopped him, they discovered “wads of cash” in the car. The driver was reportedly in debt already, and when police stopped him he became enraged at the idea that they might confiscate the money, so he started eating them as quickly as possible.

"He snatched up the money, put it in his mouth and started to eat it up," the police said.

As the man "frantically chewed his notes and yelled," according to police, he actually managed to eat several of the bills.

"Well that was silly, now your debt remains," one of the police officers said as he watched the suspect eat a handful of money.

Medical staff were then consulted because nobody present at the scene knew for sure if it was dangerous to ingest money, but the suspect was fine, just a little fuller and poorer.

Watch the video: Η ΓΕΝΝΑ ΜΟΥ . Amarilnta Valavani (January 2022).