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Five Pie S'mores

Five Pie S'mores

Jazz up your s'mores with pie flavors.MORE+LESS-

Updated September 11, 2017

Marshmallows for toasting

Nutella® Banana Cream Pie S'mores

Coconut Banana Cream Pie S’Mores

Sweetened shredded coconut

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie S’mores

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    Sandwich a toasted marshmallow in between two graham crackers with your choice of fillings. Choose from Pecan Pie, Nutella™ Banana Pie, Coconut Banana Cream Pie, French Silk Pie and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.

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  • Today we’re making s’mores. But since s’mores are boring, we’re going to shake it up a little and do some different flavors.That was a little joke. S’mores could never be boring.1. Pecan Pie S’moresTo prep the pecans, you put pecans in a pan on the stove with a handful of brown sugar. Toast them up on medium heat until the sugar melts and then dump them on a sheet of greased parchment paper. Make some extras, they’re good for munching.2. Nutella Banana Cream PieWhat, you’ve never heard of Nutella pie? Just go with it. It’s gonna be a thing.3. Coconut Cream PieI used instant coconut pudding and threw in some sweetened shredded coconut too.4. French SilkYou can use already made chocolate pudding or make your own. You can’t really go wrong.5. Strawberry Rhubarb PieI used homemade strawberry rhubarb jelly, but you can use any kind of jelly, jam, or preserve that you feel like.Now I know it’s summer and the time is perfect for bonfires on starry nights, but if it's too much effort to make a bonfire, you can always make them in the oven. I turn on the broiler and set each marshmallow on a graham cracker and broil them until toasty. Then you can flip them over and get the other side toasted, and it will be just like a real campfire marshmallow!

S’mores Pie

With summer soon coming to an end, I wanted to make sure to savor some of my favorite things about this season in these final few weeks. One of my favorite summer desserts is definitely s’mores and recently on a day off, I decided to make a recipe I have been wanting to try for forever — s’mores PIE. I love s’mores. I love pie. Super brilliant idea. I am obsessed with s’mores anyways (see my Frozen S’mores and my Golden Grahamas S’mores Bars), and it only seemed fitting to present a new way to eat the graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow combo for the summer. Ooey gooey marshmallows + chocolate + graham crackers? S’mores Pie sounds like summer to me!

In anticipation of Labor day coming up next week, I really think you should make this s’mores pie for a less messy version of s’mores, but just as good as the real deal. These would for sure sweeten up your holiday celebration. Gooey s’mores assembled fireside are near unbeatable, but for those times when a campfire or fireplace is out of reach, this s’mores-inspired treat will fill the void……and then some. This pie is soo good and it was gone in an embarrassingly short amount of time. Indulgent and sinful – this is my kind of dessert!

Layering the chocolate bars

Check out my how-to video of me making the recipe for this S’mores Pie!

Be sure to also check out this S’mores Ice Cream Cake from my friend Lori and these No-Bake S’mores Bars from my friend Dorothy.

Creating the perfect fire to cook camping food

A cooking fire should be clean-burning and hot, which is why dry wood is so important. Once you have it going, let the flames die down until they are low, or just white hot coals.

If you&rsquore drying out wet hiking boots or water sandals by the fire, don&rsquot put them too close to the heat, and make sure you check on them every so often.

Lay your cooking rack across the rocks on the fire pit or use a tripod rack that is easily raised and lowered to adjust cooking temperature. You can take care of any prep work while waiting for your fire to reach the optimal state.

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S’mores Bars

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S’mores Bars are an easy, decadent 5 ingredient dessert layered with marshmallows, milk chocolate, and graham cracker crust, no campfire required!

One of our favorite, easy treats to make all year is Classic S’mores. The magic you can make with a few simple ingredients is endless and these S’mores Bars are another to add to your list and our Dessert Recipes collection.

There are few desserts as universally well-loved as S’mores. They are so easy you can literally make them while camping in the woods with 3 ingredients. Something about toasting a mallow and sandwiching it between graham crackers and chocolate brings out the joy in pretty much everyone.

The only downside to making s’mores is that few of us have campfires in our kitchens plus they can be a bit sticky and messy. So we don’t usually eat these gooey treats as much as we would like to… until now.

Our S’mores Bars recipe has all the melty goodness of your favorite campfire treat, but is portable and you don’t have to make them one or two at a time. You can bake up a whole batch of these delicious bars in the time it would take to get a fire going.

I’ve been making this recipe since I started dating my now husband and I used to make it for my best friend any time she’d come to visit us when we moved away. It has a pretty special spot in my heart because it is the recipe I used to make for the people I loved most before I ever went to culinary school.

What we like best about them is that you can eat them year round. With slight variations you can make this recipe holiday themed, you can send them to school as a lunch treat, or you can rule summer time playdates with these as a snack.

The second best thing? This recipe has a perfectly ratio’d crust which means you won’t have a crumbly mess when you cut these bars. They slice GREAT (assuming they’re completely chilled before cutting).

Speaking of variations, just like classic s’mores, you can add all kinds of candies and cookies to make these even more delicious. We’ve included some of our favorite versions to inspire you below.

Best 5 Shepherd's Pie Recipes

Chicken pot pie may get most of the credit for being a savory twist on a classically sweet idea (fruit filling + buttery crust), but shepherd’s pie — or cottage pie, as it’s sometimes known — can play the meaty pie game too. Instead of a biscuit or pastry crust like the chicken version, however, traditional shepherd’s pie is topped with … wait for it … a thick blanket of creamy, smooth mashed potatoes. Combined with the warm and hearty filling featuring ground meat and bright vegetables, these hefty potatoes guarantee comfort food. Read on below for Food Network’s top-five takes on this satisfying supper from some of your favorite Food Network chefs, including Rachael Ray, Alton Brown and Melissa d’Arabian.

5: Shortcut Shepherd’s Pie: The secret to this fuss-free recipe is opting for frozen potato tots in place of the usual mashed potato topping. “Using potato tots instead not only saves you time but makes for a crispy topping that’s a nice contrast to the beef filling,” the chefs in our Food Network Kitchen explain.

4: Melissa’s Shepherd’s Pie: Boasting layer upon layer of flavor, Melissa’s bacon-laced beef filling is simmered in a bold beer broth before being topped with tangy garlic mashed potatoes and gooey cheese.

3: Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie: Even your meat-eating friends will appreciate Food Network Magazine’s vegetarian shepherd’s pie, filled with turnips, carrots and chopped veggie burgers to guarantee a satisfying center, and topped with buttery mashed spuds and nutty Parmesan for an over-the-top casserole.

2: Alton’s Shepherd’s Pie: For added richness and heft, Alton adds a bit of tomato paste plus a few dashes of Worcestershire to round out the flavor in his lamb-based pie, which is sealed with a creamy mashed potato topping before baking.

1: 30-Minute Shepherd’s Pie: Easy enough for a weeknight meal yet impressive enough to serve guests, Rachael’s quick-fix recipe lets you create your own ideal meal: Pick either ground beef or ground lamb as the star ingredient, then decide whether you want to add a splash of cream for richness or opt for broth for a lighter finished product. Watch below to see how Rachael makes it.