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Apples in the shirt

Apples in the shirt

My grandmother used to make them for me and they were so good, the whole house smelled like autumn !!!!

  • apples (I used 4 large pieces)
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • 5-6 tablespoons flour
  • grated lemon peel
  • about 100 ml of cold milk
  • vanilla powdered sugar

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


Peel an apple, grate it and cut it into 2.5 cm thick slices. From the rest of the ingredients, make a pancake-like dough, but thicker, it is good to add the milk gradually, after the eyes. Heat the Teflon tray with palm oil in a 1 cm layer. and fry the slices soaked in dough on both sides. Remove on an absorbent napkin, dust quickly with sugar and you're done! From the rest of the composition that I had left after frying, I made some "pancakes" with grated apple and walnut! I served them with caramel sauce from Dr. Oetker.

Fresh and fragrant apple compote with lemon and cinnamon & # 8211 grandma's recipe

Fresh and flavored apple compote with lemon and cinnamon & # 8211 grandma's recipe. How to make apple compote for immediate consumption? How much do apples boil for compote in the pot? Post desert. Compote recipes. Apple recipes.

My grandmother used to make me fresh apple compote in the pot when I was cold or when I just wanted it. Apple compote was a universal medicine, especially when made by my grandmother. He would bring me the bowl of lukewarm apple compote, placed on a tray, and sit with me until I ate everything. He stroked my head and said to me: you will see, you will feel better! And he was always right & lt3 This compote is very healthy and nutritious and is given to children when they have a fever because it moisturizes them very well.

In our house (and not only) apples are always cooked with cinnamon and lemon. From the apple or strudel cake to the compote, everything has cinnamon. The compote also had cloves or star anise and, of course, vanilla.

Also according to her recipe I put apple compote for the winter (in a jar) but only when I have many apples from my own garden. In general, apples are found all year round, plus they keep very well raw, in the pantry, so I didn't make too many canned apples. This is the recipe for apple compote for winter & # 8211 see here.

From these quantities results 4 servings of fresh and aromatic apple compote.

`Shirt` cake

Fondant preparation:
Grease a bowl well with a frame, place marsmallows in it, add 2 tablespoons of water and put the bowl in the microwave until the marshmallows melt (I put it four times 30 seconds, but this time also depends on the power of the oven as it heats up).

Be careful to melt in a larger bowl because this marshmallows are very swollen. After it is melted, add to it the 900 gr of powdered sugar and mix well with a spoon until all the sugar is incorporated (it is very sticky).

When the paste is homogeneous, powder a foil or a bag with a little starch and leave it to cool for at least 2 hours. I covered the cake with this fondant. Spread lightly on the table sprinkled with starch.

We make a biscuit top from 20 eggs.

We put 700 ml of whipped cream on the fire and in it we add the 700 gr of household chocolate and leave it on the fire until the chocolate melts, letting it boil. Then remove from the heat and leave to cool for at least 12 hours.

When the cream is cooled, it has the consistency of a thicker cream. I put the mixer in the cream and mix it at high speed. Beat the remaining 300 ml of whipped cream and then gradually add it to the cream that you mix next. From the cream we take separately 6 spoons with which we grease the top on the outside after we have filled it. In the cream we will put the pistachio and the ground hazelnuts, fried and chopped (we chopped them with the rolling pin).

We prepare weaker (more diluted) coffee in which we put 2 ampoules of rum essence when it is cold. With this mixture we will syrup the top. We cut the top in half and we will fill it with cream. On top we will grease it with the cream set aside before putting the hazelnuts in it and then we will cover it with the marshmallow fondant. From this fondant we will model the collar for the shirt, the pocket and the tie.

I added a little red dye to the tie to have a different shade than the shirt. I also made buttons with fondant. In order for the collar to hold, I put a strip of cardboard underneath.

What does the name PINEBERRY mean?

Why Pineberry? The brand name came much later, in 2012, when a good friend helped Alina to position herself in the market, to create a brand logo, a visual identity for the collections on the Romanian market, a representative name. for the created shirts, something symbolic for the artisan Alina Rachieru and for her business idea.

That's how they got to Pineberry - a newly created hybrid fruit, a combination between pineapple and strawberry, but which represents very well the products and their business - a combination between old and new, between classic and modern. The family business was founded in 1994, in which it merges experience and maturity Alina 's father - in - law, Vladimir Rachieru, with novelty, technology and innovation which those of the younger generation bring.

Humorous collection of "quoted" plows from Simirad to Basescu

Ah, ah, children and brothers,
Fini, daughters-in-law, nephews, brothers-in-law,
All of them, subordinates
And my employees,
Wait a minute and listen to me,
(Do not smoke in the building!):
Good Sara, holy Sarah,
Blizzard through chimneys,
People go ugly.
Ur and I, gritting our teeth,
My vice presidents,
To drive them crazy,
And now I'm going to whip,
Maybe I hit the vices:
Tomorrow begins a new year,
At the County Council:
A difficult year, a year with voting,
With a great beat,
So it will be which one,
To win the hardest.
That's why I brought you a Christmas tree,
Even me, Cone Simirad
(Dressed in Mos Guerrilla),
Mai, Costel, and you, Chirila!
I also brought you many gifts,
To film and listen.
Under the fir, apples and bananas,
Through offices, microphones.
Under the fir tree, the train, the doll,
And a web-cam next door.
I made you a discreet gift
And I put you on video chat,
But you accused me
Like I would have mounted them
In offices, upstairs,
For espionage purposes only.
But the problems are older,
The walls have ears:
Let no one listen to you
And have many successes,
Put the tents in the yard!
This year, as a gift,
Web cam I'd take you again
That you lock yourself in the office
Just you, with the files
And with the secretaries!
Pull the plow once more,
Let the Square House ring!

The plowman of vices for Simirad

Aho, aho, in the New Year,
I hated you on screen,
We're pulling a plow
HD, full-screen and color
And, although we are not drunk,
We recite to the walls,
Because, under concrete,
You also hid microphones!
The winter is hard, the sea is big,
But we have sound:
As I turned my back,
You put our devices on!
Wet stockings:
In headphones, horns, can you hear us?
It's a hard winter, it's a brown job,
Stereo speakers:

(If you do not perceive the desired signal in the center, between the two speakers, press the & quotBalance & quot button until you get the desired result!)

Ever since we worked together,
The whole thing works, string:
You're our boss, both of us
But you listen to us!
Gentlemen on guard
The eagle watches over us,
Monitors daily
Who is visiting us,
Let him keep reporting to you.
But, just so you don't know,
I found another way:
If it goes the same way,
We'll get in touch
With mayors and voters
Through traveling pigeons!
We are only afraid of one thing:
That you will catch them and eat!
To the ears with the bells
and in the pot of pigeons,
With lard and sauce:
Ugly, I still hate,
We know you will listen to us,
But it's like we were
And you turn on the camera,
To see what we do
(When we're not making a fuss),
And with the secretaries,
That we keep our powers.
The whole thing works, razor:
What's up, boss, are you upset?
Pull the plow through the CJ,
That it's not Playboy TV

Petru Movila's plowman for Dumitru Oprea

Aho, aho, for the New Year,
The hen has no eggs
And Oprea is the new boss
I'm coming with a little wish
For the rector of Mitica:
Haaai, hai!
The party, in PDL,
& quotD & quot; where does it come from?
Does BPN know?
If it's from & quotdemocrat & quot,
It's a bit of a shame,
Because I was voted,
After which, landed,
The order came from above
That's how little Boc said,
Boss to be put on.
I, the statutory elect,
I just became a secretary.
You, from the resignation,
Acting President.
How much will be interim,
You will commit a sin again,
Because you have another candidate
And I saw what you won!
You received the boss as a gift
And you want the City Hall again,
Make us happy again:
Why don't I wonder
That you want it to be Iasi
Declared & quotoras-martyr & quot?
It's enough to run,
Once again to miss,
And the city is reached again
To the one who had your nose.
Tomorrow the year is renewed,
The plow starts.
For my part,
I'm not leaving office,
Don't ask me why.
I'm on my honeymoon:
I go, at most, to drink a beer:
Ah, ah, brothers and children,
With orange vests:
You are a few thousand
The winter is hard, the sea is big,
I wish I had a wish
To have for each,
For the purpose of harmonization,
But I only come with one, small,
For my colleague Petrica:
I woke up last year
That I don't want to go crazy,
And I climbed the stairs,
I resigned,
I didn't want to be a candidate
And I left office.
This happened in the summer
Since then, it has changed,
The globe has turned,
And I changed my mind:
Aho, aho, draga Movila,
On the one hand, I'm sorry,
Because you have no file.
I know you were chosen,
That they voted for you very often,
People from seven lands,
Walking on seven paths,
But after you won,
You put your people in
In office, at the party,
Make a wall around you.
You annoyed many,
So they challenged you,
The evil wall has fallen,
They fired at him, fire with fire,
The biggest - including Boc!
Aho, aho, draga Movila,
I repeat, you have no file.
Or, even if you had,
It's getting bigger,
Which I do not shake:
What's the file? Like in the commercial!
What is this? It's a Butterfly!

The boar's plow from the Airport, to those who ate it
and local politicians

Aho, aho, piglets and brothers,
Voted politicians,
I'm coming with a request,
Which you listen to
And remember it:
Sows from all over the world,
I give you one piece of advice:
Don't leave wild boars on the track,
Hit a device.
I was a poor piglet,
I had no enemies at all.
Specifically, to put it better,
What happened to me:
Black night, cold, sinister,
On the plane, a minister,
Long night, small track.
If it was after Costica,
Those at the airport
He would only eat dead wild boar.
I also have many brothers, piglets,
I have to take care of them!
Although I'm a pig, I didn't come in
In sin politics,
Because, you know too well,
She came into me,
It was like a plane
The minister, who was coming
And just landed!
He hit me in the head with a wheel
And they ate all my meat!
He hit me and I died,
After which I was eaten,
This track is a shame!
That's why the sow, my mother,
He swears he won't face her
Except pigs who will vote for them
Those who will fight
To make us, in Iasi, the track,
That doesn't really exist now!
Winter is clearly not like summer
Soon, the airport
It will be granted:
Pull the plow, one more time,
To those in the Square House,
On silly politics
They quarrel like a stall,
Her mother's track of work!

Tudor Ciuhodaru's plowman

Doctor who doesn't give a damn,
And I came with the bell
From Oprea Gabriel,
I wish him a little,
Let me reach a goal too.
But if I want to reach my goal,
The stethoscope is getting better,
About which I can say
That it's a smaller bull.
I want to do it with him
And Gigi and Relu.
I'm an uncomfortable doctor,
I do bridge games between games,
I left PSD
(Pina at UNPR),
Via Felix and PC.
I was strong in the poll,
On the top floor,
But you, from USL,
Only with interests:
Relule and you, Nichita,
You exploded like dynamite,
I'm afraid I'll take your pita!
When we appeared at Antenna,
We put fear in your hands.
You wanted to buy me
And you two to run.
They don't show up now,
Things are going much worse,
But it's not a tragedy:
I still get to City Hall,
Because there is still time
To move to UDMR,
Then at PP,
Give me OTV,
That I have a lot of electorate:
The ones I treated
Because they got drunk
Or drugs they used,
And I saved them from a coma.
And next year, at the vote,
You will have a big surprise.
With me you found a man:
I'll do what Ciomu did!
Come on, cut with a scalpel '
In Gigi and Fenechiu!

Leo Grozavu's plowman for the footballers from Iasi

I'm Great and I'm a Leo,
Although it's valeleo's business.
I'm coming with a wish
Hard, like a head in the mouth.
Hit, May:
Aho, aho, portari, fundasi,
Forwards and midfielders
From ACSMU Poli Iasi,
Currently, CSMS,
That they changed his name:
Wait a minute, stop playing,
Leave the damn ball,
Stop defending the gate,
Don't worry,
Don't focus on the square anymore,
Don't attack your opponents,
(But you can fault!),
Don't try any tiki-taka,
Because shit comes out again.
Don't put the bus,
Because it is not the basis
W-M, 4-4-2,
These are not tactics worthy of us,
Let's make a fuss:
Legs with spikes,
We fight in stadiums!
My best tactic is:
& quotSa il plinga maica-sa! & quot.
We pass the training.
Narcissus, aren't you paying attention?
I would hate to hate,
Yes, I'm afraid he inserted them
At your gate,
In the white-blue team.
With a moth eaten by moths,
What to wish for?
Come on, Poli!

Daniel Oajdea's plowman for Flutur si Boc

I wish you, Oajdea Dan!
I'm not a former Metropolitan,
But Daniel, the Blessed One.
Tomorrow begins a new year:
I want to give them, as a gift,
PLD members,
(That they took me out of the PDL),
Flutur and Emil Boc,
A chorus made on the spot:
The work in Romania is burning,
Put your hand on the firecrackers!
In the year two thousand and ten
Base put in a cold shower,
Announcing that budgeters
They will gain weight like bets.
When Trajan announced,
I, proudly, got up,
To choose a clean place,
Pinch the electorate.
It didn't go too well for me:
Yes, I would say, quite the opposite!
That I appeared, in a hurry,
On the station, on TV,
And I was talking with all my might
At Realitatea-Vintu,
I was giving a lot of statements,
Long words, like hinges.
I organized the meeting
Right in front of the Palace,
That's why you dug me.
And you dug me up on a Thursday,
With a plow with two oxen:
I would have patched myself,
Not respecting the Code of Ethics!
Gheorghe Flutur si tu, Boc,
You spilled straw on the fire:
One in Moldova, Dad,
The other, a man too small.
You had no mercy on the party,
You also took down Movila:
Do you think it goes ahead,
With an Oprea president?
Don't freeze while ur,
I made friends around me,
And, instead of whining,
Come on, you guys!
I would hate to hate,
But I will run.
Not on your team,
Away from our cause:
I think I'm going to the PP,
To appear on OTV,
Talk to DDD,
Please the world as often as possible
& quotSend an SMS:
Will you vote for Oajdea? & Quot
& quot95 one hundred YES! & quot
Happy birthday and happy birthday!

The plowman of President Traian Basescu

Aho, aho si ha-ha-ha,
Please listen to me:
It's not a press conference,
But wish with the address.
It's just a plow,
It's not on TV,
Although I know they will take it
They will slowly dissect it
Felix's posts,
To give, once again, chix.
Tonight is a good night:
Let's spend it together,
That I give something, plum!
In four cubes,
Bells made of tubes:
Moldovans and Transylvanians,
Dobrogeans and even Oltenians,
Not to mention the Wallachians:
I wish from Cotroceni!
I don't take a crowd bath,
To dive from the heights,
Because I don't know what's going on,
But the crowd is getting colder!
I will not call you, again, to the point:
The hard work now begins,
Like, next year,
Who will go to the polls
(In fact, my elbow hurts too)
He will have me too!
Pull the plow, as always,
I choose the prime minister!
And know that I'm not playing,
Even if she's no longer Boc.
The tip certainly won't be,
That he only talks nonsense
And, even for our country,
It would look like a bad tip!
Victor, listen to advice,
Don't get in the car drunk!
I'm not saying don't drink a beer,
But you are drunk with power!
Vine curva: baga frina,
Don't sit with the lever in your hand!
The one who doesn't know everything
Sit on the right: the co-pilot!
But Little Titulescu
He's a stinger, like Iliescu,
And he doesn't know how to fly,
And that says something:
I'm not a clerk or a dictator,
I don't even fall asleep on the carpet,
I really care about people:
As part of him,
You have my friends to death.
Victor, to your right
I see someone sleeping:
Is he your co-co-pilot?
If so, it's bad,
Because he will guide you
Just while you dream.
Tomorrow the year is renewed,
Tensions in the country are rising.
It will be an election year,
Small and beer in the background,
Immoral behavior,
They will make a donkey, a horse,
They will all be swept away.
And in the end, in the end,
When will be the last day
Hoarse from the scandal,
They will also come to me.
Give them a hexoral!

Victor Ponta and Crin Antonescu's plow for Traian Basescu

Aho, aho, mai, gospodare,
With the highest function,
Coming from the beach,
Who are you at the head of the country:
It's bad weather,
Open up, I froze!
Burn the log fire,
We hate Cotroceni:
Open the door Christian,
To hear something good.
Keep the javines in chains,
Turn on the lights,
It's getting dark and I'm crying:
I came to hate you!
Bring a glass of wine,
That Crin hates you too,
Which I pulled out of bed,
I forcibly dressed him
(Over the nightgown),
And now it's up to you.
He came, because he wants to too
To wish, that the winter is hard.
The winter is hard, the sea is big:
Suspension plow.
School, Lily, standing,
Throw a firecracker,
Make a big fuss.
Come on, let's make a fuss,
Because the plow is pulled by us:
Kick, Crine, kick!
He got up, in May,
Basescu Traian,
The country has been trampled,
He owed us a lot,
He borrowed a lot of money,
To throw long and wide,
To those who voted for him.
To all hyenas,
PDL clientele.
Budgeters don't have coats,
Retirees don't have a cane,
That Udrea has Vuitton!
The night is black, the winter is hard,
The ugly ones are heard.
We would like to change you,
We think you're wet.
Do you think you can fake us,
When you declare that you are boycotting
Dutch cucumbers?
You prefer from the Bulgarians,
That they are pickled, sour and hard!
You make a circus for about two bucks:
Happy New Year!
Lily, tell him something,
After that man leaves:

Ah, ah, Mr. Basescu,
I hate you, Antonescu!
I hate you, at the end of the year,
Not that I want to make money.
I don't want apples, nuts, pretzels,
But your job to win it.
I feel like every day,
I will wake up here.
Victor always tells me
That this is my place
And that I will be president
I wrote it down, to remember!
Don't get cold,
I came with a bed.
What does it sound like I'm not a jerk,
But it's time, guys!
I'm not saying any nonsense:
I don't have a bump, I'm hitting the pillow!
I would hate it too,
But I feel like a helmet,
Because I'm so tired:
So far I've been sleeping!
Pull the plow, but faster,
That many dreams await me!

Judge Buliga's plowman for magistrates

Ah, ah, children and brothers
Lawyers and magistrates,
Wait a minute, don't judge,
And listen to my appeal!
Please release me
And don't tie me anymore
With silkworm
How thick beef.
And please keep that in mind
That I was like a mother to you.
Ta-ta-ta si ta-ta-ta
DNA prosecutors
Don't go with the goat:
They came with the elephant,
To catch me in the act.
Catch me like a thief,
With currency in panties.
But whatever you think,
I didn't know they were euros:
I had no idea,
I put the money in the drawer,
I thought it was soap,
To give a better smell.
Winter is hard, punishment is great,
And it's without suspension.

Emil Boc's plowman for the Romans

Aho, aho, beloved people,
I'm coming with a plow.
Not much, just a little,
Like a smaller plow,
For me, as appropriate,
Just the bell and the mouth.
I know people swear at me
And I say the government steals,
He takes the blackberry from their mouths
I'm not giving up yet,
I'm trying to get involved
And in the lyrics to explain.
The crisis is great, the winter is hard,
I did what I could,
Including a plow
Made about the foot.
Pensions we have reduced,
Budgeters I gave out,
And to the revolutionaries
I sent gendarmes with hairs
(With sticks, not with flowers,
Because many are impostors)!
I always improvised,
Even the whip, ugly,
It's made of shit
(Or the shit is whipping?):
It's a hard winter, it's cold outside,
I am forever prime minister.
You know me: Emil Boc!
When it's harder in the country,
People ask for my head
Like, a long time ago, Motoc's.
I'm not tall or bondoc,
I always put straw on the fire,
Maybe you can warm it up,
People won't argue anymore,
That I made them happy
And with gigacalories.
Udrea is the bad lady,
Which would reshape me:
He proposed something like that!
The coming winter is hard
I don't know what we're going to solve,
So it stays the same.
Finally, I'm in a hurry,
I don't know what to wish you
Until now, wishes have been,
But they fulfilled a little badly.
Maybe next year,
Finally, it will be better:
This election year,
Beat the cheese,
And you will all receive, in full
Small and beer, at least.
Eat, never!

Mircea Geoana's plowman

Ah, ah, I'm Mircea Geoana.
Ah, ah, I'm Mircea Geoana!
I don't want an apple, a pretzel, a banana
Rather than wish I would:
Does anyone listen to me?
Ah, ah, I'm Mircea Geoana.
Tomorrow the year is renewed,
The scandal in the country will grow
Some don't see the point,
That's why they fired me.
I'm not in PSD anymore,
The Senate, Chief, Jokes and:
I'm Mircea, who I was
Some said I was dull,
And the honest poor man,
Like I'm a parsnip
Or something like a parpalac.
I was big in the Senate,
From Moldova to Banat:
If he had been suspended,
I was switching to the machine!
Mihaela, my dear,
He was constantly supporting me
(How much his mother leaves him),
But he dug me from behind
Iliescu, annoyed
As if I had flown him out of office,
Like in the SPA I bathed,
I talked to the mogul,
Then I posed,
And that's why I missed it
The first position in the state.
Another who put his snout
It's Ponta, said the pilot.
Little Titulescu himself,
Allied with Iliescu,
Nastase's favorite,
With numerous files,
How thick beef.
In the party they rose,
And they kicked me out.
They also took me out of the Senate
They got shit,
Not the second position in the state.
USL lost his job,
Victor behaved like a fool.
From him and Antonescu
Laugh now Traian Basescu.
I laugh too, because I have a thought:
I can say, willingly or unwillingly,
Together or in turn,
& bdquoAm infrint! & quot
Leave, never!

How do we prepare a delicious peasant pie with caramelized apples?

First we prepare the apple composition.

We wash the apples well, we clean them of stalks and peel only if it is damaged. We put them on the big grater.

Put the caramelized sugar in a double-walled bowl over low heat. Stir continuously so as not to burn, and when it is completely diluted add the butter cut into small pieces. Stir again until it melts together with the sugar which solidifies on contact with the butter.

Then add the grated apples and mix on the fire for 7-8 minutes until they change color and form a syrup. Add the cinnamon, mix well and let the apple composition cool.

Prepare the dough with lard and yogurt.

Put the lard in a bowl and add the sugar and the vanilla. We introduce the mixer and process the ingredients until the sugar melts and the composition becomes frothy. Incorporate the egg, then the yogurt and finally, the flour mixed with baking powder and baking soda.

We will get a dough that is not very firm, but non-sticky, which we cover with foil and leave it to rest until the apple composition cools down.

Turn the oven to 180 degrees.

Divide the dough into two approximately equal parts, which we spread on the table sprinkled with flour in sheets the size of the tray (24/38 cm).

Line the tray with baking paper, place the first sheet in it and prick it from place to place with a fork. Spread the caramelized apple composition and cover it with the second sheet of tender dough with lard and yogurt.

Bake peasant pie with caramelized apples for 30-35 minutes at 180 degrees. Let it cool well before sectioning.

It is one of the most delicious apple pies that I recommend with all confidence!

To see the recipe in pictures, click on the photo gallery above!

Mid-winter, among Lipovans

The winter holidays are over. They left behind beautiful memories, which will creep into our souls and which we will carry with us throughout life. The most marked by the traditional customs of the Winter Holidays are the children, the ones who have to carry them on. For some, who live longer in other lands, returning to old habits helps them regain their identity. Among foreigners, few nations manage to preserve their faith and traditions.

Where there is union and especially faith and love of God, as in the Lipovans established in the Danube Delta, since the eighteenth century, ancestral traditions are preserved with holiness. Apart from the ancient faith, in the old church style with the observance of the Christmas and New Year holidays & ndash according to the Julian calendar, the Lipovans also keep the traditional clothing and culinary preparations. The post is strictly respected. All Lipovans participate in the services, from afternoon to night, and then, in the morning, to return to the Christmas service, dressed in traditional clothes.

The men wear a long shirt, called rubasca, over wide black pants and black boots. The women wear love, a long and wide skirt, or sarafan, with white or flowered blouses. The married ones wear headscarves, and the unmarried ones adorn their braided hair in one tail, and the ribbon is colored. All, men, women and children, are warmed in the middle with a belt, called polka dot, made of wool, adorned with multicolored tassels. This belt has a special importance for Lipovans. Even if you don't wear the traditional dress, you have to be hot with polka dots. The old people wear over the traditional coat the well-known long coat, padiovca. The children wear clothes like their parents and it is more pleasing to you to see a lame man from Lipos walking so tightly and pressed with his knee-high boots, with wide buckles, over which the polka dot tassel flutters.

After the church service, the Lipovans return to their parents' houses, where they dine with the whole family. At the head of the table is the oldest man in the family and the food is served by women who compete to show off their goodies. The table is prepared only after a layer of straw has been laid on it, over which the tablecloth is placed. The legs of the table are chained together to keep the river out of the house and the beasts do not eat the flocks of sheep or cattle. Sprinkle hay on the floor of the room.

The traditional dish is the goose with apples, which is made according to a skilled Lipovan woman, Zoia Ivan from Jurilovca, whom I met in a year at her home, in the heart of the waters: 'Take a goose of 3-4 kilograms , well cleaned and wiped of water, sprinkle with a mixture of salt, pepper, paprika, crushed garlic on the outside and inside. The filling is prepared from peeled sour apples, cut into pieces and, if you want something special, you can also put a handful of apricots and prunes, diced orange peel, a handful of walnuts, and a bunch of green parsley.

All the ingredients for the filling must be chopped into cubes and mixed in a bowl, then the gang is filled. For those who only want apples, they have to clean them and cut them into thin slices. After the gang is full, sew or catch with toothpicks. Put a layer of aluminum foil in a deeper tray, add bird fat or oil and mount the goose upside down. Next to the goose are put whole apples or ta & shyia & shyte halves. Wrap the goose in foil and put it in the oven with the right heat for two to three hours (in the weight of the bird, the longer the weight, the longer the cooking time).

Every 30 minutes, pour fat from the pan over the goose. If the skin on the chest tends to swell, prick with a toothpick on the thighs as well. When ready, remove the foil, pour more fat from the pan and leave in the oven for another 20 minutes to brown nicely. If it was made with another filling, pour orange juice and leave in the oven. It is served on a large plate with a garnish of ripe apples and orange slices'.

The traditional meal does not lack bor & shys and fish meatballs, ha & shyla & shydet or pork meatball without garlic, which is served with horseradish in vinegar, but also dumplings with cheese (vareniki), pancakes with cheese or urda (blina), richly greased with sour cream si bu & shydinca de orez (kasnik). All this requires drinks. They serve vodka, home-made country, like apple brandy, pear brandy, corn brandy, cherries and strawberries, but also white and red wine.

After the feast, the Lipovans rest & shynesc, because in the evening they gather again in the Church for the vespers, which last until late. The next day, the children and the young people go with the sowing (seiu-veiu), scattering wheat in the yards and in the houses of the carolers, with the goat, with the ox, honoring a glass with the hosts or tasting the sweets offered.
The music of the dances and the songs specific to the Lipovans can be heard in the localities and villages. They spend and enjoy together, they store energy and love, so that then each one can spread around the world, according to needs and hopes, with the thought of returning, united in the ancestral faith.

Apple strudel

1. Put the flour in a large container and put the rest of the ingredients in the center: oil, egg whites, salt, lemon juice and warm water.

2. Knead the dough a little then in the container, then knead it on a well-sprinkled top with flour, for about 10 minutes.

3. Grease the dough with oil and let it rest back in the bowl for 20-30 minutes.

4. Meanwhile, peel the apples and cut them into small cubes. Combine apples with cinnamon, lemon juice, sugar, raisins, lemon peel and flour. Mix well and set aside the filling ingredients.

5. Spread a clean, lint-free tablecloth on the worktop. Sprinkle well against the table and the rolling pin with flour, then spread a sheet as thin as possible, but without breaking.

6. Grease the strudel sheet with melted butter on the entire surface, then sprinkle with chopped walnuts.

7. Arrange the apple filling at one end of the spread sheet and roll the strudel gradually, using the tablecloth and greasing the part of the dough on the outside with butter whenever you roll a little.

8. Squeeze the apple strudel at the ends, grease it with a beaten egg and put it in the oven for an hour at 160 degrees. Grease the strudel with melted butter every 15 minutes.

20 quick recipes for dinner

I can't brag about extraordinary performances in the culinary field, that's why I avoided writing or posting something on the blog related to this topic. But the need to feed my children pushed me where I never suspected I would ever end up: at the stove buttons. At first shy with steamed vegetables, then gradually I started experimenting with all sorts of recipes.

Although I have progressed lately in terms of gastronomy, I admit that there are dishes that I have never tried and I am not ashamed. Probably their time will come.

For example, I never made sarmale, I never made cozonac, no meatballs or very complicated dishes.

Instead, I became quite good at fast food, which I could prepare easily, without too much effort and which was to the taste of the children. For us, I put another meat on the grill, I make another salad, but most of the time we eat almost the same with them.

Cel mai des mâncăm împreună seara, la cină, de aceea încerc să avem mereu ceva bun și proaspăt la masă.

Am făcut o listă cu mâncărurile care sunt cele mai apreciate la noi, pe care mă uit mereu când nu mai știu ce să mai gătesc. Lista asta o actualizez mereu când mai prind câte o idee nouă, iar mâncărurile astea le tot rotesc astfel încât cei mici să nu se plictisească foarte tare de ele.

  1. macaroane cu brânză
  2. paste cu pui, porumb și sos de roșii
  3. paste cu sos pesto (ați prins ideea: paste cu orice, sub orice formă)
  4. orez cu lapte/ griș cu lapte
  5. briose cu dovlecei și brânză (un fel de dovlecei gratinați)
  6. chec aperitiv (de multe ori tot sub formă de brioșe îl fac, pentru că arată mai simpatic)
  7. pizza (rețeta am publicat-o acum o lună, aici)
  8. wrap de pui în lipie de tortilla, cu sos de brânză și legume proaspete (fără cartofi și maioneză)
  9. pilaf cu legume
  10. supă cremă de legume
  11. supă cremă de ciuperci
  12. bruschete cu roșii și mozzarella
  13. budincă de macaroane cu brânză
  14. cous-cous cu legume
  15. pește la cuptor cu legume sau cu mămăligă
  16. ciocănele de pui la cuptor cu diverse garnituri
  17. brioșe de cartofi și broccolli cu brânză (ca cele de la Ikea)
  18. lasagna cu brănză sau cu carne, dar seara prefer să le dau copiilor cu brânză, pentru că este mai ușoară
  19. țăieței de orez cu legume (tai legumele julien, le înăbuș în unt, apoi adaug tăiețeii de orez gata fierți și pun câtea condimente). Noi ne mai punem sos de soia și uneori adaug și bucățele de carne de pui sau de vită.
  20. mămăligă cu brânză și smântână

Mămăliga cu brânză am lăsat-o ultima, dar este de fapt mâncarea NUMĂRUL 1 la noi acasă. Este un fel de REGINA mâncărurilor. Când nu vor nimic altceva, când nu le place nimic din ce am pregătit, fac repede o mămăligă și am salvat situația. Foarte rar au refuzat să mănânce mămăligă, iar eu mă bucur că sțiu sigur că nu rămân flămânzi.

Sunt sigură că fiecare are o mâncare preferată, care iese repede și pe care o preferă toți din casă. La voi care sunt cele mai populare rețete?

10 secrete ale nutritionistilor pentru a-ti pastra silueta de Sarbatori

Nu trebuie sa tii dieta de Sarbatori, dar nici sa faci excese si sa o tii din chef in chef in aceasta perioada. Stim ca mancarurile traditionale, fripturile si deserturile pot fi o piatra de incercare pentru orice poftincios, dar exista solutii pentru a face slalom printre atatea bunatati fara sa te simti stresat de lupta cu caloriile si kilogramele.

Nutritionistii au cateva secrete pe care le poti pune in aplicare:

1. Mananca felurile pe care le adori. Cu o singura conditie. Sa nu iti umpli farfuria pana la refuz si sa nu alegi mai mult de doua feluri preferate. Asta inseamna ca poti sa pui si o sarmaluta si o felie de carne de porc in farfurie, dar sa renunti la salata boeuf sau pifite.

2. Limiteaza-te la o singura zi de ospat. Greseala pe care multa lume o face este sa transforme Sarbatorile intr-o perioada de doua saptamani de festin culinar. Nu trebuie sa incepi ospatul de Craciun si sa il termini dupa Anul Nou, pentru ca iti vei obisnui organismul cu excese.

3. Elimina sentimentul de vinovatie. Este mai grav si face mai rau decat masa in sine. Acorda-ti un moment de rasfat, mananca o masa bogata si revin-o la regiumul sau dieta obisnuita chiar de a doua zi.

4. Stinge foamea cu putine calorii. Asta inseamna sa incepi masa cu salate sau supa, la felul principal sa alegi ceva cu multe proteine, iar pana vei ajunge la desert te vei simti deja satul, astfel ca tortul sau cozonacul nu vor mai fi o tentatie atat de mare.

5. Alterneaza sampania cu apa minerala. In perioada Sarbatorilor sunt multe motive pentru care inchinam pahare cu alcool si, astfel, ajungem sa adaugam in medie 100 de calorii in plus numai din bauturi. Pentru ca iti va fi greu sa refuzi gazdele primitoare atunci cand iti ofera o bautura poti sa trisezi si dupa ce ciocnesti in semn de sanatate, sa schimbi paharul cu unul cu apa minerala. Are zero calorii, te va ajuta sa fii hidratat si sa eviti mahmureala.

6. Transforma reuniunile de familie in motiv de socializare, nu de mancare. Cea mai buna metoda, pentru a nu te trezi ca infuleci pe nerasuflate la mesele si petrecerile la care iei parte in aceasta perioada, este sa iei o gustare cu legume si proteine inainte sa pleci de acasa.

7. Alege tinuta cea mai stramta. Chiar daca iti petreci Sarbatorile acasa, in familie, nu ramane in halatul pufos sau in tinuta sport preferata. Macar in ziua de sarbatoare poarta jeansii skinny, o camasa cambrata, rochia multa sau orice altceva ce stii ca te pune in valoare si nu iti permite sa te infrupti prea tare din bunatati.

8. Refuza gazdele prea insistente, care incearca sa te convinga sa mai gusti o bucatita de friptura, o sarmaluta, o felie mica de cozonac. Nu trebuie sa mananci mai mult doar pentru ca ti se ofera.

9. Nu te “pastra” pentru mai tarziu. Adica, nu te abtine de la micul dejun si pranz doar pentru ca stii ca esti invitat la cina in familie. Pana sa ajungi la masa vei fi ca o bomba cu ceas. Pentru ca nu ai mancat, glicemia scade ceea ce va creste nivelul de cortizol si te va face sa poftesti la si mai multe alimente grase, sarate sau dulci. Daca iti este teama sa nu faci excese, ia cateva gustari sanatoase pe parcursul zilei: legume, seminte, nuci, fructe.

10. Regula pentru desert. Pentru ca nu poti sa refuzi deliciile dulci de Sarbatori, nu inseamna ca trebuie sa termini tot din farfurie. Invata sa gusti doar de 3 ori din desertul preferat. Vor fi suficiente pentru a savura din plin aromele lui si daca te vei concentra numai pe cele 3 inghitituri nu vei mai fi tentat sa faci excese.

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