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McDonalds’ Secret Menu Is Real, and Other Questions Answered by a McDonald’s Manager

McDonalds’ Secret Menu Is Real, and Other Questions Answered by a McDonald’s Manager

This manager did an AMA on Reddit and put a lot of questions to rest

The secret menu at McDonald's is real, and so is the McGangBang.

A McDonald’s manager confirmed via Reddit that the fast food giant has a secret menu.

The anonymous 24-year-old manager from Scotland clued customers in on some McDonald’s intel in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) thread. As she writes in the post, “You can order from the ‘Secret Menu.’”

The Daily Meal has previously reported on the McDonald’s secret menu, and now the manager has confirmed that the McGangBang is definitely on there (it’s a McChicken in a double cheeseburger), as is the Land, Air, and Sea Burger, which is composed of a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, and McChicken sandwich stacked together to make a monstrous burger.

The manager also urges readers not to order the grilled chicken, because “It's horrible frozen chicken that we defrost and steam and it's a bit gelatinous.” She also says that customized orders are called “grill orders.”

McDonald’s food preparation is going to change, according to the Reddit source. Instead of cooking the meat fresh, putting it on the burger, and hot-holding it for 10 minutes, team members will be taught to hot-hold the meat on a tray, and the buns and dressings will be made fresh.

Asked to address the recent closures of many McDonald’s locations, she says: “I honestly think McDonald's is out of date. It's the biggest and most widespread of all the fast food joints but somehow stays a step behind the competition. It's like Microsoft. How come Outlook and Internet Explorer are the worst but from the most widespread company?”

I’m Here for the McGangbang

FACT CHECK : Did McDonald’s confirm the existence of a “secret menu,” including the long-rumored “McGangbang” sandwich?

Claim : McDonald’s has confirmed the existence of a secret menu, including the popular “McGangbang” sandwich.


WHAT’S TRUE : A McDonald’s manager purportedly acknowledged the existence of off-menu secret items during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. WHAT’S FALSE : Off-menu McDonald’s items (such as the fabled McGangbang) are available at all McDonald’s locations as part of an officially recognized “secret menu.”

Examples: [Collected via Internet and Twitter, July 2015]

It’s not an urban legend.

McDonald’s has a secret menu, according to a manager in Scotland.

McDonald's manager confirms existence of long-rumored Secret Menu, including the delightfully named McGangBang.

— Complex (@ComplexMag) July 21, 2015

Example: [Collected via e-mail, March 2009]

I’ve heard about this new “off menu” item from McDonalds.

Apparently its called the McGangBang. Supposedly its made from the cheeseburger and chicken sandwich available on McD’s dollar menu. I’ve read that this combination makes a huge sandwich that only costs “$2.19”. Supposedly the sandwich is made from taking the chicken sandwich and putting inside the cheeseburger.

According to what I’ve found its become so prevalent that you can actually order it from some restaurants.

I’m just curious if this is true or not mostly given the offensive title of this “off-menu” item.

Origins: For many years, whispers of McDonald’s “secret menu” have circulated online, but July 2015 Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread titled “I am A McDonald’s manager AMA!” revived the rumors.

In the Reddit AMA, a now-deleted user claiming to be a manager at a McDonald’s location answered a range of questions posed by Redditors. Among the queries was one about the fabled McDonald’s secret menu, and whether those in the know could go in and tap their noses to obtain various off-menu creations:

Can you confirm the validity of the “Secret Menu”? Also, what is the one item you would recommend customers do not order?

A purported McDonald’s manager’s response was widely interpreted as proof positive of the secret menu’s existence:

You can order from the ‘Secret Menu’. Just like with any of our sandwiches, you can add, remove or change ingredients by special request. These are called ‘grill orders’ (i.e. Big Mac no pickle)

The items on the ‘secret menu’ weren’t invented by anyone officially at McDonald’s, it’s just a random persons guide to burgers you could potentially ‘hack’ at McDonald’s.

Order one and the workers might not know it by name (i.e. Land, Air and Sea burger or the McGangBang) but if you explain what it is, and are willing to pay for all the ingredients, it’s just another ‘grill order’ that we can make up.

DON’T order… the grilled chicken. It’s horrible frozen chicken that we defrost and steam and it’s a bit gelatinous.

Blogs such as Eater and Complex summarily declared a single, anonymous Reddit comment (from Scotland) as conclusive evidence that doubts about the secret menu had finally been put to rest — even though that comment itself noted that “workers might not know [secret menu items] by name.”

In fact, mentions of the McGangbang (and additional McDonald’s secret menu creations) have long circulated online, and a 2006 Urban Dictionary entry defines the McGangbang thusly:

This is a tasty sandwich combination from McDonald’s. Off the Dollar Menu you order one double cheeseburger and one Spicy McChicken sandwich. Spit the double cheeseburger between the two patties, and then put the entire Spicy McChicken sandwich inside the double cheeseburger. This originated from Daytona Beach McDonald’s Restaurants.

Employee: Welcome to McDonald’s may I take your order? Customer: Yeah let me get a McGangbang. Order Display Screen 1 DB CHEESE $1.00 1 SPIC CHCK $1.00 ——- $2.12

Another Urban Dictionary entry describes the Mc10:35, a fortuitous sandwich available only to a chronological fraction of McDonald’s customers (those who hit a restaurant on the cusp of its switching from breakfast to lunch menus) each day:

A hybrid sandwich served at specified McDonalds in the U.S. This sandwich is the combination of a McDouble from the lunch menu with an Egg-McMuffin left over from the breakfast menu.

Both these early iterations of “secret menu” items did not hinge upon the compliance of McDonald’s staff to make them, but rather directed the customer to place an order for two separate menu items with no indication that McDonald’s would assemble them in an unusual fashion.

By March 2009, a blogger compiled a loose history of the McGangbang (including its progress from web rumor to occasional real life). Through that and other contemporaneous mentions, the menu item was a rumor with which some (but not nearly all) in-the-know employees might play along:

The McGangBang ranks up there in the holy pantheon of WTF. It’s a sandwich made from a double cheeseburger and a McChicken sandwich — where you put an entire McChicken sandwich inside a double cheeseburger. It’s a creative manipulation of existing menu items, and an exercise in frugality: taking two items off of the Dollar Menu and creating an entirely new sandwich for a total of $2.16. Truly, it’s a sandwich that’s more than the sum of its parts.

In addition, it’s sort of a subversive act for people to order it by name, as well as a thrill to confound the McDonald’s employee with an order for a McGangBang — so much so that people are documenting their experiences at drive-thrus and counters on YouTube (see the many, many videos after the jump).

IMPORTANT: You can’t actually order the McGangBang from McDonalds because it’s NOT on their menu. You need to order a double cheeseburger and a chicken burger separately and then combine the two yourself. If you are really hungry you could order a double Quarter Pounder and shove a McChicken inside it but I haven’t tried that.

More recent iterations still instruct customers to order separate menu items for reassembly and rarely suggest that McDonald’s employees are aware of and compliant with putting together such modifications:

Order an Egg McMuffin & a McDouble. Now put the Burger Patties into the McMuffin. Now you’ve got yourself the elusive Mc10:35.

In a now-deleted page on the McDonald’s web site, the brand firmly denied the existence of a secret menu:

Is there a secret menu?

We have no secret menu — or do we?

Actually, our customers are pretty clever when it comes to customizing their orders with our menu items, so you may have seen some of their creations online. But we have no official secret menu of our own.

The McDonald’s UK Twitter account also published a tweet on 21 July 2015 denying that such a menu exists:

Basically, the Internet has popularized a number of ad hoc customizations to fast food items. These modifications are often known as “secret menus,” but few such items are officially recognized by the chains with which they are associated.

The original Big Mac ads didn't call it Special Sauce

In the original 1968 commercial, McDonald's never mentioned a "special sauce." They called their new creation "secret" sauce, and as they slowly build the two-patty, three-bun burger, the narrator describes the ingredients with pizzaz. "Pure, beef hamburger — sizzling hot — a slice of cheddar blend cheese, and some crisp, fresh lettuce" make their appearance on a lightly toasted bun. Then, there it is: Their "own secret sauce" is generously spooned onto the burger. And by generous, we mean a massive amount of sauce. No wonder they needed the middle bun to keep the burger patties from sliding out.

The sauce looks nothing short of amazing, even in the old film. It's not thick like ketchup or neon-colored like mustard. The pale, pinkish-colored sauce looks a little bit like tartar sauce, but less mayonnaise-like and more spreadable. As they finish building the burger, they add "a little more sauce, just for good flavor" (which, of course, means another massive dollop). With that, they announce their newest sandwich: The Big Mac, "for the bigger-than-average appetite."

McDonalds Secret Menu

T his is a list of the best and most popular McDonalds secret menu items. There's a reason why some of these McDonalds secret menu items are even more popular than regular McDonalds orders -- discovering these secret menus make you feel like you've found a hidden treasure chest that you can't wait to open. But the surprise inside the McDonalds Secret Menu which has tons of delicious burgers, sandwiches, and desserts. So, what's on the McDonalds secret menu, you ask? All of the items on the McDonalds secret menu list are highly coveted because they bring fresh options to the plain menu. And they are exclusive items that only those "in the know" can order. Now, you have the opportunity to check out some of the interesting and unique items that McDonalds has to offer. Look below to discover the complete McDonalds Secret Menu.

The creators of the McDonalds secret menu are those that dared to dream. Those who thought, "hey, I can make this better". And that's exactly what they did. Now, these items spread by word of mouth and the internet, growing into the list that you see below. We brought all the information together to one place so that you don't have to scour the internet to find out what you want to know. We provide some information on the availability, pricing, popularity, and the scret menu hack for each item.

Most importantly, we have provided the instructions on how to order each secret menu item at McDonalds. So, just in case you are a little timid about ordering from the secret menu yourself, we have given the steps on how to order your favorite menu hack from McDonalds.

Don't forget to check out all of the other great Secret Menus on our home page!

There are cheaper ways to get your favorite meal


Want to save a few bucks on your next Mickey D's order? It's possible. "You can order a sausage muffin ($1.29) and a side of round egg ($1) cheaper than you can order a Sausage Egg McMuffin ($3.29)," says one Redditor, who recommends other menu hacks, like ordering kids' meals with double fries, or ordering an egg and cheese muffin instead of an Egg McMuffin.

Note: You might not be able to find the full McDonald's menu, including round eggs, during the pandemic.

Customers shocked after Macca’s worker reveals truth about drive-through orders

A McDonald’s worker has revealed the answer to a common question about how the drive-through works, leaving people shaken.

McDonald's worker reveals truth about drive-thru orders.

McDonald's worker reveals truth about drive-thru orders.

Customers shocked after Macca’s worker reveals truth about drive-through orders. Picture: TikTok/katieeclarkee Source:Supplied

While some McDonald’s have just one drive-through, others can have up to four lanes, with one staffer responsible for multiple orders.

And as you eagerly wait for that long-awaited Macca’s fix, many have wondered how staff don’t get your order mixed up with other cars in line.

Now a Macca’s staffer has revealed the secret to the burger chain’s foolproof process – leaving minds blown.

A TikTok video – shared by user @katieeclarkee – explains the fast-food restaurant have cameras installed in the drive-through area.

A McDonald’s staffer has revealed how they know whose order belong to who at their drive-through. Picture: TikTok/katieeclarkee Source:Supplied

“I get asked this all the time,” she captioned her now viral post, that has amassed more than five million views.

In the footage, Katie can be seen in her Macca’s uniform showing viewers a drive-through camera during her shift.

“There is a camera and it takes a picture of you and your car,” she said.

“So maybe don’t pick your nose when you order … because we see it and we judge you,” she joked.

You guessed it (or not), there is a camera. Picture: TikTok/katieeclarkee Source:Supplied

It didn’t take long for people to comment on her video.

“I thought they just had crazy memory,” one TikTok user confessed.

“I’m shook (sic), oh my god,” wrote another.

“I always wondered this with ones with two lanes (that merge into one, never understood the point of them,” a third person said, while a fourth added, “They can see me all this time I’ve been going in my PJs and dressing gown, oh god.”

Other Macca’s staff also commented, revealing they “hear” everything from the moment a customer’s car activates the sensor, which then triggers their headset to turn on.

“In fact we hear everything you say the minute you’re at the speaker,” a staffer said.

Another staffer chimed in to say the Macca’s he works at “it’s not that advanced”.

“We just have to figure it out.”

apparently the drive thru workers can see you when you order. idk how to explain it but i feel violated

&mdash enyol (@engxl) February 15, 2020

Some joked that despite there being cameras, staff “still manage to get orders wrong”.

𠇊nd y𠆚ll still gave my order to the car in front,” one person wrote.

Meanwhile, last year when Triple M radio host Jay Shipston was interviewing a Queensland Macca’s franchisee owner, he was shocked to discover that in Australia some drive-through’s also have cameras installed.

“You know when you go up to a speaker box at Macca’s and you are waiting to order and there is a little camera there, is that camera actually functional?” he asked co-host Dave Peters and Mackay Northern Beaches McDonald’s owner Nicole Ramsay.

“It is functional, yeh,” she confirmed.

They can see who is making the order. They can also hear everything you say from the moment your car pulls up to the speaker. Picture: TikTok/katieeclarkee Source:Supplied

Shipston then let out a gasp sharing details about the time he was pulling faces.

“Jamie and I were at Macca’s the other day. We pulled up to the box and I was waiting for the lady to say, �n I take your order’ – I was poking faces at the thing and he (Jamie) was like, ‘That’s a real camera,’ and I was like, ‘No it’s not, that’s for show.’”

How to Make Your McDonald's Big Mac Sauce

If you want answers, McDonald's Canada has them. On their site,, McDonald's answers questions sent in from customers from all across the country. Questions range from, "Do you really use 100% beef or is that just the name of the company you get your beef from?" to "How real are your real fruit smoothies?".

Today's original recipe video focuses on the popular question: "What's in the sauce that is in the Big Mac?" asked by Christine H. of Oshawa. Dan Coudreaut, McDonald's executive chef, answers that question with the entire Big Mac recipe, special sauce and all.

Exclusive Look Behind the Scenes at a McDonald's Food Plant

Mega fast-food company launched a new campaign to highlight customer concerns.

Behind the Scenes at a McDonald's Food Plant

— -- McDonald’s announced today it’s taking a dramatic step to bring more transparency to how its food is made by launching a new campaign to highlight customer concerns.

“We’re starting on a journey called ‘Our Food. Your Questions,’ and we want to open up the doors and let our customers ask us any questions they have, and give them answers,” company director of quality systems Rickette Collins said.

ABC News was given exclusive access to one of the mega fast-food chain’s secret food plants in Fresno, California, the first time TV cameras have been allowed in.

Americans have long had tough questions about what McDonald’s uses in its products, so the company decided to put some questions from real customers front and center in a new commercial, which launched today, and answer questions posted on social media.

“This is being done to address the questions, the comments and the concerns of our customers,” company chief brand manager Kevin Newell said. “It's not linked to the business performance at all. It's linked to making sure that our customers truly know the story about McDonald's food.”

Company officials say they process 400,000 pounds of meat per day and that their burger patties are 100 percent beef. The beef is ground and blended together to make those famous patties.

“[The beef] comes from familiar cuts that you may know like chuck and round and sirloin,” Collins said. “Just like you get at the grocery store, you know, you buy 80/20 blend.”

Pulling back the curtain on their food production can be risky, but with so many people on social media able to affect a company’s image, expert say transparency is key.

“The writing is on the wall,” said Naomi Starkman, the editor-in-chief of, a U.S. food industry watchdog site. “McDonald's sees its market share diminishing. Millennials are now driving the food bus, and they're heading straight to places like Chipotle and other establishments they're offering better, healthier fare. So I think they're trying to catch up.”

While there might always be families who refuse to let their kids eat at McDonald’s, chief brand manager Newell hopes this new campaign will make them think differently about their food.

McDonald&rsquos Is Getting Rid of One of Your Favorite Childhood Drinks

While McDonald's is known for its better-than-the-rest Coca-Cola, Hi-C Orange is another staple fountain drink customers feel v. passionate about. Regardless of its popularity, though, it's being removed from the fast-food chain's menu May 1.

The company sent a memo &mdash which was leaked to Reddit &mdash to the franchises about the drinks' discontinuation, saying stores are allowed to keep selling Hi-C until it runs out. (Silver lining?!)

The notice adds that they'll be replacing Hi-C with a new carbonated drink, Sprite TropicBerry, in July. You can't ever really replace the happiness that Hi-C Orange brings though.

Obviously, some customers are pissed and they're taking to Twitter to share their feelings on what they feel is a betrayal.

McDonald's is taking Hi-C, aka one of my favorite drinks i've been getting since i was a kid, off the menu

&mdash hanna🤍 (@hannaashea) April 27, 2017

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by @McDonalds getting rid of Hi-C Orange.

&mdash tori (@teekreitz) April 27, 2017

RIP McDonald's HI-C Orange drink. My hangovers will never be the same.

&mdash Greg (@heimzketchup) April 27, 2017

McDonald's is getting rid of Orange Hi-C. My whole childhood is dead. I used to always get that instead of orange juice in the mornings.

&mdash &trade️Marcus (@TheMisterMarcus) April 27, 2017

so @McDonalds what we gotta do to keep Orange Hi-C

&mdash YourPalRoss (@YourPalRoss) April 27, 2017

McDonald's has replied to upset customers to say that change is a good thing.

We are always evolving our menu. Change is good from time to time!

&mdash McDonald&rsquos⁷ (@McDonalds) April 27, 2017

Keep your change, McDonald's, I want Hi-C Orange.

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Many people claim that the first McDonald's restaurant was in Des Plaines, IL, but it was actually the first store that Kroc opened since creating McDonald's Systems, Inc. The oldest McDonald's store still operating is in Downey, CA. This was the fourth store founded by the McDonald brothers, which looks very different from the way the chain looks today.

A meme on Facebook claimed that McDonald's workers in Denmark have a union and make $45,000 per year. This myth is actually partially true on several fronts. Danish workers do have a union, and their hourly wages are high enough that a full-time employee could earn $45,000 per year or more. The catch is that there are only about 500 full-time McDonald's workers in Denmark, out of about 4,000 total, so most don't come close to this figure.