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Delicious glass "Fruit Dream"

Delicious glass

We need a good fff blender, a chopper, a sharp knife and a little patience and pleasure to prepare this wonderful dessert.

We will start washing and cleaning the fruits and then placing them in small bowls.

First avocado, then pomegranate, we will put the seeds in a bowl.

We prepare the glasses.

Put in the blender avocado and half of a banana. We also add a drop of vanilla.

On the bottom of the glasses we put the other half of the sliced ​​banana.

We put the avocado paste.

Cut a quarter of the sliced ​​pineapple into cubes and place over the avocado layer.

We put the rest of the pineapple in the blender and place it over the pineapple pieces.

Next is the orange that we will cut in half. We will cut half of the orange into cubes and we will put them over the pineapple layer. We will mix the rest of the orange with a little honey (a spoon) and a little vanilla and we will mix it in the blender.

We put over the pineapple layer.

We clean the pomegranate and we will place some seeds over the orange layer.

We will mix the rest of the pomegranate seeds in a blender with the currants, a little honey and a little vanilla.

We need a high power blender to mix the pomegranate peel well.

Place on top of the orange layer.

Mix the banana in a blender with a little honey (a teaspoon) and vanilla and place over the pomegranate layer.

Put the blueberries in the blender with a little honey (a teaspoon) and a little vanilla and put the banana layer on top. Decorate with currants, blueberries or pomegranate seeds for inspiration.

If I tolerate the slightly sour taste of the fruit, we don't add honey or maple syrup and we serve it naturally.


3 hot creams for Christmas

Chestnut castrated

chestnut cream It is very rich and simple to make. We can make a variant of this cream, giving it a spicy touch, if you like that flavor, by adding just a piece of fresh hot pepper.

To prepare this chestnut cream we can use the chestnuts that we can get on the market cooked and vacuum packed, because fresh chestnuts are no longer available.

  • Half a kilo of cooked chestnuts.
  • A big onion
  • Two chives (to decorate).
  • A branch of celery.
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • Half a liter of vegetable or industrial vegetable broth.
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • A pinch of salt.
  • A pinch of ground black pepper.
  • Half a glass of white wine
  • 100 ml. of cooking cream.
  • Half a fresh hot pepper, (optional).

Method of preparation:

Remove the skin with the onion and garlic cloves and cut everything into pieces. Wash the celery branch and chop very well. Put a little oil to heat in a boiler and soap the onion, garlic cloves and celery with heat and minimum reserve after it is ready.

While chopping or chopping, chop the chestnuts. Add the ground chestnuts together with the ingredients we fried and put everything together in the boiler.

Then add the wine, soup, cream, mix and heat over medium heat until it starts to boil.

When it starts to boil, reduce the heat, add a pinch of ground black pepper and taste the salt.

If we use industrial vegetable broth and usually bring built-in salt, we will try if you need more salt. Cook over low heat for 30 minutes.

Remove from the heat and beat the pan with the blender to make a fine cream. Wash the onion and cut it into rings.

When serving the cream, I put a few onion peppers on top of each cream arranged in individual plates.

If we decided to give a chestnut cream a spicy touch, we add a few pieces of hot pepper.

Assortment of vegetables with hot cream

To do this vegetable cream we have chosen the vegetables that we detail below, but we can also add or choose others that we like more or that we have in the fridge.

  • A small cauliflower, without the green parts, cut in four.
  • 2 leeks without the green parts and slices.
  • 2 chopped celery sticks.
  • 3 carrots without skin and cut.
  • A chopped onion.
  • A ripe tomato, without seeds and troceadito.
  • 2 cloves of garlic without skin and
  • 2 chopped parsley roots.
  • 3 potatoes divided into squares.
  • One liter of vegetable broth, homemade or industrial.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • A pinch of ground black pepper.
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Squares of toast, croutons or ham chips (to decorate).

Method of preparation:

Wash the vegetables well and chop them all. We remove the skin from the potatoes, wash them and cut them into squares.

I put a cauldron on the fire with a little virgin olive oil to heat over low heat soybeans, onions, leeks, tomatoes and garlic cloves.

Once it is completely tocooked, add the remaining vegetables, potatoes, parsley and vegetable broth. Cook over moderate heat until it starts to boil.

When it starts to boil, reduce the heat, add a pinch of ground black pepper, try it if you need more salt. Cook until potatoes are tender.

Then turn off the heat and beat with a blender until you get a fine cream.

Vegetable cream can be accompanied by a few squares of toast, croutons or serrano ham snake.

Hot lentil cream

lentil They are a very nutritious dish, this lentil cream is very rich, easy to make and is usually successful even among the children of the house.

  • 400 grams of lentils.
  • A large onion cut into pieces.
  • A leek without the green parts, troceadito.
  • 3 cloves of garlic, without skin and small pieces.
  • A skinless ripe tomato, troceadito.
  • A carrot, cut into pieces.
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 50 ml. from whole milk.
  • One liter of vegetable broth, home or industrial.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • A pinch of ground black pepper.
  • Squares of toast or croutons, to decorate.

Method of preparation:

In a cauldron with water to cover them and a little salt, cook lemon with moderate heat until you are worried. If we have a pressure cooker on the stove for 15 minutes, they will already be cooked.

Drain the lemon and reserve a single well for cooking, the cream will be thick or we want more liquid. In a pot, put a little olive oil to heat, to dry onions, leeks, garlic cloves and tomatoes.

After cooking, add vegetable broth, carrot, milk, ground black pepper and salt, add a little salt if necessary.

Cook over moderate heat until it starts to boil and when it starts to boil, leave the heat and cook until the carrots are tender.

Turn off the heat and beat with a blender until we have a fine cream.

We have the cream in individual bowls or plates and present it with a few cubes of toast or croutons and a little extra virgin olive oil.

We hope you enjoy these delicious and simple recipes that can be useful to prepare the first course at Christmas Dinner.

Bon appetit and from NatureVia Merry Christmas to all! Christmas topics Christmas Recipes

Hands at work! Vegan cheesecake recipe

Like any other preparation, a vegan cheese cake needs certain ingredients in specific quantities, so that its flavors are perfectly coupled with each other and you get an ideal result.

For this 12-part recipe, we will need.

  • 3 small containers of soy yogurt
  • 1 glass of vegetable milk
  • 3 teaspoons lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon agar-agar powder
  • 10 thick crackers
  • 50 grams of margarine

To decorate: You can use the natural jam of your favorite red fruits, including raspberries, strawberries, cherries and blackberries.

How is it prepared?

You don't have to be afraid of change, so making a vegan cheesecake shouldn't be a topic that makes you feel nervous. Follow these simple steps and you will see that the results will be incredible.

The first thing you need to do is crush the cookies and for that you can bend over a mortar or simply roll them in a bag that will not spill everywhere.

Then melt the margarine and add the cookie steaks. Try to be very thin, so that all this becomes quite homogeneous pasta. Now, take a circular mold and apply this dough there.

The spoon of agar should be dissolved in the glass of cold milk. Put the liquid in the kitchen until it is cooked. Then reduce the intensity of the fire as you move, continuing to do so for a second.

Heat the mixture over medium heat while adding the yogurt and lemon juice. At this point, the mixture will have a thicker consistency and this will indicate that everything is ready. Take it out of the kitchen and wait for it to rest for about five minutes.

The moment of truth has arrived! Our vegan cheesecake is starting to come from here. You should pour the milk and yogurt mixture over the dough you have already prepared.

You have almost everything ready, but try to fry the cake before serving. The last step is, in principle, to get your vegan cheese cake drunk with the jam of your choice and that is, you will have a delicious dessert at your fingertips.

Some recipes replace soy yogurt with creamy tofu cheese (tofu-based), as well as margarine with olive oil, although its cost can be quite high on the market. You can also choose not to add fruit jam at the top and put some fresh fruit directly in season. Yummy !.

We are not all familiar with vegan foods, so it is good that we know little of what we will consume in this delicious sweet preparation.

Seaweed agar It serves to thicken liquids and does not get fat in the test. It has a lot of iodine and a lot of fiber. Its neutral taste adapts to any recipe you want to prepare.

Vegetable milk it comes from a product that gives its name (vegetable), but looks similar to animal origin. It is most often made from nuts such as almonds or soy.

Soy yogurt It has the same characteristics as vegetable milk. That is, it looks the same as any other you can find on the market, except that, of course, it is made from soy milk. Its fat content is virtually zero and is ideal for a low cholesterol diet. Vegan Cocktail Recipes Vegan Recipes

3 delicious and healthy breakfast smoothie recipes.

Do you want to start your day with a portion of health? If your answer is yes, our advice for you is to include a glass of healthy smoothie for breakfast, prepared from fruits and vegetables.

To prepare these delicious and healthy smoothie recipes you do not need a lot of ingredients, anyone can prepare a glass of smoothie with the help of fruits and vegetables that have them in the refrigerator. What I want to emphasize is that you do not need to spend a large amount of money to eat healthy, but at the same time delicious. There is no can not, or I do not have what, that you do not want this is something else, pretexts are still found.

You are probably now wondering why to prepare a smoothie from fruits and vegetables when you can eat them in a solid state. Here are the main benefits:

The juice obtained from fruits and vegetables is much easier for the body to digest than any solid food.

Helps strengthen the immune system

They are very healthy

Provides energy from the early hours of the morning

Cleanses the skin

They are intensely detoxifying

Provides daily intake of vitamins and minerals

They are full and can be used successfully in the weight loss process

It charges you with energy and frees you from fatigue

Fights constipation

You can eat fruits and vegetables, which you would not normally eat, because you do not like them, although you know that they are healthy, full of vitamins and minerals. Due to the mixture obtained, you will not feel the unpleasant taste of vegetables that you do not like.

Smoothies can be prepared regardless of the season, with the help of frozen fruits. Of course, fresh fruits and vegetables are the best, but in the cold season, frozen fruits are also very good.

If you're in a hurry but don't want to skip breakfast, smoothe is the best way to serve a quick and delicious breakfast. And why not, you can take the glass of smoothie with you to work or in the city.

Next you will find 3 smoothie recipes, my favorites lately. I prepare these smoothie recipes with the help of a blende Star-Light Bull.

Fruits and vegetables are crushed in the shortest possible time with the help of the 5 gears, so we get a fine and creamy mixture. For those who want, the blender can also be used to chop meat or prepare cream soup or sauces.

More information about the blender can be found Here.

The best fruits for digestion

1. Pineapple

You probably already knew. This wonderful fruit contains an essential enzyme called bromelain, which helps digestion. Bromelain is an enzyme that accelerates biochemical reactions, facilitating the digestion of proteins.

Pineapple should always be fresh and can be combined with a salad at lunch, as it is a fruit that goes well with many other foods. Bromelain can also be purchased in capsule form from health food stores, however our recommendation is to eat the fruit in its natural state. It is delicious, has anti-inflammatory properties and is very beneficial for arthritis sufferers.

Pineapple must be an essential component in the "system" of maintenance of the digestive tract, which is why I put it first on this list. Consume it whenever you have the opportunity.

2. Papaya

Papaya is a delicious, refreshing and ideal fruit for people who are on a diet. Moreover, papaya is in turn a natural source of digestive enzymes. As regards papaya, aid in digestion is provided by papain, an enzyme found in both fruits and trees.

To enjoy its benefits for digestion, you only need a few pieces of papaya, which are enough to facilitate the absorption of protein in the body. In addition, papaya relieves diarrhea and nausea and helps care for the intestines and stomach… Don't think about it - buy a fresh papaya and enjoy its extraordinary benefits.

3. Kiwi

Are you already a fan of kiwi fruit? Then do not hesitate to add it in various dishes, desserts and salads. The kiwi fruit is also known as Chinese gooseberry and is distinguished by the presence of an enzyme called actinidine. It works like bromelain and papain, acting as a catalyst for protein digestion.

Kiwi is used in oriental medicine to treat many ailments, which is why it is good to know about its many health benefits.

As an observation, we mention that nothing is healthier and better for digestion than a salad with kiwi, papaya and pineapple. Experts claim that each enzyme performs a different task when it enters the stomach acid. Together, all three enzymes offer maximum benefits to the digestive system.

Household appliances needed to make a smoothie

To prepare smoothie recipes quickly and without too much hassle, all you need is a table blender. There are a lot of models, with more or less power. Some have a vacuum function that promises to keep up to twice as much freshness as a normal bird. Others come with special smoothie glasses. If you do not own such a device, do not bathe. You can also do great with a food processor or a vertical blender.

Festive holiday cakes

The approach of the winter holidays makes us think of pleasure treats which our mothers and grandmothers prepared, in our childhood, for Christmas and the New Year. It seems that we still remember the anxiety that overwhelmed us when, full of curiosity, we opened the kitchen door to see what my mother was preparing. Who didn't look forward to my mother finishing the cake to eat the cream left in the bowl? We still smile at the memory of the noise made by the spoon on the enameled vessel, in our attempt not to lose anything from delicious cream prepared only as my mother knew how to prepare it.

Even if the fast pace of daily existence no longer allows us to spend so much in the kitchen happily the tradition of preparation holiday sweets in the house, by the housewives, it still exists. Christmas is for Romanians a time full of religious significance but also an occasion for joy, when the family reunion takes place around the table loaded with selected dishes. Although on store shelves and in confectionery labs there is a variety of sweets with the theme of Christmas, as if nothing is tastier than a festive cake prepared at home.

The Christmas or New Year holiday will be special if you are preparing one festive cake which you can enjoy with your loved ones. Regardless of the skill you have in the kitchen, you will definitely be able to find a recipe for festive cake which you can prepare. a cake with cocoa top, filled with chocolate cream and berries it will also be to Santa's liking. The children will eat it breathlessly with a glass of warm milk and the parents will enjoy it with a glass of desert wine what makes it worthwhile the taste of the cake.

If you choose to prepare a cake with whipped cream, try to use greasy cream, instead of the similar vegetable preparation because the taste of the preparation will be special whipped cream obtained from fresh cream can be combined with Chocolate or fruits, the result being a delicious one. Cream and fruit cake is a desert to everyone's liking, light, suitable for a hearty meal like Christmas or New Year cream and fruit cake served with a glass of champagne it is delicious.

Red fruit and banana smoothie

The amounts we will use to prepare this liquid are for 2 people. It is a natural and very healthy liqueur, made from two delicious ingredients: red fruits and banana.

In the particular case of red fruits, as you certainly know, they are noted to be extremely rich in natural antioxidants. While the banana is surprising for its great power and its richness of potassium.

  • 350 grams of red fruit.
  • 250 grams of natural yogurt.
  • A banana
  • 2 tablespoons flower honey.
  • A few mint leaves to decorate.

Method of preparation:

  1. Reserve a few pieces of red fruit to decorate. We remove the skin from the banana and cut it into wheels.
  2. I put the red fruits, yogurt, bananas in the blender and everything beat well. Then add the honey and beat more.

We distribute the kitchen in individual glasses and present them decorated with some red fruits on top and some mint leaves.

What can I drink to refresh myself?

6 soft drinks to quench your thirst

1. Milk Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Experts recommend eating about 5 fruits and vegetables a day. It is not always easy to follow this advice, but during the summer the fresh juices that we can prepare with a blender or a juicer like the ones here are much more attractive.

I use two Philips blenders for this. One from the Avance collection that chops and grinds ice and with the help of which I prepare hail and all kinds of cocktails and a smaller one from the Viva collection, with the help of which I get delicious smoothies in just a few seconds. The one from the Viva collection I use almost daily, I like that it doesn't make too much noise and the glass cup is disassembled, cleaning perfectly and easily.

The properties of fruits and vegetables in these recipes are not lost and are a source of water, vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

The simplest and most delicious smoothie is the one with bananas, strawberries and coconut milk. Just 2 push of a button and we get a creamy, delicious and nutritious drink, and these recipes are the simplest.

2. Kiwi and watermelon a delicious, beautiful and cool smoothie

We are in full fruit season, and this smoothie is a health boost because it moisturizes and is very nutritious. Watermelon contains more water than any other fruit and Kiwi brings a good portion of vitamin C, so beneficial for the skin.

For 2 servings we will need:

  • 3 kiwis
  • 2 slices of melon (I freeze it before)
  • A few mint leaves for decoration

I pass the kiwi with the fork. It always seems to me that it comes out too fine in Philips blenders and I like to see the seeds. Instead, the frozen watermelon turns into a delicious foam.

This smoothie can be layered in glasses for a beautiful look and garnished with mint leaves.

3. Cream of berries

This smoothie is my favorite. Due to the beautiful color, the amazing taste and the final presentation, it is ideal when we want to impress our guests! A mixture of red fruits can be ideal for a snack or for pampering demanding guests.

For this recipe (4 servings) we will need:

  • 300 grams of pre-frozen blueberries
  • 100 grams of raspberries
  • 2 cups of milk
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 1 cup of almond milk

Put all the ingredients in the blender and mix until you get a fine texture.

Serve in tall glasses and garnish with fresh blueberries.

4. Cocktail

The combination of alcohol and fruit can turn into a delicious cocktail. Sangria, pina colada or mojito are just a few simple recipes in which you can add ice flakes for cool evenings and lots of good cheer.

Sangria it is obtained from dry red wine, lemon and orange juice, sugar or honey and a diced peach. If the wine is very alcoholic, add a cup of mineral water and 2 handfuls of ice. Sangria is an ideal drink to get rid of the heat. Consumed in moderation, it has multiple benefits such as additional nutritional value (vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin B) or the balance of the intestinal flora provided by the lactic acid bacteria present in wine.

On hot days I add crushed ice and turn it into hail of sangria& # 8230 a refreshing delight

5. Ice tea

The green tea I recently discovered is an addictive coffee alternative. In summer, cold tea becomes an ideal ally for extra hydration and has many properties given by antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

MATCH for example it is an excellent stimulant that will fill us with energy to survive the high temperatures that make us extremely tired.

You can add lemon and ginger slices, tangerines or oranges and of course mint leaves and ice. The ideal drink for a special summer!

Wine with soda, cola beer or lemonade from mineral water and generous citrus slices are other drinks that save us from the summer heat. Refreshments for scorching summer & # 8230

6. Iced coffee

Cafe frappe or cappuccino with whipped cream and ice cream are amazing after lunch. I usually make coffee cubes that I grind with the Avance blender and add 2 cups of vanilla ice cream on top. It seems to me an ideal combination, without many calories, which can be a spectacular dessert without sophisticated recipes.

This summer, don't give up on the ideal tasty drinks against the stifling heat, add ice flakes and cool down instantly!

If fruits can give rise to spectacular drinks in delicious and attractive colors, there are some combinations of vegetables, at least as delicious.

Gaspacho, a Mediterranean summer soup is one of these recipes. Ideal for providing energy, the necessary nutrients and a large amount of water to hydrate the body, cold tomato soup can be a lunch in itself, not just a soft drink.

Gaspacho Recipes & # 8211 2 servings
  • 4 ripe tomatoes
  • 2 peeled cucumbers
  • 1 small onion
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt
  • 1 clove garlic (optional, if you like spicy)

We start by washing the tomatoes and cucumbers, which we will peel, then cut the onion (and garlic) as small as possible and put all the ingredients in a blender. The Philips blender from the Avance collection is ideal for soups and cream soups of this kind. Add a teaspoon of salt and olive oil. We need to make sure that everything is well mixed and we get a homogeneous texture.

Optionally you can add a glass of cold water and a teaspoon of vinegar if it will be served as a drink.

Leave to cool in the fridge for about 2 hours and it will be ready to put on the table. If served cold soup can be decorated with croutons and extra virgin olive oil.

French fries recipes without oil

What would summer evenings be without a bunch of friends and a healthy portion of french fries. When my son brings his friends to play, I always make them fries. I invite you to read here some simple tricks and quick recipes for unforgettable evenings.

Philips Aifryer is my help when it comes to this task. This oil-free fryer helps you cook delicious and much healthier recipes, thanks to the hot air cooking technique. Unlike French fries, Philips Airfryer helps you prepare oil-free, 80% less fat-baked potatoes as opposed to traditional cooking methods. Thus, you will get healthy french fries, tender on the inside and with a crispy crust on the outside due to the hot air which is spread quickly and evenly during cooking and which ensures perfect cooking.

In addition, you do not spray oil, you do not have to turn them and you do not heat the kitchen.

You what other tricks and delicious recipes for a cool summer you know?

Popular, nutritious and easy to prepare

Today, smoothie is in the top of the most consumed liquors in America, being the favorite product of both celebrities and normal people. Why so much popularity? Because smoothie satisfies everyone's desires: it is nutritious, full of vitamins, full, easy to prepare even at home, it can have weight loss effects and, most importantly, it is very tasty! Smoothie recipes are extremely simple! All you have to do is buy the necessary ingredients, always fresh, and mix them well in a blender. Oh, and you must drink with a straw! It's more fun!