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Colorful cake for Christmas

Colorful cake for Christmas

For the countertop mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt and 100 g of sugar. Separately, mix the egg yolks with whole eggs with the oil and the rest of the sugar until it doubles in volume. Add the egg whites over the egg cream, the flour mixed with the sifted baking powder and the ground walnuts. Divide the composition into 2. In the first we put red dye and in the second yellow dye.

From each composition bake 2 sheets in a 35/25 cm tray lined with baking paper for 10-15 minutes each (toothpick test)

For the nut cream put the walnuts, sugar and scalded milk in a bowl. Allow to cool completely and gradually add the mixture over the butter mixed with the vanilla sugar. We stop 1/3 of the cream and mix it with nutella and rum essence.


Pink sheet / melted dark chocolate with whipped cream / yellow sheet / nut cream / pink top / cream nut and chocolate / yellow top / icing-candies