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Rat soup

Rat soup

We wash and clean the legumes (celery, carrot, parsnip) after which we will cut them into cubes of the right size (in restaurants they are cut into juliennes), the onion is cut into small pieces. In a saucepan add butter and oil, put the onion after it has changed color without burning, add the diced vegetables and sauté them. We will take a pot in which we put water and salt, adding the portioned duck and let it boil. Discard the first water, add the duck again and continue boiling.

Froth at least twice and then add the vegetables that have been sauteed in advance and a garnish bouquet (consisting of: thyme, leek / parsley and bay leaves).

After the vegetables and meat are cooked, add the potatoes cut into small cubes and continue cooking. After the potatoes are cooked, there are two options, we can take out the pieces of meat and chop the meat into cubes or leave the whole pieces of meat in the soup.

Add the tomato paste and after five minutes the borscht, a little larch, let the borsch boil well and turn off the heat. We take out the buquest garni.

At the end, more larch is added.

Serve with hot peppers.

Good appetite

Soup with duck meat and vegetables

Soup with duck meat and vegetables from: water, duck, carrot, celery root, onion, leek, cabbage, potatoes, egg, milk, sour borscht, salt, bay leaves, pepper, greens.


  • 6 glasses of water
  • ½ duck
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 celery root
  • 2 onions
  • Az leek
  • ¼ cabbage head
  • 3 potatoes
  • 1 egg (yolk)
  • ½ glass of milk
  • 2 glasses of sour borscht or a little lemon salt
  • salt
  • Bay leaves,
  • black peppercorns
  • 1 tablespoon chopped dill and parsley

Method of preparation:

Prepare the duck, cut it into small pieces, put it in cold water and boil it until it is half ready. Add cabbage, roots, onions and leeks, cut noodles, sliced ​​potatoes. 5 minutes before removing from the heat, add salt, bay leaves, pepper, boiled borscht.

Season the soup with the raw egg, beaten with milk and simmer for a little longer. Serve sprinkled with greens.


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4 smaller and tender balls
2 onions
100g celery
2 carrots
2 tablespoons rice
Salt, pepper, vegeta, paprika, parsley leaf, to taste
Cream (according to preferences can be added to the plate when serving soup)

Method of preparation:
We clean the goulash, onion, carrot and celery and wash them.

Grate the carrots and celery on a grater.

Finely chop the onion and put it in a frying pan with hot oil. After it has browned, add a teaspoon of paprika and leave it on the fire for another minute.

In a 6 liter pot we put 4 liters of water seasoned with vegeta and put it on the fire to boil. When it boils, add the grits and the other vegetables given on the grater and the hardened onion. After 10 minutes of cooking, add the washed and selected rice, beforehand and let everything boil for another 20-25 minutes. When serving, we can add to the plate a tablespoon of sour cream and finely chopped parsley.

The complete recipe, in pictures, can be downloaded here: Gulii soup (PDF format)

What are the benefits of duck meat

A portion of soup, steak, meatballs or other duck food brings us important amounts of good quality protein, amino acids and even some vitamins. Here's what The benefits of duck meat. If her skin is removed, a piece of about 100 grams of duck breast has 140 calories, of which about 11 grams of fat.

A serving of 100 grams of skinless duck breast meat contains 140 calories and only 11.2 g of fat. Consumption of duck meat is beneficial for those with weakened immune systems, but also for those with nervous disorders.

Borscht, soups and broths

To make borsch, borsch and soups you don't need too much time or too much skill, as long as you choose the right recipe. And there are plenty of variations - light, quick recipes that don't require too many ingredients.
In addition, soups and broths of any kind are very healthy because they ensure optimal hydration, help you saturate with fewer calories and contain many vitamins if you use vegetables in full. The soup is even richer in vitamins due to the added borscht, provided you don't boil it too much. Here are some reasons to try borscht, soup and soup recipes.

In Romanian cuisine, soups play a very important role, being served even on special occasions - potroace soup that is part of the tradition of weddings - or holidays - lamb soup is not missing from any Easter meal. In addition, belly soup, vegetable borscht or fish soups are part of the Romanian culinary tradition. Obviously, the recipes differ depending on the area, so in the counties on the Danube the fish soup is often eaten, in Moldova the famous Moldovan borscht is consumed, and in Muntenia people prefer potato soup.

If you're tired of borscht and soup, you can try more exotic cream soup recipes based on peas, carrots, cauliflower, spinach or combinations of several vegetables decorated with greens and served with croutons.

The soup entered the Romanian gastronomy through the Slavic peoples with whom I came in contact. Sour soups are a tradition in Slavic cuisines and parts of Asia, while the rest of the people prefer uncooked soup. However, each of them has its own soup recipes passed down from generation to generation. The French are famous for bouillabaisse, a fish soup, the Greeks masterfully make fasolada, a bean soup, the Spaniards are famous for a tomato soup called gazpacho, and the Italians are accustomed to eating minestrone, a delicious vegetable soup.

In the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, but also in the Orient, recipes are prepared that seem strange to us: fruit soups. They can be served cold, hot or hot and are said to be delicious. Fruktsuppe, a Norwegian specialty, is made from raisins, plums and other dried fruits. In other parts of Europe, people enjoy cherry soup, made with cream and sugar. Cinnamon, cloves or alcoholic beverages, such as wine or brandy, can be added to some fruit soup recipes.

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