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Kite's sandwich!

Kite's sandwich!

Cut the bread into slices, like a cake, grease it with a little olive oil and fry it in the preheated oven for approx. 10 minutes on low heat on each side. Remove from the oven, rub with garlic, then grease each slice with cheese. Finely chop with cream and greens, place on the first slice, salami with greens, sliced ​​cheese, kale, slices of tomatoes and melted cheese. The next slice is garnished after being greased with cream cheese, fillet muscles, cheese, kale, tomatoes and melted cheese from the tube. Continue to alternate the slices until the ingredients are finished, alternating the sausages. Then cover with the bread lid and put back in the oven, enough to drain the cheese.

Good luck and good luck! I hope that tonight the Kites will be full :))

Tofu sandwich

Tofu is a very popular food in the vegan diet, being an important source of protein for those who give up meat. You can use tofu cheese to prepare delicious sandwiches, and we offer you a delicious recipe. Here's what you need to prepare it:

  • 2 tablespoons vegetable mayonnaise
  • Rye bread
  • Baked tofu cheese
  • Half a sliced ​​avocado
  • Chopped sauerkraut
  • Hot tomato sauce
  • Olive oil

To get a delicious tofu sandwich, follow the steps below:

Spread vegetable mayonnaise and tomato sauce on slices of bread. Add the tofu cheese, avocado slices and sauerkraut. Then, in a pan, heat the olive oil for a few seconds and pour it on both slices of bread. You quickly got a healthy and nutritious breakfast!

Chickpea Pâté Sandwich & # 8211 Ideal for Controlling Hunger and Blood Fat

Legumes are a category of staple foods during fasting. Chickpeas are very nutritious and filling. From it we can prepare various dishes.

Boiled beans can be added to soups, broths and salads, or they can be mashed and prepared in the form of pate, hummus or meatballs.

Chickpea paste can be enriched with various vegetables and spices. Spread on slices of bread, assembled in the form of a sandwich, it can be a practical and healthy package for school or work.

Kite hunters & # 8211 A book about choices and their consequences

Amir and Hassan are two children who live at the same address, but are separated by social status. Amir is the son of a well-seen man, and Hassan is the son of their servant. The two spend a lot of time together. Hassan would also give his life for Amir, but he has moments when he is extremely mischievous and somewhat envious of him. Amir is the kind of kid who keeps his nose in books and avoids any fights. Hassan is a brave child, but he knows his place in society well. When Hassan is abused by other boys, Amir pretends not to see, pursuing his personal goal. Since then, guilt has crushed him and he can't stand around his servant at all without remembering how cowardly he was. So, he stages a theft for him, in order to get rid of him and the guilt that pursues him.

When things got out of hand in Kabul, Amir and his father moved to San Francisco. There they continued their lives happily. The father finally accepts his son as he is, and Amir has the courage to live as he wants. But the past does not forgive him. The time has come for Amir to have the opportunity to wash away his childhood sins, even if he puts his life in danger, even if he should return to hell. Will he be brave enough or will he run again? I invite you to find out!

Kite hunters it is a book that shows us the ugly side of human character, it is a book that talks about devotion, forgiveness and cruelty. I really liked it and I hope to be able to read the other two books of the author, translated by us. Did you read his books?

The effects and benefits of Aghezma

The water consecrated at the Epiphany possesses, to a much greater extent, gifts and healing and sentient powers than that of the little Aghiasma. The effects of the Great Aghiasma are shown by the very order of the service, especially the text of the litany and the prayer of sanctification.

By His touch of the water of the Jordan, in which He was baptized, the Savior sanctified not only her, but the very nature of the waters in general, of the waters everywhere, making them a factor of purification and sanctification, by the divine energy introduced into the water of the Jordan, as we sing in the troparion of the ordinance of the service: "Today the nature of the waters is sanctified & # 8230". Therefore, the water consecrated at the Epiphany possesses, to a much greater extent, healing and sensible gifts and powers, than the small aghiasma.

The effects of the Great Aghiasma show them the very order of the service, especially the text of the litany and the prayer of sanctification, where the priest prays: “And he gives them the grace of redemption and the blessing of the Jordan. Make her a source of incorruption, but of holiness, remission of sins, healing of diseases, perdition of devils, removal of the powers of the adversaries, full of angelic power. May all who will sprinkle and taste it have it for the purification of souls and bodies, for the healing of passions, for the sanctification of houses and for all the necessary use & # 8230 ”.

That is why the Great Aghiasma is kept uncorrupted for a long time, remaining as fresh, clean and good in taste as when it was taken out of the spring, a fact that the Holy Fathers and church writers note from antiquity. Part of it is kept in the Church, in a certain vessel (the vessel of aghiasma, also called aghiasmatar), and is used by the priest in a lot of services (hierarchs). With her the priests sprinkle the houses of the faithful and those of the house, on the eve of the Epiphany.

With the Great Aghiasma are sprinkled all the persons and things which are to be exorcised, cleansed, and blessed, or sanctified, as, for instance, the ordinance for the cleansing of the defiled fountain, for the defiled vessel, for the blessing and sanctification of the lairs, for the sanctification of the Cross and crosses. the bell, the vessels and the church vestments, etc. In some parts (such as through Bucovina and Transylvania) there is a custom of sprinkling with aghiasma the bodies of the dead, so that their souls may appear sanctified at the Fearful Judgment.

The Great Aghiasma is also used by the bishop to sanctify churches, antimises, the Holy and Great Anointing, etc. In the houses of the faithful, Aghiasma is kept in a place of honor, in clean vessels, in which a basil thread is usually placed. (& # 8230) It is customary to taste it for eight days in a row, especially from the eve of the Epiphany to the celebration of the feast, that is, until January 13 inclusive. Especially those who have stopped sharing can comfort themselves by taking Aghiasma and then anaphora. When we partake, Aghiasma is taken after communion, and when we take only anaphora, Aghiasma is taken before anaphora.

Blessed or sanctified water has played a leading role in the religious life of all the peoples of the world. It has been used as the main means of washing and cleansing people and things, being considered the most expressive symbol of purity and spiritual cleansing.

In Christianity, the holy water has retained its role as a symbol and the preferred vehicle or carrier of the cleansing and sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit. Its chief effects, that is, the casting out of demons and diseases, the healing of the body, and the removal of all the snares of evil, were still listed in the oldest forms of prayers for the sanctification of water, which circulated in the Church for the first four or five centuries. But more broadly they are listed in the introductory note from the beginning of the service of the small Aghiasma, in Molitfelnic and Agheasmatar. “The sanctification of this water, which the Holy Spirit through the prayers of the priests sanctifies, has many kinds of works, as the very litany of sanctification and prayer testify. That by sprinkling it, the cunning spirits of all places are driven away and forgiven and the small sins of all days, that is, the devilish delusions, the evil thoughts, and the mind is cleansed of all things that are defiled and directed to prayer. guarding, multiplying gain, and afflicting diseases drive away and give mental and physical health. And more briefly, let all who receive it in faith receive holiness and blessing.

This explains the frequency of this hierarchy in the religious life of Orthodox Christianity and that is why holy water is used in so many liturgical services, in most sanctifications or consecrations: churches, cemeteries, houses, fountains, objects of worship and so many occasions or circumstances in human life: at the Holy Anointing, in some parts after the funeral, for sprinkling the house of the dead, for blessing the fields and sowing, for the healing of sick animals, etc.

Probability is more feared

Among the people, people celebrate this holiday more for fear of superstitions than for its deeply religious significance. It is said that any work is a sin in this, a defiance of the divinity, which leads to serious mutilations of the body. Coincidentally or not, such deeds have happened, so it doesn't hurt to hear from the elders. On the other hand, the date on which the Transfiguration of the Savior is celebrated also overlaps with Obrejenia or Probejenia, a popular holiday that marks the beginning of autumn. Now the leaves begin to change color, the grass no longer grows, the waters cool and the creepers retreat for the winter. It is said that if people see snakes after this date, especially the lads, they must kill them, because otherwise they turn into dragons. From now on, bathing in the river is forbidden, as well as washing clothes and wool in running water. The name comes from the Slavic language and translates into transformation, transformation, change, reminiscent of the biblical sequence in which the face of Jesus shone like the sun and His garments became as white as light on Mount Tabor.

The hallucinatory reason why Egypt declared war on Dragons

Police confiscated 99 kites and fined five people in Alexandria on Friday, according to government newspaper Akhbar Al-Yum, quoted by Le Figaro.

In parallel, police confiscated 369 kites in Cairo, according to the government newspaper Al-Ahram.

Kites are not subject to any official ban in the capital, but Al-Ahram claims that kites endangered the lives of young people, without giving further details.

On Thursday, the municipality of Alexandria announced on its Facebook page that the ban was meant to "ensure the safety of citizens after a certain number of accidents" in which dragons were involved.

The fines applied in the port city can reach 1000 pounds (about 60 dollars ", writes AFP.

During the night, when traffic is banned, as a measure to limit the spread of coronavirus, thousands of colored paper kites are raised by children and young people on the roofs of houses in Alexandria.

The fun became so popular in the city that MP Khaled Abu Taleb, a member of the national defense and security committee, demanded that the prime minister be informed of the dangers posed by the amusement, citing a "threat to national security". .

Abu Taleb claims that the dragons could be endowed with surveillance cameras, a statement that attracted the ironies and jokes of internet users in Egypt.

It should be noted that in this country, special approval is needed from the authorities to lift a drone, even for civilian purposes, such as artistic photography.

Last week, a 12-year-old girl from Alexandria died after falling from the 17th floor of a building while raising a kite.

In June, a high school student was electrocuted in Menoufyia, also while raising a kite.

The three-month night-time ban was lifted in Egypt last month. The country, which has a population of 100 million, has officially registered more than 80,000 cases of COVID-19, including nearly 4,000 deaths, according to national statistics.

Breakfast ideas with oats and fruits

Oats and fruits are two of the best options to speed up your metabolism, give your body the energy it needs and keep you healthy in general.

This type of breakfast is very easy to make, as you only need to prepare half a cup of oatmeal and skim milk. Then add a tablespoon of wheat germ or flaxseed powder and ¼ cup of berries, apples or bananas.

We do not recommend instant oats because this variety often contains sugar and less nutrients.

Romanian recipes for tomorrow's food

Technology is developing at the speed of light, but no matter what the future holds, food has been, is and will be vital to humanity. Several startups in Romania come with a series of innovations in the field, from 3D printers for sandwiches and cakes to labels that & # 8222 know & # 8221 to clean vegetables and fruits from bacteria.

Tomorrow's food will not be the same as today's due to the science of machinery to deliver goods quickly, economically, thus making them extremely convenient for people, regardless of the environment in which they are located. "From flying cars to robots with emotions, everything will be at the touch of a button", a motto that we find in the collective memory of a good period of time. But everything becomes like new when the button is digital, the products (prepared or raw) pass brilliantly any sanitary control, and the innovators are Romanian startups.

Food printer

The Romanian startup Manna Foods Solutions is working on a technology that may revolutionize the food industry: first 3D food printer designed to operate in a vending machine system, similar to coffee machines or packaged products.

Reebo, as the 3D printer created in Romania is called, is designed to create ready-to-eat cakes and sandwiches, customized and calorically controlled by the consumer, in less than 2 minutes. The startup is developing the experimental prototype and is also in the stage of attracting funding for the industrial prototype, a stage that prepares mass production and launching the solution on the market in Romania, but also in Europe. “We are in the experimental prototype phase, which we have financed so far from our own (re) sources and which has fully confirmed the theoretical hypotheses of our research. This determined us to want to move from the current phase to the industrializable (final) prototype phase that can go directly into manufacturing. To achieve this goal we need funding", Says Mădălina Ilie, founder of Manna Foods Solutions. In parallel with the development of the printer, the startup researched and tested various variants and recipes of consumables, respectively creams for cakes and pastas for sandwiches. “The Reebo business consists of the printer, as equipment, and consumables. These consumables are designed for the Reebo printer and meet the nutritional and taste needs of consumers", Adds Mădălina Ilie.

Investments of 5 million euros

The printer comes with consumables in the form of refillable food cartridges. Each printer comes with a minimum of 10 cartridges, which translates into at least 10 different ingredients, implicitly different tastes. Each cartridge works independently and contains a type of cake cream (eg plum, vanilla and caramel cake) and a type of sandwich paste (eg cheese sandwich, beef and lettuce). The final consumer, from the menu on the touch screen or directly from the smartphone (Reebo application or QR code scan), selects the desired ingredients, sets the calories and waits up to 2 minutes to receive the personalized cake or sandwich.

Basically, on the same principle by which you now order a coffee machine, Reebo also works, only it serves cakes and sandwiches and has advanced technical features related to multiple consumer options and increased attention to food safety.

In terms of packaging, the sandwich or cake can be picked up from the printer in a biodegradable package that also comes with a cake spoon, for those consumers who prefer to consume the product later or buy it for
someone else.

Manna Foods Solutions estimates that it will take about two years to validate the industrializable prototype and a cumulative funding of about 4.9 million euros. This investment will cover the development of the Reebo printer and related software, as well as the completion of obtaining supplies.
Also, in this budget we provided the expenses related to approvals, tests, validations, certifications, patents, etc., but also all other operational expenses. This second stage of our project involves the realization of the industrializable prototype and the design of the production line. This implies the need for investment and partnerships. In addition to applying to accelerators and European funding programs, programs that can help us grow organically, we are open to partnerships with investors, companies, investment funds, which can help us get more in less time.", He adds Madalina Ilie.

Health label

Peelhy, a Romanian biotechnology startup is developing, in response to the current epidemiological context, a bio-label that will improve the surface sanitization of edible nuts and fruits. Peelhy antimicrobial biotechnology has been designed as an innovative market differentiation solution for manufacturers and distributors. Using the bio-label, they can limit the end consumer's exposure to toxin infections caused by E.coli bacteria, listeria and salmonella or oil-based wax, while reducing the risk of developing allergies.

The peach and nectarine sanitation market alone indicates a revenue potential of about 600 million euros annually for the value brought by our company. Then you can scale to the other edible nuts and / or vegetables. The medium and long term strategy is to be leaders in the EU 28 market and then in the global marketHe says Marius Pașculea, founder and CEO of Peelhy. The label has no properties that detect pathogens / viruses on the surface of the products or annihilate them, only eliminates bacteria and to some extent pesticide residues that can lead to toxiinfections and / or

We are talking about a mixture of strictly organic raw materials that through a biorefining process acquire sanitizing properties. Specifically, by washing under running water, the label becomes bioactive (ie dissolves) and turns into a (bio) detergent. According to CEO Peelhy, the development of such an innovative biotechnology for the food industry involves a complex process of research and, subsequently, testing of application techniques on an industrial scale. “It may take two years, but in order to accelerate development, we will focus in the next period to attract additional funding to supplement the logistical, consulting, mentoring and funding support obtained for the next three years through the Ilfov Business Hub incubation program. so that we can finish Peelhy in a shorter time. The development of such an innovation involves an investment of at least one million euros, partly covered at the moment, a relatively small amount in relation to the commercial potential of the bio label on the global market.", Explains Marius Pașculea.

What is recommended for children to eat at dinner?

The last meal of the day should be full, but also light at the same time. The rule applies to both children and adults. And that's because after 6 pm digestion is much lower, and the amount of energy the body needs is less.

"In order for sleep to be restful and digestion not to be difficult, at dinner it is good for children to consume low protein. Indicated are lean chicken, turkey or fish, but also soft dairy products. To cover the full spectrum of nutrients, proteins must be accompanied by vegetables, but also by a small portion of complex carbohydrates, such as wholemeal pasta, rice, grains or even wholemeal bread ", explains Dr. Amalia Arhire, endocrinologist and nutritionist at the KiloStop Junior Clinic, in Bucharest.

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