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29 Easy Weekend Pizzas to Make Right Now

29 Easy Weekend Pizzas to Make Right Now

These recipes are easy and tasty and eating any of them would be a great way to enjoy the weekend

After a long week of hard work and healthy eating, it is finally the weekend! What better way to celebrate the precious time away from work by sitting down to a delicious pizza with friends and family?

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But wait! There’s no need to log on to Seamless or pick up the phone to dial your local pizza delivery spot. Use the time at home to make your own pizzas! It’s fun and extremely easy — a great activity to do with the whole family. From individual personal pizzas to large pies to feed a crowd and toppings galore, the pizza possibilities are endless.

We have a great selection of pizza recipes you can make at home and a recipe for homemade pizza dough to get you started. Of course, if you want to, go ahead and buy some good quality ready to roll pizza dough. There are so many options available, so there’s no shame in a little head start to help you make something delicious this weekend!