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Teflon pork neck

Teflon pork neck

  • - 1 kg pork neck
  • - 75 ml of white wine
  • - salt pepper
  • - paprika
  • - Thyme

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Teflon pork neck:

Cut thin slices of pork neck, wash and beat a little with a hammer. Season with salt, paprika, thyme and sprinkle with a little wine. Leave to soak for 1-2 hours. Before putting it in the pan, dry the meat with a kitchen towel. Put it in a preheated Teflon pan and when it is ready browned on one side, turn it on the other side. When it is well browned on both sides, take it out on a plate and serve it with different garnishes. This time I had a garnish of rice and Brussels sprouts. Enjoy!


A saying from the people says that the favorite vegetable of the Romanians is pork. And that's because many of the traditional Romanian dishes are based on pork.

Pork neck, pork leg, chop, pork shoulder, pork breast, scallop, minced meat and so on - regardless of the type of meat you prefer or need, you can always find fresh pork in our shop windows.

And because freshness is a very important factor for us, we initiated the first national program for Romanian pork: 100% Grown in Romania.

The purpose of this program is to stimulate domestic pork production. We take in the national network of stores fresh pork directly from Romanian farmers. And to identify them more easily, the 100% Romanian pork products can be found in a dedicated sales area, the Romanian Shelf. It has been specially designed to encourage you to choose products of local origin.

How to prepare and prepare pork

To prepare a delicious steak you need the best quality pork, which you can always find at Kaufland, but also some secrets that will help you get the tastiest and tenderest steaks.

The first step would be tenderizing pork. The best known method is the mechanical one, which involves beating the meat with a special hammer. It will break the muscle fibers, and thus the pork will lose its hardness. The only type of meat that is not recommended to beat is pork.

Then another important aspect to keep in mind for a delicious pork steak is marinating the meat before preparation. There are a lot of marinade variants, which you can prepare according to your own taste. However, three ingredients are essential to have the desired result:

  • oil - for hydrating meat
  • acid - for tenderizing meat. You can use vinegar (sweetened with a little honey and water), lemon juice or wine.
  • Spices and herbs - for a special taste. In addition to salt and pepper, pork goes well with rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage or garlic.

The most important step is: preparation of pork. The best known ways of cooking pork are:

Teflon pork neck

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Baked pork neck

Baked pork neck recipes: how to cook baked pork neck and the tastiest recipes for marinated pork neck, baked pork, baked pork leg, baked pork broth, baked pork and beef meatballs, pork with baked potatoes in the bag, muscle recipes baked pork ribs, baked pork ribs with mujdei, baked pork muscles, baked chicken slices.

Roast pork neck steak

Thyme 1 kg pork neck, 1 bag of thyme, ground black pepper, 100 g black olives, 50 g secret taste, 150 ml red wine, 1 red bell pepper, 30 ml oil, 100 g tomato paste.

Grilled pork neck

Meat dishes 4 slices of pork neck salt pepper and paprika 4 potatoes

Pork neck steak in Romanian dish

Meat dishes 2 kg fresh pork neck one onion 3 cloves garlic pepper, allspice, bay leaf 2 apples 50 ml white wine

Grilled pork neck

Meat dishes 1 kg neck 200 ml wine an onion 4 cloves garlic salt pepper spices to taste

How do I cook grilled pork neck?

We beat the neck slices well with the schnitzel hammer, preferably to buy the boneless neck.

Season them well on one side and on the other with salt, pepper, paprika and grease them with a thin layer of mustard. We put them on top of a plate and cover them with a foil and then keep them cold. It would be preferable to do this operation the night before.

Heat the grill, then grease it with a little fat, preferably bacon and fry the meat, sprinkling it from time to time with a little beer. Here is the most important part, the fire must not be very strong, the meat must remain juicy but also well fried. Of course, its quality also matters.

We take out the meat and until it is fried, we keep the rest of the slices covered with an aluminum foil.

And yes, mustard tenderizes it and gives it a special taste.

You can fry the marinated meat in this way, both grilled and baked, it turns out excellent!

And a little video with the final preparation :)

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