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Put on the bottle with pineapple, zucchini and carrots

Put on the bottle with pineapple, zucchini and carrots

The chicken is cleaned of any tulle left over from the piglet, using the gas lamp, I pray that little brewer, to flambe for the kitchen.

The beer bottle cleaned of labels, filled with beer, put in a heat-resistant tray and greased with olive oil / creamy olive butter spray.

The chicken is placed on the glass, artistically, then seasoned with the creamy olive oil from the spray, sprinkle with the chicken spices, plus the paprika. In my throat, this time I changed the apple on the pineapple pieces;) It was beating on the fried and flavored pieces of baked pineapple.

Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into small pieces.

Celery stalk, peppers, tomatoes, asparagus wash and cut coarsely.

The new potatoes are washed under a strong stream of cold water and left whole.

Carrots and the piece of zucchini, wash, then clean with the special grater, the needles for the lemon peel, so that there is a little peel left for the appearance, then cut the rounds, the zucchini and part of the carrot, and half leaves whole with leaves with everything. (seen in pictures !;)

Place vegetables, fruits and vegetables in the tray around the chicken.

For thermal breakage, ie not to break the glass at high temperatures, beer is added to the tray.

Then it is cooked in the preheated oven for approx. 45 minutes at 200 degrees.

From time to time, grease the chicken with the leftover juice.

When the chicken is pricked and the juice that flows from it is clear, it clearly means that our chicken is cooked and can be enjoyed with the vegetables in the pan.

Bonus this time I had a creamy mujdei from Robert, the little kite! ;)

Good luck and good luck!


Blueberries have strong antioxidant properties.
That is why it is healthier to use blueberries in salads or marinades and cooking, which is also called French dressing. Vinegar is also useful in rubbing or in various natural therapies
Ingredient -
A cup of crushed blueberries, 2 cups of quality white wine vinegar.
Do not work with metal dishes or cutlery.
Put the blueberries and vinegar in a jar and mix well. Leave to soak for 3 days, during which time you have to stir in the jar once a day.
Strain and place the vinegar in a stoppered bottle.
Store in a cool place.
It is very good for salad, mixed with a little honey.


I didn't know that balsamic vinegar can be made from blueberries, I think it comes out fragrant. Thanks for the recipe.

And I thank you for visiting. Summer is coming and we start all kinds of cans.

3 days and nights for a healthy life

I have a great pleasure to open the gates to you, to my oldest dream, which, wise for years, was probably, naturally, projected into reality. In the years of individual nutritional consultations, I found the need of people:

  • to be guided and supported especially in the first days of start,
  • to be motivated in periods of decline,
  • to be diagnosed under monitoring,
  • to explain to them more certain nutritional mechanisms or protocols,
  • to give them the time they need
  • to receive, from one place, more.

So I created the program 3 days and nights for a healthy life (detoxification and education), through which we aim to satisfy your needs mentioned above. Here is the program website: Here you can download the program brochure: 3 days and nights for a healthy life Cai de Vis estate (Botosani County, 20 km from Suceava County) is the right place for a program dedicated to health, characterized by nature, with all its nuances (animals, forest, grass, hill, view, isolation, silence, starry sky, etc.) and a "landlord" named Vlad Iftime, who proves more and more often that the vegan and even raw-vegan diet really has the potential for performance, through the competitions of horseback riding, cycling, athletics, swimming and tennis, in which it participates. Vlad has been ambitious for weeks with an alkaline diet, frequently consuming fresh juices from the most & # 8222interesting & # 8221 combinations, truly representing an inspiring case. Due to his personal experiences regarding nutrition, our collaboration will shape a belief that we all have, that eating has consequences. For details about the estate, please visit: Team is composed of:

Cristian Iulian & # 8211 manual therapies

Valentina Savu & # 8211 nutritionist technician

program 3 days and nights for a healthy life takes place in Romania on July 10, 2014 and a 2nd edition, on July 24-27, 2014. For registration details, please visit the program website: Program present is one focused on detoxification and not on treatment, the difference being the following:

  • treatment refers to the relief of symptoms, not necessarily resolving the hidden cause that generated the disease / discomfort.
  • detoxification does not treat the symptoms of the problem, nor is it dependent on some concepts related to deficiencies. It treats the very origin of the cause that determines the manifestation of those symptoms.

Detoxification takes into account processes such as: alkalinization, homeostasis, development, revitalization, regeneration, purification of the body. Detoxification is a system, not a treatment. It is a science that includes: chemistry, physics, the energies of the universe, our spirituality, our thoughts and emotions representing the tools that make possible the functioning of the physical body. Dr. Pavel Chirila traces 3 pillars of this process:

  1. intoxication (loading) through: malnutrition, mal-digestion, mal-respiration, incorrectness of the alternation sleep-wake / rest-activity, stress.
  2. detox (download)
  3. Charger

Through this program we offer you direct support in stage 2 (detoxification), preparing you with techniques and useful information for stage 3 (recharging). Alternative medicine practitioners recommend at least 2 detoxifications per year:

  1. in the winter months, before or after the holidays, due to the days off
  2. in the warm months, considering the holidays / vacations and the freshness of the food.

I invite you to venture into this program, convinced that it will be a health Landmark for life. Health is contagious, be the one to prove it, for yourself and for your loved ones! More information:

Recipes for delicious sandwiches on the holiday table

Sandwiches & # 8211 are the most popular snack of everyday life. However, this dish can be quite festive. Let's look at the sandwich recipes on the holiday table. Here are some great table meals with step-by-step instructions that will help you prepare a dish in less than half an hour.

ingredients Number of
toast & # 8211 15-20 pieces
goldfish & # 8211 150 g
canned tuna slices & # 8211 150 g
cheese cheese & # 8211 150 g
& bdquoProvensal & ldquo & # 8211 5 tablespoons.
cucumber & # 8211 2 pieces.
chili and paprika & # 8211 for taste
Bulgarian sweet pepper & # 8211 1 pc.
dill, parsley & # 8211 2-3 branches
Red cherries & # 8211 150 g
Cooking time: 30 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 190 Kcal

Description of cooking steps:

  • cut the crusts out of the bread
  • put the bread in a rectangular shape, lubricate the surface with mayonnaise
  • mix the canned tuna with mayonnaise and black pepper, pre-drain the butter, put the cream on the bread
  • the next layer is bread
  • cream cheese mixed with paprika and chili (to taste), spread the bread
  • cut cucumbers into thin slices and put them on cheese, stains with mayonnaise
  • again, a layer of bread, which must be stains with cheese
  • cut the goldfish into strips, let it decorate the cake and put it on the next layer
  • cover the fish with bread, mayonnaise the sides and top of the sandwich
  • for decoration, use Bulgarian peppers of different colors, cucumbers, greens.

Myths about salad that you thought

I was talking about a white blog dedicated to fast food and the negative reputation it has, about the fact that studies contradict this shadow of negativity. According to a study published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an adult consumes an average of 11.3% of the recommended dose of calories through fast food.

It doesn't sound worrying at all. Because all the companies have started to remake menus, including more healthy options. Just like we wanted when we started SaladBox.

Other myths about salad:

  1. Dressing STOP - because they are said to be full of fat, so you give it up and with that you give up the delicious taste that & icircl & icircntregesc.

Truth: Ohio State University studies have shown that eating fresh, low-fat salad actually helps the body assimilate antioxidants faster and better. Especially lycopene from tomatoes, beta-carotene from carrots and lutein from lettuce leaves. Without some fat, our body could not absorb as many antioxidants. So don't give up on your favorite.

  1. Low-calorie salads - and that is why diets are chosen. A myth because just as some things can have negative reputations, so some positive reputations can have the opposite effect. How? If you eat salads because you think it helps to lose weight, but the salad is thought to be delicious as a meal, then it's like eating a meal with any other kind of food. Not all salads are suitable for diets, and the term "little" does not apply to every salad, although they are all healthy.

See below the nutritional calculator and the weight of the ingredients in the SaladBox preparations.

  1. Pre-prepared salads have fewer nutrients - or as they say that once the ingredients have settled, they have lost the value of energy or nutrients. Well, the truth is that all vegetables and fruits lose water-soluble vitamins & icircn as soon as they are harvested. But as they are not the only components in salad that are recommended for you, and most salads contain minerals, antioxidants, fiber and water, they remain the closest choice to nature.

  1. Green is natural and best for you - lettuce, green lifestyle, green houses, green cars. Green has a very good reputation, but sometimes unjustly deprives other colors of the same attention. Just eating green does not guarantee a healthier lifestyle.

All vegetables provide something we need. Strong antioxidants such as anthocyanins are found in radish red, purple vegetables such as eggplant, or tomatoes.

So the rainbow of vegetables can also be your inspiration.

  1. If I add bacon, it's like eating a burger - it is a very & icircnt & acirclnit myth, that anything that is not dried meat does not help. But even if the bacon won't win too many prizes in the diet category, you should know that a slice of bacon has the same amount of fat as 2 teaspoons of feta or a bunch of seeds. So you can complete the salad with bacon as long as you choose cucumbers and give up croutons.

Nutritionist's advice:

& rdquoOnly a diverse diet can bring us the full range of nutrients we need. Cells contain proteins and lipids in their structure and the body's main fuel is glucose from food carbohydrates. The functioning of biological systems requires, in addition, components such as calcium (bone system), iron (blood circulation), amino acids (muscle, immune system), fats (nervous and endocrine system), sodium and potassium (physico-chemical balances), magnesium, iodine, vitamins. Numerous other beneficial metabolic, digestive or protective effects are obtained from fiber, probiotics, antioxidants and phytonutrients. & Rdquo Dr. Adrian Copcea, nutritionist

The ingredient for the week at the Salad Box

Red onion - for the Anthocyanins we talked about above, because it is the richest in vitamins A, B and C. It goes very well with any salad, but it goes well with any diet, because it is rich in salts minerals such as phosphorus, sodium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron, folic acid and biotin. Useful when you think they have an antibiotic and diuretic character.

So choose this natural disinfectant for your meals and the ideal combination.

@tebendina tagged us & icircn in a wonderful post that makes us regret the passing of autumn.

Use #saladboxro & icircn your photo creations on Instagram and & icircti see the photo on the SaladBox page.

All the ways in which SaladBox suits you!

It was summer, you went on vacation, we went to France too.

You want something easy and to go because the courses have started, we have the right packaging for that.

And with more and more people, with the end of the year waiting for us and the opportunities that autumn brings, the events multiply. Launching, learning, celebrating, events where everything would go better, with something good.

We talk about the places, events and occasions where an order at SaladBox helps you with the food part, so that you can focus on the #mood part.

AZ GM Diet

  • What is the GM diet?
  • How does the GM Diet Plan work?
  • GM Diet Plan
  • GM Diet Chart
  • GM Diet: the scientific explanation
  • What's great about this diet
  • GM Diet Soup Recipe
  • Benefits of GM Diet
  • What to do and what not to do
  • Frequent questions

What is the GM diet?

The General Motors diet has been around since 1985. It was originally developed by General Motors, together with the Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture, for its employees. It has been designed to increase labor productivity to make workers healthier. The results were impressive diet - a 10 to 17 pound weight loss in just one week! Experienced workers of increased efficiency, reliability and energy increased. The diet was considered a great success. Probably the biggest reason millions of people swear on the GM diet is because it is easy to follow. There are no complicated ingredients or high demands on a person's routine. For this reason, we recommend the GM diet for you. Let's see how this diet works to burn stored fat.

How does the GM Diet Plan work?

The plan focuses on limiting the weekly diet to fruits, vegetables, eating brown rice, and chicken. The diet focuses on consuming a combination of complex carbohydrates, low-calorie vegetables, and fruits, and increasing water intake to help achieve a weight loss of up to 17 pounds in just seven days. Below is a daily guide for anyone who wants to follow the GM diet.

Caution: Always consult a doctor before starting on a diet.


There are many recipes on the net, but I know a simpler one.
We need:
6 yolks, 400 g sugar, a vanilla stick, 600 ml milk, 200 ml alcohol and 100 ml rum.
Bring the milk to a boil and let it cool. In a porcelain bowl, rub the yolks with the sugar for a few minutes, then gradually add the cold milk. Beat with a fork and then place the bowl on top of a pan of boiling water on the stove and beat for another 10 minutes (like vanilla cream). Then put the vanilla stick or vanilla sugar and let it cool.
Add the alcohol and rum, stirring constantly.
We pour into bottles.
It is good after a few days, but why it stays, why it gets better.
Before pouring into glasses, shake the bottle well.


It really seems like your simple recipe. I haven't prepared liqueur in the house until now. How about I try?

Mmm, I want to make New Year's Eve too, I have a recipe from my mother. I hope you like it: P


In swollen seeds, the embryo begins to develop. It first begins to move back into the growth of the embryo, then elongates the embryonic stem, which brings to light cotyledons.

At the germination stage, the seeds must be changed. They need not only moisture, but also heat and oxygen (access to seeds). The smallest seeds need light.

If the seeds are sown in the ground, their surface must not dry out. If the seeds are germinated on a substrate, then not only the substrate but also the air above it must be saturated with moisture. Salt solutions inhibit germination, so use only clean water.

It's warming up.

The minimum temperature at which the seeds begin to germinate, for different crops, is different. Seeds of onion, lukaporeya, kale, cabbage and cauliflower, peas begin to germinate even at 3 degrees heat, celery and most varieties of salad with grades 4-5, 5 beets, corn at 10, tomatoes and zucchini with 11, pepper at 13, cucumber and beans at 15 degrees heat.

But seed germination at a minimum temperature is very slow: seedlings can appear only in 3-4 weeks.

The optimum temperatures at which seed germination is fast and friendly are:

  • in seeds of cold-resistant crops, grades 18-25
  • at the seeds of thermophilic crops 25-30.

When the seed layer explodes, the germ needs oxygen. And the higher the air temperature, the more intense it is to breathe the seeds.

When germinating seeds on a substrate, make sure that the seeds are not immersed in liquid. If the seeds germinate in the soil, the water should not stay on its surface. The soil for seedlings should be permeable, crumbly, porous Seed boxes with large drainage holes.

The seeds of most vegetable crops germinate in both light and dark.

But there are exceptions: the smallest seeds (lettuce, celery and other crops) require light for germination.

Small seeds are hundreds of times lighter than large seeds and have fewer nutrients. The light gives them information about the direction of growth.


Small seeds should be sown at a thickness greater than their thickness by 2.5-3.

Sow large seeds to a depth of 4-6 thick.

Please do not confuse the thickness of the seeds with their length!


For good germination the seeds are small, in general, should not fall asleep soil: they are watered and gently water presses them into the soil.

With such a fine crop important to keep the soil surface and air moist. That's why sowing the pot after sowing and before emergence kept under glass or in plastic packaging, lift them to air and water.


The smaller the seeds, the more they need to rest. If watering water when changing the position of germinated seeds, they need additional expenditure of nutrients, to get back to "back down, pull up." Therefore, small seeds are not watered from a sprinkler and a sprayer.

You can also cover the container with a cloth that is permeable to water and air and irrigate through it. Immediately after germination, the tissue is removed.

Many of us enthusiastically, from early spring to late fall, work in the field. This is useful for the health and family budget, but negatively affects the skin of the hands: it coarsens and cracks. It is commendable if we do not forget to wear rubber or cotton gloves. And if before putting them on, hands greased with olive oil and sprinkle abundantly with potato starch, the skin, despite tireless work, remains soft and young.

Video: Δροσερή σαλάτα με Κολοκυθάκια και πατάτα. Μία ελαφριά συνταγή για τις μεγάλες ζέστες του καλοκαιριού (December 2021).