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Mushroom soup with pork tenderloin

Mushroom soup with pork tenderloin

The tastiest soup, and it was the first time I did it. You can also find the recipe here -

  • 2 jars of mushrooms of 280 gr
  • 300-400 g pork tenderloin
  • 2 onions
  • 1 carrot
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • 50 ml of oil
  • salt

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Mushroom soup with pork tenderloin:

First we heat the oil. Cut the onion into small cubes and put it to harden together with the mushrooms well drained of juice.

Leave for 5-6 minutes, then add half the amount of finely chopped larch, grated carrot and garlic through a small grater and let it cook for another 10 minutes.

Add 2 cups of water and let it boil. Separately, slice the pork tenderloin and fry it in hot oil. When it is ready, fried, cut it into smaller pieces and put it in the soup.

If necessary, you can add more water. When the soup is ready and the mushrooms are cooked, add the rest of the larch and we can put out the fire.

Good appetite!

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You can replace pork tenderloin with chicken.

How to prepare Pork tenderloin braided with homemade sausages, old, simple recipe

  1. We cut the muscle into three equal strands, lengthwise. We don't cut the end, we leave it caught, to start weaving from there.
  2. Season the meat: salt with four fingers, a pinch of thyme, freshly ground pepper with 2-3 fingers, rosemary, which we crumble a little.
  3. We cut the sausage a little longer than the piece of muscle, we have to get three pieces of sausage.
  4. Place a piece of sausage on each strip of pork and braid carefully.
  5. We catch the ends of the sausages with toothpicks, so that everything stays as well as possible and caught.
  6. Place the braid in the pan, sprinkle with oil, place the garlic slices between the meat and sausages. Garlic is optional, but will give it a special flavor.
  7. Put it in the oven at a temperature of 220 degrees Celsius, for 40-50 minutes, until everything is ready.

Stir-fried pork in the oven

How is it served?

When it's ready, nicely browned and we drove the neighbors, the family and all the dogs and cats in the neighborhood crazy with such smells, we take the brownness out of the oven and let it calm down for 10 minutes. That is, to breathe, that is, before we rush with forks and lustful knives and do everything.

We also prepare a gasket , a salad or some pickles and something fresh homemade bread . I rode on and I told him the story like that. As there is no room for laziness or caroling, the appetite is too great!

Try the recipe too, then we'll talk & # 128578

And I leave you the video recipe, you know I'm a good girl & # 128578

The housewives tried the recipe and sent us the pictures:

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ana sauber 4 years ago - 30 September 2013 22:24

Re: Pork tenderloin in tomato and mushroom sauce

Ioana, you have exceptional recipes. Congratulations

Ruxandra 4 years ago - 2 October 2013 18:21

Re: Pork tenderloin in tomato and mushroom sauce

The recipe sounds great! I plan to try it tonight. I have a little confusion: add 150 ml of chicken soup and 150 ml of water (I ask because I saw that the water is not passed to the ingredients). I was planning to replace the chicken soup with water. Should I put 300 ml of water?

Ioana 4 years ago - October 3, 2013 09:05

Re: Pork tenderloin in tomato and mushroom sauce

Tania 4 years ago - November 8, 2013 20:12

Re: Pork tenderloin in tomato and mushroom sauce

I have made this recipe several times already. I really liked the polenta and it is very tasty, I recommend it with pleasure. I put the bigger piece of muscle (after the family) and finish it in the oven. I don't think there's a big difference. It's on the to-do list

Adin Manea 4 years ago - November 9, 2013 11:24

Re: Pork tenderloin in tomato and mushroom sauce

It's the first time I've heard of such a thing. I'll try as soon as possible.

maria 4 years ago - 8 December 2013 11:46

Re: Pork tenderloin in tomato and mushroom sauce

can mushrooms be exchanged for another sponge class?

Ioana 4 years ago - 9 December 2013 09:01

Re: Pork tenderloin in tomato and mushroom sauce

of course maria, you can put another type of mushrooms.

Sabina 3 years ago - 17 January 2014 22:50

While I am preparing this delicious recipe, after I have finished the Greek chicken soup, also after your recipe, obviously, I want to thank you enormously for all the recipes posted, which I find excellent (I can't list them, there are too many)) and for all the work done, but also for the fact that you share them with us. Every time I run out of ideas I go to your site and I always find something I can try. I admit, I haven't done anything in the pastry section yet, but I'll get there too. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart and much, much success on all levels!

Ioana 3 years ago - 18 January 2014 11:51

Re: Pork tenderloin in tomato and mushroom sauce

with great pleasure, Sabina.

helen 2 years ago - 20 September 2015 20:21

Re: Pork tenderloin in tomato and mushroom sauce

I really appreciate the fact that you have detailed all the stages so that the beginners in cooking (like me) can handle it. An indescribable goodness came out that I associated with spaghetti

Ioana 2 years ago - September 21, 2015 09:48

Re: Pork tenderloin in tomato and mushroom sauce

very good starter! two or three more recipes and switch to advanced

Laura Roman 2 years ago - 22 October 2015 14:15

Re: Pork tenderloin in tomato and mushroom sauce

The recipe looks tasty, I will definitely try it, I still have a question: the meat is pork, why add chicken soup and not vegetables? Can't you feel the taste of chicken with the taste of pork?

Ioana 2 years ago - 22 October 2015 14:22

Re: Pork tenderloin in tomato and mushroom sauce

you don't feel the taste. Chicken soup can be added with beef or pork without negatively affecting their taste. In addition, I usually have chicken soup ready in the freezer. but if you have vegetable soup it works like that.

Pork steak with mushroom sauce

On Sundays we like to cook something more special, but we don't want to spend all our time in the kitchen and then we opt for quick and delicious solutions, such as pork steak with mushroom sauce. It is a recipe that you can prepare quickly, the mushroom sauce will give it a special flavor.
I'll give you a tip, when frying the meat, never throw what's left in the pan! There remain the best flavors that you can turn into a delicious sauce. All you have to do is add some chicken soup or starchy water and season it to your liking.
Tips for a successful steak:
The pan must be very well heated before adding the meat
& # 8211 the meat doesn't sting, if you do you will lose all the juices in it and it will stay dry
& # 8211 The leftovers in the pan are not thrown away, make them a delicious sauce
& # 8211 do not pile the pieces of meat in the pan, fry them one by one. If they touch each other, they will not fry, they will remove their liquid and they will boil rather

Pork tenderloin roll with mushrooms at Philips Airfryer

Pork tenderloin roll with mushrooms it is a delicious steak, with tender, juicy meat, which melts in the mouth and a tasty filling.

It is one of the simplest recipes for pork tenderloin, which is very easy and very healthy to prepare with the help of a fryer that cooks with air. Is about Philips Airfryer XXL. With this device you can get delicious steaks, perfectly fried on the outside and tender on the inside. The technology used by the appliance makes the hot air spread constantly, quickly and evenly throughout the cooking compartment.

To get this pork tenderloin roll with mushrooms you will only waste 10 minutes with the preparation and another 25 minutes to wait for the steak and the garnish to be ready. In the normal oven you have to follow other steps: fry a little roll in butter and oil on all sides, then bake it for 20 minutes or until it browns and you have to turn it after 10 minutes to be browned everywhere. More unhealthy, but just as tasty.

You don't have to bother frying the muscle in the pan before putting it in the Philips AirFryer. You will not use oil or butter in the appliance. The appliance is fried with hot air, so there is no risk of spilling, splashing or scalding with hot oil.

The bottom line is that you save time and cook healthy without oil. Doesn't that sound good?

I have been experimenting since I received the device, so you will be able to see two more recipes prepared by me: chicken copanales like at KFC or Greek style baked eggplant.

I also made chicken slices, cheese croquettes, fried vegetables, but I didn't get to take pictures of them.

Pork tenderloin roll with mushrooms it is a perfect steak both for the holidays and for family meals.

I'm thinking that the holidays are approaching and you will consume a lot of fatty dishes. If we think of bacon, jumari and others homemade sausages, meatballs, beef salad and sarmales, this recipe will be very suitable in your menu, because you will put healthy cooked dishes on the table.

You will work less, but you will get one of the most delicious and healthiest steaks.

Pork muscle it is the finest and best meat, and after cooking the meat remains exactly as it should be: slightly pink, tender and juicy. I did not use complicated ingredients.

If you want to be inspired and cook other recipes with pork tenderloin, I leave the link here to the recipes gathered in a single post. Some of these can be cooked with Philips Airfryer.

It is very important not to confuse pork tenderloin with other types of pork (leg or shoulder). They have stronger meat and require a longer cooking time.

Another important aspect in the preparation of this recipe is the preparation of the muscle before cooking. It will be cut with a very sharp knife, with a thin blade along the length, without being cut to the end.

Unfold it in half and press it with your hands or a twister, but not too hard. Don't beat him with a hammer! You will destroy the fibers of this piece of meat.

I now leave the list of ingredients and how to prepare for pork tenderloin roll with mushrooms:


1 pork tenderloin of approx. 600 g

3 sea mushroom mushrooms

For the gasket:

2 medium-sized potatoes

2 medium sized red potatoes

I cut the cleaned mushrooms into large cubes. I also left the tails to fry. I hardened them in a tablespoon of oil and left them on the fire until the liquid left by them evaporated, then I took the pan off the fire. I peeled the potatoes, washed them and cut them into medium-sized slices or cubes (approx. 1.5 cm).

In a large bowl I put oil, salt and pepper, then I put the potatoes over the oil and I mixed until they were all covered with oil.

With a spoon with holes I moved them to the tub of the Philips Airfryer. I turned on the machine 180 ° C for 5 minutes. During this time I prepared the roll.

I sectioned the muscle lengthwise, without cutting it to the end, then I used a twister and I pressed it lightly to stretch it. I seasoned the mussels with salt, pepper, paprika and thyme, then I put the mushrooms and grated cheese.

I rolled the meat long and tied it with a string, but you can also use other special devices. In 5 minutes I put the pork tenderloin roll with mushrooms next to the potatoes.

I continued cooking at 180 ° C For other 20 minutes. If the muscle is smaller, it will be ready in 17 minutes.

When the time was up I took out the potatoes and the nicely browned steak and I removed the string with which I tied the meat.

I put the potatoes and the steak on a plate, I cut the first slice just to show you how tender the meat is and how good the mushrooms look.

The meat is slightly pink, not too cooked, but not in the blood, juicy and very tasty.

And they all go so well together!

I sincerely hope you will try this recipe.

I invite you to follow me on Instagram.

You can also find simple and tasty recipes on my channel YouTube.

Pork tenderloin and mushrooms in cream sauce

Pork tenderloin and mushrooms in cream sauce

Pork tenderloin and mushrooms in cream sauce


  • 1/2 pork tenderloin (middle part, no heads)
  • 15 small mushrooms
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1 tablespoon butter (about 30 gr)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons soy sauce (Japanese, lightly salted)
  • 3 tablespoons cooking cream (15% fat)
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • black pepper

Method of preparation

Cut the middle part of the muscle (the part that has equal thickness) into slices of about 1 cm (about 10 slices). Sprinkle with pepper.
Cut the mushroom leg. Wipe the hats with a napkin soaked in lemon water.
Heat the oil in a frying pan. Add the mushrooms and sauté over high heat until nicely browned on all sides. Remove from pan.
Place the slices of meat on the entire surface of the pan, without crowding them and brown them on the first part (max 2 minutes). Turn the slices of meat to brown on the other side and then put the mushrooms back in the pan.
When the meat is brown on the other side, remove the pan from the heat. Add the crushed garlic and stir to cover the meat and mushrooms with its flavor.
Add the butter and stir until completely melted and cover the pieces of meat and mushrooms.
Put the pan back on the heat and add the soy sauce and sour cream. Let it heat up briefly until you feel that the sauce is viscous (maximum 1 minute), without letting it boil vigorously so as not to & quottaie & quot.
Immediately remove the pan from the heat. Taste the salt sauce. Serve immediately with bouquets of broccoli and a tablespoon of boiled basmati rice.

Method of preparation:

Prepare a marinade of spices, salt, lemon juice and olive oil with which we grease the meat. Cover with cling film and keep in the fridge for at least an hour.

Meanwhile, prepare the garnish. Clean, wash and drain the mushrooms and then put them in a deeper bowl (wok type) to harden in olive oil. When the liquid has formed, add salt and add the chili flakes. Turn off the heat and keep warm.

Garlic sauce: clean the garlic and grind it together with the salt, then add the mayonnaise, yogurt and mix to blend.

Fry the chops on a hot grill for 3-4 minutes on each side. Serve with mushrooms, garlic sauce and garnish with chopped parsley. Enjoy!

If you find yourself in the taste of the recipes on this blog, I am waiting for you every day on facebook page. You will find there many recipes posted, new ideas and discussions with those interested.

* You can also sign up for Recipes group of all kinds. There you will be able to upload your photos with tried and tested dishes from this blog. We will be able to discuss menus, food recipes and much more. However, I urge you to follow the group's rules!

You can also follow us on Instagram and Pinterest, with the same name "Recipes of all kinds".

Pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce and sour cream

Pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce and sour cream. Muscle or pork tenderloin? People often use these two nicknames, often creating confusion. Muscle is also the leg or back of the pig. The muscles, caressed in the diminutive, are the paravertebral muscles (there are two & # 8211 that is a pair) of dark red color, fusiform and fragile, which extend to the left and to the right of the spine (eg calf, pig, lamb, rabbit or deer). Tenderloin or fillet are called English speakers. Beyond them appears the chop (which, as its name suggests, comes from the French & # 8222c a te & # 8221 & # 8211 that is the rib) which is also a lean meat (not a hundred chop fan) but of much larger size and with a completely different texture.

Why do I explain this? Because after I published the recipe for & # 8222 last yearSimple pork tenderloin& # 8221 people asked me for explanations about the piece of meat & # 8211 some tried (unsuccessfully) to prepare even a pulp lid (well, it's still muscle, right?) With the technique shown in that recipe. However, there were controversies regarding the cooking times (8 minutes in the pan, 2 on each side + another 8-9 in the oven + rest for 10 minutes), not being convinced that such a piece can be eaten & # 8222noted & # 8221. Lol. I am glad that many tried the recipe respecting the technique and the times and were delighted with the result: a red meat on the outside but pink, tender and juicy on the inside. As it should be.

Why is the world skeptical? Because of the multitude of recipes present on the internet (with or without an author) that simply massacre any piece of meat by incorrect cooking. I read some muscle recipes on blogs that hurt your head: braided or stuffed and baked in 70-80 minutes at 180 C (no, not slow cooked at 90 C). To be & # 8222penetrated & # 8221. :). # 8221 of vegetables and floating in indefinite juices, long ago with that yellow-greenish-fluorescent tint given by vegeta or delicate. A kind of cooked and dried meat.

Another story is about our butchers who should know how to prepare a piece of meat, ordered in advance. Two recent cases have reached my ears: a reader who wanted to prepare this whole muscle ordered it at a private butcher's shop and the next day received it cut into thin slices (1 cm). Even Laura Laurentiu he suffered it for the holidays by asking another butcher for a non-skimmed but groomed pork rack (ie the whole piece containing the chop, ribs and fat with the mouse) and he received some simple pork chops (at least they were double). What a world!

The images below illustrate & # 8222rack of pork & # 8221 which can be skimmed or not and cut into simple chops (pork chops, from rib to rib) or double (thick pork chops, thicker, include 2 ribs each). Image source: Mastermeats.

We return to our little muscle. Depending on the size of the pig, the muscle can have between 400 & # 8211 800 g / piece. If the pound beats, it means it belonged to a monster. The ones I buy from a private butcher in Arad weigh about 600 g.

I usually prepare it whole, as I would show in the recipe above. Thinking about the readers' stories, I decided to present a variant of pork muscle in the shape of medallions. It happens. There is no tragedy after all because if you adapt (reduce) the cooking time and these medallions will be juicy and tasty.