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Mint strawberries

Mint strawberries

Because today I am allowed to eat other fruits besides apples, I preferred strawberries. I love it! I made a quick, very tasty and refreshing salad.

  • 100 g of strawberries
  • fresh mint

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


Wash the strawberries quickly under running cold water, drain, cut into cubes and mix with freshly chopped mint.

It can be served after 10 minutes.

Good appetite!

Strawberry party, regardless of age

I like to invite people to my house and cook them from time to time. Not many because I don't have much space. We were trying all sorts of new things, talking and laughing. A lot. By all and sundry.

This year, at the spring invitation, I decided not to make a random menu, but to choose an element that would link everything. And what else but strawberries? I choose strawberry-colored lipstick, if I have clothes with tapered prints, I consider myself a fairy and I would very much like to throw strawberry-shaped pillows on the sofa. So the choice is somehow obvious.

But what to give, what to give? So I started browsing in search of inspiration. And I found. It will be a sweet party, no doubt, and a little pink, because if not now, when?

We will serve sweets and drinks with, of course, STRAWBERRIES

Fruit salad with champagne.

Strawberry fruit salad. Photo:

It is not made on the spot, because it must be kept cold for at least 2 hours before being served. The champagne is not put as such, but is boiled for a few minutes in a bowl with a little sugar. Cut the fruit, pour over the sapmania and it's ready. There is not much to do, but the effect is guaranteed. The recipe here.

Perfect with amaretto biscuits and strawberries

Perfect with amaretto biscuits and strawberries.

I'm in love with parfait, because even though it's the cake, you can make it with healthy ingredients. So you eat it without regret, even if it melts in your mouth and you don't really care how much you ate. This parfait is made with mascarpone cream, is sweetened with honey and has a fresh, mint scent. Of course, I'll put strawberries in it too. The recipe here.

Cocktail with rum and strawberries

Cocktail with rum and strawberries

Ice cubes, rum and strawberries? The perfect ingredients for a cocktail in beautiful weather. We put a lot of fruit and a little rum, so that we can feel good. The recipe here.

Banana and strawberry mousse

Banana and strawberry smoothie. Photo:

So as not to offend the drivers, I will have something for them too. I toss bananas, strawberries, lime juice and mint leaves in the blender. I add a little water and the result is delicious. Serve with ice move. The recipe here.
And so, in less than an hour, I'm going to have a party that's going to be remembered. All I have to buy is fruit, mascarpone cheese, amaretto biscuits and mint. Let me not forget, of course, the drink. I can not wait! Now is the time to think about decorations:

Strawberry jam with mint, cinnamon and basil!

Let's add a little Mediterranean charm to the traditional recipe for strawberry jam: diversify it with basil and fresh mint, lemon peel and ground cinnamon. The recipe has been checked in our kitchen!


-2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon

-2 strands of fresh mint

-a sprig of fresh basil.


1.Wash the strawberries very well under a stream of cold water, then put them in a strainer and let them dry.

2. Remove the strawberry stalks.

3. Sprinkle the strawberries with all the sugar and set aside until they release their juice.

4. Using a whisk, remove the fruit from the resulting syrup.

5. Pour it into a large saucepan.

6. Grate the peel of the lemon washed with hot, dry water. Then squeeze the juice from it.

7.Add lemon juice, mint and basil (washed and dried beforehand), lemon peel and ground cinnamon in strawberry syrup. Bring it to the boil.

8. Add the fruit to the boiling syrup and mix very carefully so as not to crush them.

9. Remove the foam from the surface of the jam.

10. Boil the strawberry jam in 3 steps:

-First time bring it to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes on low heat. Then turn off the heat and let it cool to room temperature.

-Bring it back to the boil and cook for 5 minutes. Allow to cool to room temperature.

-Bring the jam to the boiling point for the third time and pour it hot into previously sterilized jars, sealing them with sterilized lids.

If you want the jam to have an accentuated aroma of herbs, divide the total amount of mint and basil into 2 parts and add the second part of them at the end of the jam preparation (before the third boiling).

Grease a large tart form or two smaller ones with a little oil or line with a baking sheet. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Mix the eggs with the sugar until you get a creamy composition. Add oil and yogurt. Stir well.

Gradually incorporate the flour and mix well. Add cocoa, baking powder and vanilla essence. Stir well. Pour the dough into one or two smaller shapes and bake for 35-40 minutes or until the toothpick test passes.

Remove from the oven and let cool in the pan for 10 minutes. Then take the countertop out of the pan and let it cool completely.

In the meantime, prepare the ganache. Put the pieces of chocolate in a bowl. Heat the cream begins to bubble and pour it over the chocolate. Wait 2 minutes and stir. Allow to cool to room temperature.

Cut the top in half if you've baked it in the large tray. Spread a quarter of the chocolate icing over the first batch. Wait 10 minutes for the bug to settle. slice half a cup of strawberries or raspberries and put them over the gooseberry. Carefully place the second countertop over the fruit and press a little. Pour over, the rest of the goose. Wait 10 minutes and then add the rest of the fruit. Put some mint leaves.

Difficulty: easy & middot Preparation time: 30 minutes & middot Nr. servings: 4-5

To make a strawberry sauce that softens biscuits, you must mix the strawberries with lemon juice, sugar and cold water in a blender.
The yolks are mixed with the powdered sugar when they become fluffy, then mascarpone is added and mixed together for a few minutes.
Use a tray to lay the layers of the cake. Put a little cream on the bottom of the tray, arrange the biscuits previously passed through the strawberry sauce, put a layer of cream, then continue with the biscuits.
At the end, spread a generous layer of cream and garnish with slices of strawberries and fresh mint leaves.

New mint pudding with mint

Pudding of new potatoes with mint, a food that we can serve as a main course, as well as at dinner. It is a preparation that is easy to make and quick, with ingredients available to anyone.
How could a Middle Eastern cook not conceive of a lamb without the addition of a lamb? ment & # 259 or a housewife in the Mediterranean area would not hesitate to squeeze mint into salads, an English or American chef would not overlook the option of serving steaks with mint sauce. 259 or desserts with mint jelly & # 259. alleged the origin of the mind would be in Asia & # 537i & icircn the Mediterranean basin. There is evidence that the Romans were mentally ill, and a Greek legend says that Hades, the god of the subterranean world, was surrounded by a nymph. , and his wife, Persephone, finding out the secret, would have transformed this beautiful plant into a beautiful plant, so that everyone could find it. # 259lca & icircn feet.
In order to take full advantage of the active substances and the strong smell of the plant, the mint is harvested from its roots before flowering. It should be noted that the variety of mint brings different benefits to the body.

Photo: Pudding & # 259 new potatoes with mint & # 259 & ndash Archive & # 259 City Publishing SRL

& Icirc & # 539i must:
1 kg of new potatoes
2-3 or & # 259
150 g telemea
2 tablespoons mint & # 259 fresh & # 259t & # 259 finely chopped & # 259 or 2 tablespoons & # 539e mint & # 259 dry & # 259
ground pepper
100 g butter
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Mix them together with beaten egg, grated cheese, mint, salt and pepper to taste. Grease with butter a form of ceramic & # 259 & # 537i & icircntinzi composition & # 539ia. Level it and, from place to place, put slices of leftover butter.
Bake on medium heat for 25 minutes, then reduce the heat and continue baking until the pudding is browned. Or serve & # 537ti hot & # 259.

Preparation: 25 minutes Baking: 25 minutes
Re & # 539et & # 259 by Irodiea Pantelimon, Suceava

Rice salad with mint

Rice salad with mint, only light and fragrant, only good for a dinner served early, a salad for which we will use the green mint leaves that give a special taste. preparation.
Presumed origin a mint it would be located in Asia and in the Mediterranean basin. There is evidence that the Romans were mentally ill, and a Greek legend says that Hades, the god of the subterranean world, was surrounded by a nymph. , and his wife, Persephone, finding out the secret, would have transformed this beautiful plant into a beautiful plant, so that everyone could find it. # 259lca & icircn feet. Mint leaves & # 259 the Egyptian pyramids were found.
Great water lovers, the plants grow spontaneously near the lakes and rivers, and the lands protected from the direct action of the sun's rays are favorable to them. The best climate for mint crops is the temperate one, where the parallel 45 & ordm passes. If we were to grow at the equator, it would be higher, but it would not have the qualities of the one in the temperate zone. In order to take full advantage of the active substances and the strong smell of the plant, the mint is harvested from its roots before flowering.

Photo: Salad & # 259 rice with mint & # 259 & ndash Archive & # 259 City Publisching SRL

100 g of rice, preferably roasted or wild
12-15 ro & # 537ii cherry
2 tablespoons raisins
1/2 long cucumber Fabio
1 onion & # 259 mic & # 259
1 v & acircrf of cu & # 539it coriander m & # 259cinat
3 walls of green mint
1 tbsp & # 539 & # 259 mu & # 537tar dulce
2 tablespoons apple or balsamic vinegar
50 ml olive oil
salt pepper
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Wash the rice and boil it according to the instructions on the package, until the grains are soft, but do not bloom. Red rice boils harder, wild rice boils easier. Mix the boiled rice with 2 tablespoons of oil and a pinch of salt. While the rice is cooling, chop the cucumber sticks, roast the tomatoes in half and onion the scales and rub them with salt.
Put in a jar the oil, the oil, the butter, the coriander, a few finely chopped mint leaves and a pinch of salt and pepper. Screw on the lid of the jar and work well, until you get a more homogeneous dressing.
Mix the chopped rice, vegetables and mint leaves, finely chopped, in a bowl. Sprinkle the salad with the dressing and eat it immediately.

Preparation 10 minutes Boil 20 minutes
Re & # 539et & # 259 by Liliana Stoica, Br & # 259ila

Strawberry Charlotte: Simple Home Recipes!

We are in the middle of the strawberry season, and we have thought of an irresistible proposal for your dessert today: strawberry charlotte! The cool scent and richness of the sweetness of these fruits go perfectly with a charlotte cake. Charlot is a decadent dessert for the best tastes. It is a favorite cake for many of us.

Strawberry Charlotte: Simple Home Recipes!

The good news is that you don't just have to dream about this dessert, you can even prepare it at home. The strawberry charlotte is very easy to make, and it finishes just as fast! There are many strawberry charlotte recipes for a summer day, so we allowed ourselves to choose the simplest and tastiest ones. You can serve it with cream, or, for a tastier taste, with vanilla ice cream.


• a few fresh strawberries or strawberry jam
• a cup of milk
• a cup of sugar
• a lemon essence
• a tablespoon of rum or brandy
• 3 sachets of gelatin
• Vanilla or cocoa
• cream (optional)

• Put the milk with the sugar on the fire until it melts (it should not boil)
• Beat the cream (or use ready-made cream)
• Dissolve the gelatin in baimarin and add it to the milk
• Gradually add the cream
• Mix the ingredients slowly with a spoon
• Put 3 quarters of the charlotte composition in a damp bowl
• Add a layer of strawberries
• The rest of the composition can be mixed with cocoa or vanilla
• Add the last layer, and obtain a charlotte in 3 layers: white, red with strawberries and brown, or yellow
• Refrigerate and leave until the next day
• Turn the bowl over and remove the shape


• 3 eggs
• 100 ml of milk
• 150 g of sugar
• 10 g gelatin
• 500 g cream
• a few strawberries
• mint leaves

& # 8211 Mix the gelatin with the cold milk and let it cool for 10 minutes
& # 8211 Put the cold milk gelatin in a bowl, add the sugar and eggs
& # 8211 Mix the ingredients and put the bowl in the bain-marie (steam bath - ie over a kettle with hot water)
& # 8211 Stir slowly until the composition thickens
Remove the pan from the heat and allow the charlotte to cool
Beat the whipped cream and add it over the vanilla charlotte
& # 8211 Stir gently until smooth
& # 8211 Pour the composition into bowls or cups
& # 8211 Garnish with whipped cream and strawberries, and mint leaves
& # 8211 Serve cold

You can also make strawberry charlotte cake. You can prepare the charlotte cream as above, or you can buy an instant charlotte envelope. For the counter you can use biscuits syruped in compote or sugar syrup with rum or vanilla. Add the charlotte cream and garnish with pieces of strawberries and whipped cream. Or you can make a & # 8220guard & # 8221 from biscuits or rolls, as in the pictures.

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Mint recipes for skin care

1. Steam bath for dilated pores

To do this, put in a pot of boiling water parsley leaves, thyme, lemon balm and mint in equal amounts. Hold your face over this herbal steam bath for 5 minutes and the skin texture will look very fresh.

2. Mint cleanser

It is enough to finely chop a dozen mint leaves and let them infuse overnight in the refrigerator in 250 ml of milk. The next morning, filter the infusion with milk to finish preparing this natural cleanser that will be kept cold.

It does not contain oil, so it will be harder to remove waterproof makeup. However, it will suit those who wear light makeup and all skin types (combination skin, dry skin, etc.), even sensitive and delicate skin. All you have to do is apply it to your face with a cotton pad. Finish with the application of the mint lotion, described below, followed by the moisturizer.

Mint recipes

3. Scented mint-based lotion

The lotion refreshes the skin and perfects both the make-up and the make-up removal. In short, it is used in the morning as a skin refresher and as a night tonic, both pleasing to all skin types, especially the most capricious (excess sebum, acne pimples, etc.).

Moreover, it is good for skin that suffers from sunburn and can be sprayed on the armpits to cool them. It is also an excellent product for heavy and tired feet, which loves the calming cooling effect.

You can buy organic mint floral water directly or you can make your own tea with 3 or 4 tablespoons of fresh mint in a cup of boiling water. Cover, remove from heat and allow to cool. After filtering, your product will be ready for use.

4. Organic mint hydrosol

Similar to the essential oil, but without contraindications, this mint floral water refreshes both literally and figuratively. Mint hydrosol has refreshing properties and this makes it particularly suitable for cooling the skin when it is hot, especially after sun exposure.

In summer, spray it only on the face, previously cleaned, and on the décolleté, for a refreshing, pleasant and moisturizing sensation. It can also have a calming effect on insect bites. Men can use it after shaving

5. Purifying mask with mint

To easily prepare an antiseptic and anti-imperfection mask, use a lotion that is just a simple mint infusion mixed with extra-fine clay. Prepare the pasta with these two ingredients. It must be very smooth, not too thick or too liquid. This preparation is perfect for oily or combination skin.

To satisfy all skin types, you can mix a tablespoon of pure honey with egg white and a few finely chopped mint leaves. Then apply the mixture on the face and leave for about 20 minutes before rinsing well. When applying, avoid the eye area, so as not to cause burns.

Rum cocktails

Rum is a versatile drink that is suitable for almost all tastes. Turn it into a tropical punch for the summer season, drink it simply with ice or add it to a fine and sophisticated cocktail. White or black, spicy or sweet, find your favorite rum cocktail recipe and become a real mixologist with these cocktail recipes.

5 O & # 8217clock

5 Morning & # 8211 5 A & # 8217clock in the Morning is a simple mix, but & # 8222tare & # 8221. It is a drink preferred by those who appreciate a mixture richer in alcohol.

  • 15 ml gin
  • 15 ml rom
  • 15 ml brandy
  • 15 ml of vodka
  • 15 ml tequila
  • 180 ml apple brandy

Stir in tequila, rum, vodka, gin and brandy. Put a little apple brandy in a glass and pour the mixture of tequila, rum, vodka, gin and brandy over. Top up with the rest of the apple brandy.

Sexy Alligator

A mixture that will refresh you. It's an ugly but good cocktail! Serve in champagne or martini glasses.

  • 15 ml rom Malibu
  • Chambord
  • 15 ml Midori
  • Jägermeister
  • 30 ml pineapple juice

Mix the midori, malibu and pineapple juice in a shaker and pour the drink into two glasses. Pour a drop of Chambord on the bottom of each glass. Be careful not to interfere! The easiest way is to let the drop trickle down the edge. Pour the Jäger into a layer over the mixture.

Rum Runner

A tropical cocktail from Florida. The name was given in honor of those who risked their lives during the American ban, smuggling rum.

  • 45 ml rom
  • 15 ml banana liqueur
  • 15 ml blackberry liqueur
  • 120 ml orange juice
  • 8 ml Grenadine

Mix all the ingredients in the shaker and add ice. Pour the mixture into a tall glass. If you want, you can add rum over it.


It is popular among the most daring, who prefer a delicious cocktail, but who tear you to your feet. Careful! The name is not accidental. Two glasses and

  • 30 ml Bacardi
  • 30 ml black rum
  • 30 ml white rum
  • 30 ml golden rum
  • 30 ml apricot brandy
  • 30 ml orange juice
  • 30 ml pineapple juice
  • 8 ml of lemon juice
  • a drop of Grenadine

Mix all the ingredients in the shaker half full of ice, except for the Bacardi. Pour & # 8222position & # 8221 into a tall glass. Pour a drop of Bacardi 151 on top so that it does not mix.

Pina Colada

  • 1/2 pineapple,
  • 100 ml coconut milk,
  • 400 ml rum,
  • 16 ice cubes,
  • for decoration: cream, cherries preserved in alcohol.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Remove the wood core and cut the pulp into cubes. Keep a piece for decoration. Put the pineapple cubes, rum, ice and coconut milk in the blender bowl, then pass everything very well. Pour the cocktail into 4 glasses and decorate with pineapple leaves, cream, a cherry and a few strips of fresh pineapple.

pina colada cocktail


  • 50 ml white rum
  • crushed ice
  • the juice of half a lime
  • 25 ml carbonated mineral water
  • a few fresh mint leaves (about 12)
  • 2 teaspoons sugar

The mint leaves are put whole, and their aroma is released during the mixing of the ingredients. If the taste of mint seems too strong, you can add to this basic recipe various fruit juices (peach, passion fruit, coconut, etc.).

Mojito cocktail

Natural mint syrup without dyes recipe step by step

Natural mint syrup without dyes recipe step by step. Mint flavored syrup, simple and quick recipe, without dyes or preservatives. How to make homemade syrup? A healthy and tasty natural mint leaf syrup, perfect for hot summer days. How to make mint syrup?

In summer it is very pleasant to prepare a glass of cold homemade syrup with ice cubes. In particular, this mint syrup is extremely refreshing and invigorating. It is not bright green because it does not contain dyes! This is what a homemade natural mint syrup looks like.

For several years now, my mint has been growing a lot in the garden and it is expanding every year. It became such a big bush that I ended up lying all year. Mint has been known since antiquity for its healing properties, becoming one of the best known medicinal plants. The most common is made mint tea from dried leaves but also syrups, liqueur or lemonade.

In the summer I often make ice cubes in which I also put mint or lemonade leaves with a lot of mint, with or without ginger & # 8211 see the recipe here.

We also have a After Eight cake with mint cream and chocolate & # 8211 an extremely fine combination & # 8211 see the recipe here.

Garden or forest mint can be harvested throughout the summer and this wonderful syrup can be prepared from fresh leaves. From these quantities results approx. 1 liter of mint syrup (in the pictures you can see half a portion). The syrup is concentrated and diluted with water when we consume it.