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Pastor Lost Weight Eating Olive Garden’s Unlimited Pasta for Every Meal

Pastor Lost Weight Eating Olive Garden’s Unlimited Pasta for Every Meal

Now this is a diet we want to try

Olive Garden

The pastor used Olive Garden's famous Unlimited Pasta Pass.

This man found his golden ticket weight loss buried in a heaping pile of pasta — and we’ve never been so impressed. While eating almost exclusively at the nationwide carb-loading chain, he shed 5 pounds off his frame over the course of eight weeks.

Though this his first experience losing weight on the diet, North Carolina pastor Alon Martin embarks on this cheesy journey every year. In 2014, he broke the record for the most meals in a row eaten at Olive Garden with 115 dining experiences using his Unlimited Pasta Pass.

“I thought, if someone’s going to give me $1,800 worth of food, I’ll eat it,” Martin declared.

The passes are crazy popular, but his weight loss is practically unheard of. This is his fourth go at the challenge, and he’s been pleased with the results. Martin claims that although the heaping scoops of spaghetti and parmesan don’t seem healthy, they’re actually better options than most of the foods he’s used to eating.

“I’m a Southerner,” Martin told The Wall Street Journal. “We don’t eat normal.”

Martin typically gorges himself on barbeque sandwiches for breakfast. He confesses he’s no stranger to peanut butter and chocolate-filled snacks. And late-night hamburgers have become just a normal part of his bedtime routine. The regularly scheduled, buttery meals at Olive Garden were a healthy, balanced meal plan in comparison to his routine overindulgence. They even came with a salad.

Plus, this year the pastor has taken to getting smarter with his choices at the chain. The manager tried to impose free glasses of sweet tea on the pastor throughout his meal, but now Martin knows better than to drink the empty calories. He’s been trying to leave behind most of the pasta by filling up on the toppings and even limiting himself to just one breadstick.

“Those can really add up,” he said.

The man must have a willpower of steel — those breadsticks are like kryptonite.

While the pastor failed to hit his originally-stated 10 pound goal, we think he deserves to give himself some credit. He did the impossible — he lost weight eating some of the most calorie-dense restaurant meals in existence.

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