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Tort Alin

Tort Alin

Walnut cream: We start with it, in a saucepan we put the ground walnut milk and chocolate and we put them on the fire, we mix until the chocolate has melted, then we leave it to cool. Separate the egg whites with a pinch of salt, beat them hard, then add the brown sugar and continue beating until the sugar melts. Incorporate the egg whites into the well-chilled walnut cream.

Mascarpone cream: Mix the yolks with the powdered sugar until they double in volume, then add the mascarpone and mix well. Separately beat the whipped cream. Take half of the mascarpone cream and mix it with whipped cream.

Assembly: We take a plate, we put the ring from a cake form, then we place the biscuits soaked in ness with brandy and a little water. We don't soften them much, they have to be a little stronger so that we can place them on the edge of the ring. On the edge I entered 24 biscuits, the rest of 24 I divided it into 3, I placed a layer as a base, soaked the biscuits, then I placed the walnut cream, another layer of soaked biscuits over which I placed the cream mascarpone and the last layer of biscuits over which I put mascarpone cream mixed with whipped cream, I stopped to decorate. I scraped the chocolate on top and poured chocolate sauce over the biscuits ... I can say that it's good, that I kept licking the creams ..... I'll see the verdict tomorrow ....

What the Christmas table should look like. Recommendations from PrăjiturEla: & quotturta dulce is in great demand & quot

I really like to think and photograph what I think. At the beginning, I was driving my friends crazy with the newly discovered recipes. At their suggestion, I made an online journal, a book of souls that can be shared with stories, stories, discoveries, experiences, and experiences. 539e.

The moment of finding the name is a bit funny: my friends came to dinner with me and I chose this name with my husband. It was a very effervescent evening, with a lot of jokes about my habits, my flaws and my strengths. It was important for the name to be Romanian, nice, and to end with "Ella", because my friends tell me. After many strokes, PrajiturEla was the one I thought was the most appropriate. I still like it and I won't change it.

You were a semifinalist on Bake Off, the PRO TV show! What did you have to learn from this experience?

It was an extraordinary experience, beautiful, but very difficult. I know that in order to achieve something you have to work hard, I know what it means to live on television and to work hard. Behind the cameras, I am aware that I can push my limits.

What should the Christmas table look like? What to do with it?

In the first place, when you eat Christmas, you have to have your loved ones with you. C & acircnd & icircns & # 259 veena de osp & # 259 & # 539 & hellip sunt n & # 259scut & # 259 & # 537i crescut & # 259 & icircntr un familia rom & acircneasc & # 259, bun & # 259t & # 259 & # 539ile que nu ne absent de pe mas & # 259 # 259rb & # 259tori are the pork dishes, sarmale & # 537i Chinejoaic cake & # 259 made by my mother. In recent years, our Christmas table has been more and more good and made by me.

My mother will make the traditional dishes, I will take care of special desserts and maybe some salads. This year on the list we have sweet cake and my famous tart with condensed milk and lime.

What recommendations do you have for these winter holidays and what is a cooking recipe now, at the end of the year?

Mandatory sweet cake made with decorated and decorated with the family's juniors. For Christmas, a pork steak with a different kind of garnish: mashed sweet potatoes or peas, sweet hot peppers and endive salad.

On New Year's Eve, a platter of fruit cheeses, but also a dessert based on sparkling jelly or apple juice. Of course, don't forget about the dishes made for family members who have different food intolerances.

If we have New Year's Eve guests, what should be in the menu and the table we prepare?

Last year I was invited to the New Year's Eve dinner. I prepared them as an entree for a salad of spreads with spreadable cheese and raspberries, a pork steak with 3 garnishes and a chocolate cake.

C & # 259 dessert, with what & ldquodelect & rdquo & icircn this & # 259 period & # 259?

During this period we tend to make more desserts. My recommendation is either a cream tart or a chocolate cake.

What are your coolest recipes? What exactly comes out best and what doesn't?

The strongest, that is, my most beloved recipes, are 2 extremely simple recipes: baked potatoes with crusty crust and condensed milk tart that I talked about above. . Best of all, the steaks & desserts. I know that they have nothing to do with it, I think that here I can do my best to balance my tastes.

What did you never know and why?

Uff, this is a difficult question because it leads me to think of the Asian peoples who eat animals that we do not conceive of eating.

7 divine confectioneries in Bucharest (plus diet tips)

I don't know what the pandemic was like for others, but for me over the winter at least it meant A LOT OF FOOD, of all kinds. When Christmas came, I no longer wanted any cozonac, no beef salad, no wire, nothing, because I had eaten them all industrially in the months before.

It seems that the situation will be repeated at Easter, so if you want to follow my example, here are some places where you can buy good things for DIVINE, without which your life is certainly poorer, although you do not know that. I'm only going to tell you about sweets today, because it's a shame to mix things up. Anyway, don't forget, we all know, sugar makes you fat, right? Let's be moderate and healthy, so that we can meet for over 20 years in front of the bakery, after croissants and others.

1. The best panettone in Bucharest, Romania, possibly in the world, is the one from Grain Trip. They struggled a bit to do it, but the people there are passionate about recipes and trials and ended them in a truly spectacular way. Know that it is not very sweet. Also at Grain Trip you will find something called onion soup bread, plus baguette, which is, in my opinion, the best at the moment in Bucharest, but you can try, you don't have to take my word for it.

2. In a personal top of the cozonacs in the city, the cozonac made by Alex Andronic came in spectacularly last winter. Alex Andronic is a boy you can find on Facebook, who makes spectacular cakes and pies (which I didn't eat, fortunately, and I always refrain from ordering). He went to cooking school in Denmark, he wanted to open a restaurant in Romania, he opened it, it didn't work, in the end. Now she's making cakes. And I really have expertise in cakes, I tried all the hits on the market, some came close to my grandmother's cake / thousands (STANDARD), others not so much, Alex Andronic's is there. It has the right nut, it doesn't have shit (I don't understand the shit cake, what is the meaning).

Add to the list the cake from Mara Mura, the cake from Bread & Spices and the one from Rue du Pain.

3. Savarinele from Freedom, if you don't know them, well you should. We are in the city, but it would be nice to welcome them and hope that they are here to stay. And the place is beautiful and airy and with prosecco, it's worth a visit

And since Masterchef has never been your favorite show, the best idea is the one with the macaroni and cheese.

4. Macarons, if you will, certainly no one has surpassed Chocolat yet (where, if we go out of sweets you can eat among the best french fries in the city, maybe the best steak tartare and some wonderful shrimp). Portokalopita from Mara Mura and also from there choux with raspberries.

5. For cherry candies (yes, from those in foil, how they are made) you have to go to Staple. They have all the cakes of our childhood, plus chocolate offerings, plus croissants, if you want croissants, and, in addition, they have good cream, as it is made, not tube cream (tube cream is something so bad that it should be banned , it really saddens me that some people eat and appreciate something like that) (ps- and mini cheese pies from Capșa)

6. For cream cakes, I hope you know you have to go to Vanilla (another one was opened, in the Aviației neighborhood, dangerously located next to the Maria and Bread & amp Spices confectionery)

7. Last but not least, of course, (and the culmination is that I was looking) e Bezea cake. Without which there would be no more children's parties in my area, the simple, quick and good solution. Addition. Ffff important, you can send surprise meringue cake or gift without emotions, I sent enough and they all arrived at the right time.

I would also mention for the whole activity, so to speak, for longevity (in my life) and for the top of mind when nothing special comes to mind, but you would eat something good and sweet, Prăvălescu (well, I rather go there for others, but also for cake, donuts and a cake with some chocolate-buttery cream as in the past) and that confectionery on Dorobanti, next to Ana, which is also called Corobanti, I don't know how much (I really don't know how much) and Maria confectionery from Aviation (they have all the mini stuff on the planet, plus a lemonade with lemonade taste)

I also have some shortcomings, I don't know where to get an apple pie as it lives in my imagination, with crispy leaf and creamy-flavored apple, as well as the pie with sweet cheese and raisins, there are some good ones, but disappear quickly.

I know you want to thank me for this article. WITH PLEASURE!

Note When it comes to Bucharest, Maria is encyclopedic. I mean encyclopedic. We have the feeling that she knows not only where in the city you can always find the best, but we suspect that she knows the names and the seagulls from Bucharest, plus their consumption habits, fashion, anything. On top of that, we love how he writes and how he writes. It & # 8217s a match, practical. Enjoy the city and life:

Storm cake

1. Prepare the first top: beat 6 egg whites with a pinch of salt, then add 8 tablespoons of sugar. Mix well, then add the ground walnuts, 6 tablespoons of flour and cocoa powder. Wallpaper a tray with baking paper, pour the composition and put in the oven.

2. Meanwhile, prepare the second countertop. Whisk 6 egg whites, then add 8 tablespoons of sugar, juice and 6 tablespoons of flour mixed with cocoa. At the end, add the yolks and pour into a tray lined with baking paper. Bake for about 25 minutes.

3. Prepare the cream: put 400 ml of milk to boil. Separately, mix the pudding with the remaining egg yolks and 100 ml of milk. Put it to boil, over the milk, with the two types of sugar, after which it is left to cool.

4. Beat the margarine foam, then incorporate the pudding cream. Add the ground walnuts and mix well.

5. On a plate, place the cocoa top that is greased with half the amount of cream. Place the walnut top over the cream and grease it with the other half of the cream. Sprinkle the coconut cake with the storm and leave it to soften until the next day.

Recipe sent by Elisabeta Gligor.

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Tips to strengthen the muscles of the lower back

In many cases, the cause of low back pain is due to lack of muscles in the lower back and little physical activity in the area.

For this reason, it is necessary to strengthen or strengthen the muscles of the area to avoid suffering from lombago.

Muscle strengthening exercises in that area are exercises that will help us strengthen both the back muscles and the abdominal muscles.

  • Classic abs (15 times).
  • Go up and down the stairs.
  • Lying on your back, lift both legs at the same time (15 times).
  • Lying on your back, we take both legs and try to bring your knees to your chest (15 times).
  • Belly movements: hide the belly inside while holding it for a few seconds, then gradually release the belly (5 times).

Grandparents' secret recipe: DIPLOMA CAKE

It was and will remain an elitist dessert that you either like and love or don't like, and you never refuse to taste it again. There were times when weddings ended with the Perinița dance and a delicious slice of diplomat cake. The recipe circulated among Romanians from hand to hand, but few acknowledged that the final product was a 100% success. Because DIPLOMA CAKE requires a certain kind of cream that was not at discretion, as is the case today. Here is the secret recipe of the grandparents: DIPLOMA CAKE


  • 4 eggs
  • 40 g gelatin
  • 1 can of pineapple compote
  • 1 kg of cream
  • 200 g sugar
  • 150 g very thin biscuits
  • butter for greased tray

Method of preparation:

  1. Put the gelatin soaked in lukewarm water.
  2. Take the juice from the pineapple compote and put it on the fire with gelatin until it dissolves.
  3. Let it cool, then add 4 egg yolks.
  4. Beat the egg whites with the sugar and incorporate them into the gelatin composition.
  5. Add 1/2 kg of cream and diced pineapple.
  6. Grease a saucepan with a little butter and pour the composition.
  7. Put the biscuits on the edge of the pan and let it cool.
  8. After 5-6 hours, take the cake out on a tray and garnish with the remaining cream.

Believe it or not, you can finish a meal with a fasting cake!

Try at home the best diplomat cake recipe with which you will impress at any anniversary or special occasion!

Pina-Colada cake with coconut cream

Alina is my dear sister-in-law. Cipi's sister - my beloved husband. and as yesterday was her birthday, I made a surprise for her and prepared her a mini-buffet and this delicious cake: Pina-Colada, an exotic cake like her

Here is the picture from the magazine:
[attachmentid = 91379]

And so it turned out for me:
[attachmentid = 91380]

Thumbnails attached

# 2 sava laura

- 3 eggs
- 100 g.old
- 2 sachets of vanilla sugar
- 1 pinch of salt
- 2 tablespoons rum (I put white rum)
- 75 g.faina
- 50 g of starch
- 1 teaspoon with baking powder

For the filling:
- 10 g.gelatin
- 1 canned pineapple (850g.). I used 2 cans of approx.500g. every
- 200 ml. coconut liqueur
- 250 ml.frisca

- approx. 150g. coconut pulp
- 250 ml.frisca
- 1 tablespoon sugar
- candied cherries
- powdered sugar

Separate eggs. Beat the yolks with 2 tablespoons of hot water:
[attachmentid = 91384]
Add 70g. sugar, vanilla sugar, salt and then rum:
[attachmentid = 91385]
Beat the egg whites with the remaining sugar:
[attachmentid = 91386]
Sift flour mixed with starch and baking powder on top:
[attachmentid = 91387]
[attachmentid = 91388]
And then mix with the yolks:
[attachmentid = 91389]
The following composition results:
[attachmentid = 91390]
The oven is heated to 175 degrees C. Grease the bottom of a cake tin (diameter 26cm) and line with baking paper. Insert the dough and level:
[attachmentid = 91391]
Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes and leave to cool:
[attachmentid = 91392]

Thumbnails attached

# 3 sava laura

Ingredient & quot; filling & quot:
[attachmentid = 91393]

Soften the gelatin:
[attachmentid = 91395]
Let the pineapple drain and keep the juice. It can be seen in the guard that I also prepared my liqueur:
[attachmentid = 91397]
Then mix 200 ml. pineapple with 150 ml. coconut liqueur:
[attachmentid = 91399]
Dissolve the gelatin and incorporate it into a thin thread in the liquid:
[attachmentid = 91401]
It's getting cold.
The top is cut on two levels, so that the top layer is narrower than the bottom:
[attachmentid = 91402]
The top is syruped with the rest of the remaining liqueur:
[attachmentid = 91403]
Whip the cream:
[attachmentid = 91404]
. and is incorporated into the mixture of juice and liqueur, when it begins to harden. that is, to look something like this:
[attachmentid = 91405]
Refrigerate the cream for 15 minutes:
[attachmentid = 91406]

Thumbnails attached

# 4 sava laura

On the lower countertop:
[attachmentid = 91409]
. two-thirds of the amount of cream is placed in the shape of a dome. I, due to lack of time, that is because the cream did not harden enough to place it in the shape of a dome above the countertop, I changed the process a bit: I placed the thin countertop and syrup in a bowl, I added the cream and the pineapple, as in the recipe and I covered with the other countertop, thicker, as you can see below:
[attachmentid = 91416]
And place half of the pineapple slices on top:
[attachmentid = 91420]
Cover with the rest of the cream:
[attachmentid = 91421]
Then, place the second dough top on top:
[attachmentid = 91422]
And put the cake in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

Finishing ingredient:
[attachmentid = 91423]

This is what the dome taken out of the fridge looks like:
[attachmentid = 91424]
Coconut pulp is grated. Beat the whipped cream with sugar and grease the cake:
[attachmentid = 91425]
Place the rest of the pineapple on top and decorate with candied cherries:
[attachmentid = 91426]
. with coconut strips, grated and powdered sugar:
[attachmentid = 91427]

Thumbnails attached

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# 5 sava laura

And, let me show you the section:
[attachmentid = 91429]

It was delicious, delicious, delicious & # 33 & # 33 & # 33

Thumbnails attached

# 6 Maya

The bee, the bees in the flower island..this is so bad..when I come to you, do this to me, and please don't invite anyone anymore, and send them all home

# 7 s_tana

# 8 andreea fr

# 9 adi69

I like it, I like it.
Io & # 39s dead after pina-colada (drink) and if that also looks like taste..already salivating..and I'm thinking of inventing an opportunity to do it ..

# 10 Maya

I like it, I like it.
Io & # 39s dead after pina-colada (drink) and if that also looks like taste..already salivating..and I'm thinking of inventing an opportunity to do it ..

# 11 petunia

I wanted to write since I saw only the final picture, from the beginning, but I still gave up, so as not to pull my ears, admin.

This cake is special for my taste. I will do this to my family in Romania, for Easter, to turn my back on them

Laura, that's how I wish I was a little luckier, too, and had a sister-in-law like you.

Bravo & # 33It looks great, and I take your word for it when you say it's delicious, I like everything with coconut, and if it's pineapple, it's great

# 12 Chipotle

Laura. a wonder you have there. From the first picture we waited for the rest, and while you were posting I was copying the recipe.

Great, especially as one of my favorite drinks is Pina Colada. I have to do it, but in the 1 person version because my husband doesn't touch the cock.

You came out gorgeous and I'm sure Alina was fffff delighted.

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# 13 sava laura

Girls, you are nice and thank you very much for the beautiful words & # 33 & # 33 & # 33

MAYA, you are total & # 33 & # 33 & # 33. I thought you'd like this cake because it's exotic, the way you like it
If you come to us, I do something for you every day, just to come
Mmmm, what great ideas for drinks you gave us & # 33 & # 33 & # 33

Miha, I'm glad you like & # 33. So big the butterfly grew up. which is getting more and more expensive with each new avatar

Andreea, don't you like coconut liqueur or do you not drink alcohol at all? & # 33 I think you could replace the liqueur with milk drained from a coconut and natural pineapple juice, or compote. this to remain, however, a Pina-Colada cake, but non-alcoholic
I kiss you and I'm glad to & quotte see & quot, that I haven't & quoted & quot & quoted you for a long time

Adi, I'm dead after Pina-Colada too, that's why I made it & # 33 I had it ready for a long time, in my magic box with the best recipes. and now it's his turn & # 33
Come on, if I tell you this, you're sure to do it: the whole cake is a delicious pina-colada bomb & # 33 & # 33 & # 33
Thank you and kiss you

Petunik, are you expensive & # 33 Do you really want to make it your Easter? & # 33 I have emotions. I hope you like it & # 33
. I see you like it very much & # 33

Chipotle, Alina was more than happy, you're right. I managed to make a nice surprise for her & # 33
I'm glad you stayed until the end of the post. that it lasted again, an eternity. with Bogdi by my side
I kiss you, thank you for your appreciation and I can't wait to do it & # 33 & # 33 & # 33

Miele is the host of the most delicious cooking classes

The world full of flavors and aromas of gastronomy opens its doors to enthusiasts through the cooking classes hosted by Miele. Every week, the showroom of the world's largest manufacturer of premium home appliances is transformed into a classroom, "teachers" being Adi Hădean, Alin Chivu or Albertina & Florence.

Chef Adrian Hădean

Born in an area known for its aromatic and spicy dishes, Adi Hădean will take his "students" through all areas of the kitchen. If the first students discovered the secrets behind a perfect preparation of red meat, in November Adi will show them 5 techniques for preparing fish and seafood.

But because a gourmet menu must be associated with a suitable glass of wine, in the penultimate week of November, on November 22, chef Hădean and the famous sommelier Eduardo Garcia del Amo team up for the "food and wine pairing" course. Students will learn how to harmoniously combine essential dishes with the main types of wines, the reasons why they go well together and just as importantly, the times when it is appropriate to combine them.

On the occasion of family reunion, the Christmas meal is, for many Romanians, the most important element of the winter holidays. And those who want to turn it into a culinary festival will learn how to do it at the last course of the year, on December 13th. Chef Hădean will share his own secrets about choosing the ingredients, combining them successfully, as well as sitting on the table for a delicious visual effect.

A good dessert can turn an ordinary meal into an unforgettable memory. This aspect will be taken care of by Alin Chivu, a graduate of the most famous confectionery school in France, Lenotre. During the 3 courses he will hold in the Miele showroom, Alin will walk his students through the delicious world of French cakes, with as many delicious recipes.

Thus, on October 31, eclaire is the star of the evening, students will learn how to prepare the famous dessert dough, ecla cream, either vanilla, chocolate or coffee, as well as fondant that decorates and completes the unmistakable taste. In addition, they will prepare Religieuse, a cake similar to eclair, but which "dresses" other presentation clothes.

On November 21, the thousands of sheets that appear to make up Millefeuilles will be removed from the Miele ovens. The perfectly made butter puff pastry will look, after cutting, like the sheets of a book, says the confectioner Alin Chivu, and the methods by which this delicious result is reached are the subject of the course at the end of the month.

As the dessert cannot be missed on the Christmas table, the course on December 19 is dedicated to Pain D’Epices, a cake-like dish. Rich in milk, honey and seasoned with cinnamon, star anise and nutmeg, this dessert dresses the whole house in an irresistible aroma, which will be discovered by all students.

Albertina & Florence

The team of a TV star and a confectioner with over 20 years of experience can only be successful. And from this collaboration were born the courses that will take the students through all the stages of preparing perfect cakes.

Towards the end of October, work is underway to initiate the ingredients of a delicious countertop into the basic secrets. Then we go to work, ie to prepare the chocolate and walnut tops, but also the cherry sponge cake.

In the first part of November it is the turn of the creams, because the pastry could not exist without them. Fine, chocolate or tasty lemon, patisserie creams are the subject of this course that lasts at least 3 hours.

Just a few days before the National Day, the Miele ovens are put back to work. Then, students discover three delicious cookie recipes. Thus, pallets with raisins, almonds and homemade biscuits will come out of the steaming trays.

Traditionally, December is dedicated to the Winter Holidays. As a result, the course near St. Nicholas will dress the Miele showroom in the flavors of the traditional homemade cake, as well as gingerbread. And finally, near Christmas, the diplomat cake is the subject of the evening. Albertina and Florence will show students how to prepare this dessert, but also techniques for a fairytale setting, whether it's a chocolate cake, cream, naked or even flowing chocolate.

More details about cooking classes, as well as information about dates and prices, can be found on the Miele page.

About Miele

Miele is the world's largest manufacturer of premium home appliances, such as cooking, baking and steaming appliances, refrigerators, coffee makers, dishwashers and clothing and floor care products. To this product line are added dishwashers, washing machines and dryers for commercial use, as well as equipment for washing-disinfecting and sterilizing instruments intended for use in medical and laboratory activities (Miele Professional).

Miele Company, founded in 1899, has eight production subsidiaries in Germany and one subsidiary in each of the following countries: Austria, the Czech Republic, China and Romania. The company's turnover in 2017/18 increased to about 4.1 billion euros, with 70% sales outside Germany. Miele is represented by its own subsidiaries and importers in almost 100 countries. The Miele company is owned by the fourth generation of the founding family, has a workforce of approximately 20,100 people, with 11,200 employees in Germany. The company is headquartered in Gütersloh / Westphalia, Germany.

Sweet ideas for the New Year's menu

The crowning of a festive meal must be a festive dessert, here we will all agree, whether we prefer chocolate cakes, walnut cakes, cream or fruit cakes or only ice cream. So, I chose for you and gathered in a selection of recipes some desserts that I considered worthy of the end of the New Year's table. Whether the chosen New Year's menu was traditional, classic or avant-garde, I hope many of you will find the right dessert in my suggestions. There are recipes for cakes and cakes with various creams and fillings: cream cakes, rolls with walnuts or fruits, cakes with chocolate or caramelized nuts, syrup cakes or more crunchy cakes, even a diplomat cake decorated for Easter, but giving up the rabbit, obviously, you can adapt it to any occasion. Of the desserts, some are easier to make, others more pretentious. However, all the proposed recipes are extremely tasty, worthy of being included in even the most demanding New Year's menu and adding a single ingredient, namely care for the preparation, I am sure they will succeed even better than me.

So these were my ideas for the New Year's Eve 2013 menu: appetizers, fish, main course and dessert recipes above. I wish you a rich meal, I wish you to delight your family and guests with the prepared dishes and to collect only compliments, because I know how well I do the chef's pride: P, I wish you first of all health, inspiration in whatever you undertake, a lot of energy and creative power. I especially wish you all your dreams come true, even the most daring. Happy birthday!

Homemade charlotte cake

:))) And when it's not good, I'll say "not at all, very rarely"

Interesting and healthy recipe, without e-mails. It must be noted and tried.

I don't know if he didn't even slip any E in the recipe, but overall it's a healthy recipe, & quotde casa & quot.

It looks super good, I like the last layer the most, it gives a super look to my eyes.

It would have been even better if I had managed to get rid of the little cocoa lumps: D

eheee. somewhat tempered this enthusiasm of yours: not only sarlota, but toort de sarlotaaaaa. with three exclamation marks :)))

It's also bestial in appearance. Seriously.

:)) I believe you, especially since it's your pioneering word: P Maybe you can try it now, the sarlota recipe is one of the simplest recipes, especially if you don't bother to "transform" it into a cake.

Ever since we searched for a homemade sarlota recipe. SUPER! SUPER! SUPER!
0 to try it on the weekend. And the pretzels. Yes pizza! And pea cream soup!
Thanks !

You have a long list of recipes, if they are all scheduled now, then I have a feeling that you will have a very busy weekend. I love cooking, you will need it :)

I worked at the pretzels because my caps jumped. But they are excellent! The second time I make someone else do it. :))) I supervise. And cream soup. hmmmmmmmm - sarlota - ioooooi they all fainted. At the table you could only hear --hmmm. ihiiii. ioooi how good ii. hmmmmm- there wasn't much talk yesterday. Asa ca WHO'S YOUR MAMA IN BRASOV . AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

:))))))) Ama, am inteles cum sta treaba in Brasov. da` atunci who`s your daddy in Constanta? : P

loooool ! Pai de la cine vine inspiratia ? Asa ca YOU!!
Vine weekendul, deci I/M BACK ! in the kitchen !

Robert , mai am un pic si dau tortul la rece , yupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .
Sa stii c-am facut sarlota pe baie marina , sa nu se lipeasca (pfffffffff , m-au luat toate caldurile:)) ), iar in compozitia cu cacao nu voi pune rom deoarece sotul meu spune ca dulciurile cu es de rom , miros a coliva :d abia astept sa-l savurez .
PS Intre timp am facut o praji cu fructe si c-un ,,blat" de sarlota . mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm , deliciu , iti tr poze pe mail , sa stii .
Ms de retete !

Nu m-am gandit niciodata sa asociez coliva cu romul :)) Ca sa nu-ti nemultumesti sotul, puteai pune esenta de migdale in sarlota cu cacao.
Astept pozele prajiturii )

Multumesc pentru aceasta reteta delicioasa! Am incercat-o si a iesit nemaipomenit de buna. De cand am descoperit acest site l-am laudat peste tot, deoarece sunt retete ft simple, ieftine si bune. Am facut si cateva poze la tortuletul meu dar nu stiu sa le postez, probabil nu se poate. Mult succes in continuare si astept retete noi, oricum o sa incerc multe din cele pana acum pt ca sunt o tanara(de aproape 18 ani), doritoare sa invete experimentand.

Multi inainte, Carmen! Nici nu mai merit multumirile astea din moment ce mi-ai laudat peste tot site-ul :) Deocamdata lucrez la o sectiune in care cititorii sa poata adauga propriile retete, insa am cam neglijat-o din cauza verii, a plajei. Ai putea posta here pozele tortului.

Gata! Am postat doua poze(scz pt aspectul platoului, dar am lasat folia sub tort si deasta nu era ft curat. Mult succes in continuare!

Nu e nicio problema, si eu am lasat celofanul ala sub tort, doar ca l-am mascat mai bine :) Insa nu suficient cat sa nu se vada putin in ultima imagine a retetei. Pozele tortului tau au aparut pe site, daca explicatiile mele nu sunt suficiente, ma poti completa oricand )

nu este destul de explicit cantitativ

Comentariul tau apare ca fiind un raspuns la comentariul lasat de Carmen. Iar acolo este vorba despre cu totul altceva, deci ar trebui sa specifici ce anume nu este destul de explicit cantitativ. Te referi la tortul meu de sarlota sau la numarul de piscoturi pe care le-a folosit Carmen.


Faina si cacaoua se amesteca inainte f bine cu putin zahar,zaharul o separa si nu se mai formeaza cocoloasele.

Iti multumesc pentru pont, Emilia! Voi incerca data viitoare.

o intrebare! eu din greseala am batut albusurile cu tot cu ma uit de jumatate de ora si inca nu s-a intarit sarlota de vanilie. sa refac tortu sau sa mai am putina rabdare? poate se intareste..albusurile nu au iesit bezea ci o spuma!:(

Anya, tinand cont ca ai folosit gelatina, pana la urma cred ca ti s-a intarit sarlota de vanilie. Singurul impediment ar trebui sa fie faptul ca sarlota nu va fi atat de "pufoasa" cum ar trebui, ci va iesi mai compacta.

mie imi place cum arata asa, in 3 culori!

:) Mersi pentru sustinere! Ar fi bine daca toata lumea ar fi atat de indulgenta cu mine.

pai m-am indragostit (platonic) de tine de la sarmalele alea in foi de vitza :D, anul trecut.

:D Stiam eu ca sarmalele alea ma fac irezistibil :))

Arata tare, tare bine! Sigur sarlota e delicioasa. Mie imi place tare mult. Felicitari pt tot ceea ce faci! Ai f multe retete pe placul meu!

Am notat reteta o sa o incerc. Legat de cocoloasele de cacao, trebuia cernuta cacaoa inainte. Spor la bucatarit.

Multumesc la fel! Si-ti multumesc pentru pont!

Acum ca fac bombele de biscuiti si cocos, vi cu alta reteta. am timp de iar imi ploua in gura. La reteta de bombe am adaugat coaja de portocala rasa, imi place mult in combinatie cu romul. Uffff pe asta cand o fac? Intre ca am lasat tigarile si fac retetela tale cumulez cam multe kg . In fine, felicitari barbate, sa-ti traiasca familia si sa ne mai dai retete

Merci, merci. :) La cat te chinuiesc cu pofta pe care ti-o fac, poate n-as merita felicitarile astea. Tortul de sarlota, este o reteta la fel de simplu si usor de preparat ca si cea a bombelor de biscuiti. Si se mananca foarte repede, deci sunt motive intemeiate pentru a le pune la o zi distanta :) Priveste si tu partea plina a paharului: tortul e mai putin nociv decat tutunul :D

Intrebare/i: cat timp trebuie sa stea primul strat la frigider? poate sta si in congelator vreo 30 min? afecteaza cu ceva?

Adina, nu trebuie sa-ti faci probleme ca vei astepta prea mult, primul strat de sarlota al tortului se va intari destul de repede (adica nu va dura ore). Nu-ti pot spune exact cat timp va trebui sa stea in frigider deoarece acest lucru variaza in functie de temperatura la care ne tinem setat frigiderul. Gelatina isi va face repede treaba si se va intari probabil in 15-20min, in aceasta etapa a retetei trebuie doar sa poata sustine greutatea celuilalt strat al tortului. N-ar fi deloc o miscare inspirata sa folosesti congelatorul :)

Am inteles atunci. inseamna ca oaspetii mei vor savura un super tort. Vreau sa fac reteta de ziua mea (saptamana viitoare), nu de alta, dar de tortul tau de mere (personalizat de mine cu extrem de multe nuci :) ) cred ca s-au cam saturat. Bihorenii ar fi in stare sa puna smantana si nuci in orice, dar eu ca o constanteanca get-beget le-am aratat ca se poate si altfel.. iar torul asta sunt sigura ca va face senzatie. iti trimit poze :)

Bine, asta nu inseamna ca noua, constantenilor, nu ne-ar placea un tort cu smantana si nuca :) Tortul de mere merge foarte bine acoperit cu o frisca facuta acasa, din smantana naturala. Cred ca ar fi bine sa-ti zic de pe acum "La Multi Ani", poate uit pana saptamana viitoare. Si sper sa fi intuit bine, adica tortul de sarlota sa faca senzatie )

Pot sa cer un favore? Un mic pupic sa iti dau . BRAVOOOO pentru tot ceea ce fac . Esti un adevarat barbat. Cunosc cateva persoane de gen masculin care sunt exceptionale in bucatarie si in societate, bravooo si iarasi un pupic.

:) Ninetta, fiind prima care-mi cere o astfel de favoare, nu pot sa refuz un mic pupic. Nu te-as putea dezamagi, doar un barbat adevarat nu se teme de un pic de afectiune :D

desii se numeste bartat la cratita vad ca mai mult cu femeii discuti aici :) !!
Azi fiind Sf. Constantin si Elena , Sotia Elena care este la munca m-am gandit sa ii fac o surpriza , sper sa imi iasa tortu asta . Din pacate nu am forma , aveti vreo idee in ce as putea sa pun ?

Daca n-as avea forma de tort, cred ca eu l-as pune intr-o cratita. Ideea este ca mai apoi trebuie sa-l si putem scoate intreg de acolo :)
Asa este, discut mai mult cu femeile (statisticile imi spun ca doar un sfert dintre cititorii blogului sunt barbati). Ce sa fac, daca acestia nu sunt foarte atrasi de gatit. : D
Spor la treaba si La Multi Ani sotiei! Sper sa-i placa tortul de sarlota.

Acu incep si Maine rasunsul :-)

Sunt foarte trista, draga Robert. Am gatit multe din retetele tale, acum doua saptamani am facut gulas ( a iesit senzational), am facut acum o saptamana pui cu vinete ( foarte bun mancat rece ), multe retete am facut, nici nu mai stiu cate, dar sambata ma-mpinse pacatul sa incerc acest tort. Eram singura acasa, sotul urma sa vina acasa ieri dintr-o delegatie, aveam chef sa fac ceva dulce fara cuptor, pe caldurile astea fac lucruri care se gatesc rapid. Am imbunatatit reteta ta dupa cum m-a taiat capul, adica dupa ce am scos din frigider compozitia de vanilie, am pus niste visine din visinata peste ea( fara samburi, scurse bine), dupa care am turnat compozitia cu cacao, peste care am ras ciocolata amaruie din belsug avand grija sa patrunda usor in compozitie. Am lasat-o peste noapte in frigider iar ieri l-am servit pe sotul meu. A mancat jumatate de tort, a iesit ceva atat de bun cum nu mi-am imaginat. Atat de bun si spectaculos estetic cat si la gust incat nu ma crede nimeni ca l-am facut eu. Au mai trecut si niste prieteni pe la noi care au terminat tot tortul. Toti ma intrebau de la ce cofetarie de lux l-am luat, am incercat sa-i conving in toate felurile ca e facut de mine. Nothing. Sunt catalogata drept o mincinoasa. De-asta sunt trista, asteptam si eu sa fiu laudata, apreciata. De unde. Colac peste pupaza si astazi prietena mea m-a sunat sa ma roage insistent sa las glumele deoparte si sa-i spun de unde am cumparat tortul. I-am dat adresa blogului tau si am terminat povestea. Este o reteta atat de usor de facut si atat de buna incat numai belele mi-a adus.

Haha, in cazul de fata pot sta linistit: ti-ai facut-o cu mana ta! :P Eu am facut tortul de sarlota atat de simplu, incat unora probabil nici macar nu le pare atractiv (macar daca as fi inclus in reteta cateva sugestii pentru decor).
Inteleg prea bine prin ce treci, uneori ma mira pana si pe mine simplitatea cu care se prepara majoritatea retetelor (bine, nici eu nu ma prea apropii de cele complicate, n-am chef sa stau toata ziua in bucatarie). Iar daca ai putina imaginatie si rabdare, atunci poti obtine ceva spectaculos, asa cum ai obtinut tu acum) - iar pentru asta ai toata aprecierea mea.
Era sa uit sa-ti multumesc pentru idei, ar trebui sa le pun si eu in aplicare atunci cand voi prepara tortul de sarlota.

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