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Lemon sorbet

Lemon sorbet

Lemon sorbet recipe from of 18-05-2008 [Updated on 02-05-2018]

The lemon sorbet is the classic summer recipe, easy, fast and appreciated by all. Ideal at the end of a meal, especially after fish-based dishes, the sorbet however, it can be enjoyed at any stage of the day. All you need to prepare this lemon sorbet without ice cream maker it is ice ready in the freezer and a good blender capable of mincing it, in this way you will have a creamy, fresh and thirst-quenching dessert with a light and very pleasant sour aftertaste. I usually make it in large quantities and put it in single-serving bowls to store in the freezer until ready to serve, in the summer after dinner it is really perfect. Today I'll explain how to make lemon sorbet with my mom's recipe, super tested, if you try it I assure you that you will no longer buy industrial lemon desserts;)


How to make lemon sorbet

Grate the zest of one lemon and set aside.
Peel the lemons taking care to remove all the white part, the fillets inside (it is the bitter part) and the seeds.

Place the sugar, lemons and egg white in the blender and blend at maximum speed until the sorbet begins to whisk.

Now add the grated lemon zest and the ice a little at a time in order to chop each ice cube well.

As soon as all the ice is well crushed, pour the lemon sorbet into the bowls accompanying it with a slice of lemon and a sprinkling of grated lemon zest and serve.

Or you can keep the sorbet in the freezer until ready to serve.

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Prepare the sugar syrup: pour the water and 75 g of sugar into a saucepan. Put on the fire and bring to a boil.

When the syrup has come to a boil, turn off the heat and transfer it to a bowl. Let it cool down.

Meanwhile, transfer the raspberries to a glass and blend.

Add a few drops of lemon juice and two tablespoons of sugar. Blend again.

Sift the puree by letting it fall on the sugar syrup and mix.

Add the prosecco to the mixture and mix.

Pour the sorbet base into the ice cream maker and let it stir for 30 minutes.

At this point, divide the yolk from the white and whisk the latter until stiff.

After the first 15 minutes of creaming, add the whipped egg white to the sorbet then let it stir for another 15 minutes.

You can serve the sorbet immediately or place it in a container and transfer it to the freezer (just blend it with an immersion blender before serving, to make them the same consistency as just out of the machine).

Thursday 15th November 2012

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I got the recipe from Benedetta Parodi, but the doses are not exactly the original ones .. Why? Because I'm the usual bungler !! XD I forgot a little detail .. The eggs XD
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Pleasantly acidic digestive with a delicate consistency, sorbet is ideal for refreshing the mouth at the end of a hearty meal, but it is also an ad hoc interlude to "disconnect" between a course of meat and another of fish.

Therefore inevitable both on imported occasions and in dinners with friends, the sorbet is always very welcome.

But what to do when you have little time available to prepare the classic sorbet?

Give me 3 minutes to prepare a non-sorbet & # 8220sorbet & # 8221 that rivals the bar one.

500 g of lemon ice cream
100 ml of milk
100 ml of sparkling wine
100 ml of lemon vodka

1 carafe
1 wooden spoon
1 immersion mixer (if necessary)
Flutes for serving

In a large jug pour the lemon ice cream, using an ice cream portioner or a couple of spoons.

Combine the cold milk, lemon vodka and iced sparkling wine with lemon ice cream. Blend everything with the immersion mixer until a velvety consistency is obtained

Those who don't like vodka can dilute lemon ice cream only with dry sparkling wine or sparkling wine.

Serve the sorbet very cold on flutes, garnishing with lemon zest and slices. Before serving, shake the mixture to mix all the ingredients well.

Here is also the video to see all the various procedures:

This recipe and many other great ideas can be found on the site


In the kitchen with Roberta

It's true, I also do it every now and then and it's really good! I am lucky to have an ice cream maker and this simplifies things a bit. Have you ever tried making it with tangerine?
A kiss and good afternoon

Hi Fausta, don't tell me: the mandarin one is fantastic. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Kisses and come back to see me soon

thanks for the recipe I will definitely try it !! I follow you very willingly !! good w.e.

Thanks Tina, I'm glad to know. Good weekend

hello, can you also make coffee sorbet with this procedure? Good weekend

Of course Maurizia, the procedure is always the same. Even if late, good weekend to you too

I've been looking for this recipe for a long time! I add you to my favorite blogs! (ps. if you like visit my blog. I have recently created it and the suggestions of & quotcolleghe & quot are always welcome!)

Hi, then I'm glad I was helpful to you. I visit your blog with real pleasure. A kiss

congratulations, found at first try, prepared was optimal.

Bye! I discovered your blog by chance looking for this recipe and you struck me for simplicity and taste :) I gladly follow you and if you like, come to me too :)
bye Bye

Hello too, I discovered your blog looking for this recipe! I would like to try to make this sorbet but I am not clear about a step: should the egg white be added in an ice cream maker whipped with how much sugar? Should it be removed from the total 300 gr? # 39 now for the reply e. I don't give up eh !!

But should the egg white be put already whipped or raw?

Thanks for the recipe, I can dispel the doubts (which I also had) about the egg white in the ice cream maker by telling you that I tried it today, and I got an excellent result like this: first I whipped the egg whites until stiff, without sugar, and then the I incorporated everything else that had already been turning for a while in the ice cream maker.

Hi I tried the recipe for the first time. I whipped the egg white separately without sugar and added it to the syrup which had been in the freezer for 30 minutes. I mixed vigorously and then put it to refreeze. Operation carried out two more times. I got the mixture with all the "snow" on top and the syrup underneath. I tasted it after the night still frozen and I must say that to my taste you can feel the lemon a lot (maybe the juice of ten is a lot). Now I put it in the fridge and in twenty minutes, as soon as it is softer, I taste it again. Then I will tell you. The first impression is not the best. sorry for the criticism but if I did something wrong enlighten me so that I can do it again and post the trend later. Thanks. Dez

Lory B. Bistrot

Ok, the photos are what they are, but the sorbet, for the ease of execution, for the very few ingredients and above all for the simple goodness .. almost of other times, really deserved to be posted.

With this recipe I participate in the ice cream contest of Tina's recipes and Art in the kitchen, in collaboration with:

  • 250 ml of fresh cream (please, not long-life)
  • 3 organic lemons
  • 150 g of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of water
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Good morning Lory bella!
What a creaminess this sorbet! I would eat it even now look! Also because it is already very hot here and I assure you that I would need it! :)
Have a nice day dear!
Kiss! :)

Sweet Lory .. the photos are what they are: a real show! Creamy, inviting, with those blackberries it's something irresistible! You gave me an incredible desire to taste it .. lemon is thirst-quenching, then. very good, dear! Really .. it rains here if you want a bit of coolness ..
A big hug and happy week :)

Loryyyyyyyyyy is gorgeousooooooooooo. kisses!

Uh Lory darling myoooo, you always read my mind, huh. -)))) In fact I was looking for the recipe the other day :-))) You are unicaaaa. even in the titanic enterprise. beautiful photos despite the inexorable heat. A big hug.

Tesoor a quick climb and I take this delicious fresh cup on the fly !! kisses, Imma

Good morning dearest! I also do it with cream and without egg whites, I love it. Why don't you add it to our ice cream contest? Come on we are waiting for you! Have a good week a hug

Hello dear Lory !! Just yesterday I made a nice grilled fish at home and at the end of the lavish lunch I said to myself & quotadesso a lemon sorbet would be fine! & Quot. and here is your recipe !! It will be a fresh delight for these unlivable days. a hug!

Good I want to try this version attracts me a lot.

It looks very inviting, it looks like a cloud :-)

Ahahahaah it was actually melting .. but it makes the idea .. it must be great! kisses and happy monday! :-)

with this heat it would really take! congratulations!

The photos are beautiful anyway and the sorbet must be delicious! You have been really good, congratulations! A big hug and good start of the week! :) Bacioniiiiiii: *

mom what a beautiful face she has.

Woow. Fantastic.
What would I give for a cup.
I absolutely have to go out and buy cream, you can't resist a sorbet like this.
You're a myth.
Kisses Carmen

Lory what a creaminess. I can not not score immediately!

Beautiful in this heat is ideal

that watering. also ideal as a lunch or dinner! Hello

It must be truly super-exquisite. Very good as usual kisses

Lory G. @
Hi Lory. What a pleasure. I'll let you taste it. )
A kiss to everyone.

mom what a lust !! I love lemon !!

Ciaooo that's fine, snow white: D honey you should add Vicky's link, thank you very much added!

p.s. add more if you want, notteeeeeeee

to ki you say! yesterday I was racing in the freezer for the photos! yummy lemon sorbet! creamy with cream it is even more so! : D thanks dear !!

I'm not crazy about sorbet, but I see that yours is really creamy, despite the & quotproblemino & quot; of 35 & # 176C. inspires me a lot!
A big kiss, GG

how good the creamy sorbets, also very good for photos

good, in this heat it's great! I just signed up, 532, spare parts? I am waiting for you! Thank you!

with these sultry days a sorbet like this gets you back on track.

With children, the ice cream maker enters the freezer at the end of May and remains there until October, ready to be used at any time, even for a simple fiordilatte. Having fruit from the garden available sorbets are on the agenda. I will certainly also try your recipe, which seems very greedy to me.
Happy day dearest Lory!

Good morning honey! Quiet when you can, a big kiss good day ciaoooo

The sorbet as well as being good and fresh is the perfect summer end meal. Thanks for reminding me, I will introduce it for sure one of these evenings :-) maybe as a final surprise.

I believe that you had a hard time photographing it but so a little loose it makes you want even more :-) soon lunch and then I'll come and eat it with you :-) very good. big kisses

even if the sorbet has melted a little you can see that it is nice and creamy.

good * __ * then I like the fact that it's creamy even more not counting the lemon * __ *! great Lory :-D a big kiss.

With the heat here it would take a ton of your splendid sorbet. Thanks Lory, you gave me a great idea to freshen up tonight :) a hug!

greedy a couple of cups for tomorrow

in this heat I would gladly eat it. today 42 & # 176 :( kisses lory

out there are 37 & # 176C .. a fresh and creamy sorbet .. I want nothing more! kisses

I'd eat a full & quotcofana & quot as I like it!

I have been thinking about making a lemon sorbet for three days and it is the fact that I do not have an ice cream maker that is holding me back but with this recipe it must be very easy, THANK YOU.

Maybe a couple of kilos would be enough for me: D! Fresh and greedy, with this heat it is the ideal taste ^ _ ^ What that cup wants! A big kiss baby, good day

Other than gluttony Lory. A real temptation that I can never resist. The lemon sorbet is my absolute favorite and this one looks great. One thing I don't envy you. The heat that you are suffering, because I know, is really deadly and I could not resist and I ran away. I hug you tightly! Any

Anastasia @
Hi Any. Luckily we changed the day. Between hail, rain and wind, it wasn't going to be a quiet dinner.
Enjoy your relax.
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Lory. I'm sorry for your blackberries! :(
If possible I would send you a basket from here. but they are so delicate, damn!
I hug you my dear! kiss kiss.

oh..Lory..if I was here yesterday..with 41 & # 176. you would have given up, from taking pictures and you would have eaten the sorbeto..squaglio. ahaha
but it's wonderful anyway, come on !! especially, with those wonderful blackberries, as a garnish !! what a goodness! :)) I really like this recipe .. the dear sign, thanks !! congratulations and a hug to. 38 & # 176. hehe smackkkk

this fantastic sorbet and congratulations for the blog. I just signed up if you like I'll wait for you on my blog and good luck for the contest ^ _ ^

you're right, and it's not easy to photograph a nice cup like this in this heat, both for the water and the temperature! yummy
I really want to try it!

Titanic yes but also sooooo provocative .. With the sorbet that runs like this .. What goodness Lory ^^
I'd really like to try this recipe of yours! Thanks for sharing and photographing it .. In this heat you were too good :-)

Un postre suave y delicado me encanta el sorbete es irresistible, abrazos y abrazos.

very fresh sorbet and hot do not get along but the fact that in the photos it is melted makes it very inviting.

Other than "the photos are what they are". They are very beautiful and your sorbet is a golosiaaaa !!

Hi, happy to meet you. your blog is very nice compliments.
I really like your lemon sorbet that in this heat is truly a panacea :-P
hello to you soon ^ _ ^

I'm preparing your sorbet for tonight :) I didn't resist I'll let you know.

this wonderful blog is beautiful

Really a problem photographing ice cream in the summer. I want to make me a nice bowl even if we are in the middle of winter. I take note.

I have a juice extractor and juice extractor and I would like to make sorbets with various fruits but they all freeze what can I do to make them creamy?
Thanks in advance to those who will answer me & # 39.

@Anonymous, hello, try to follow this recipe.
To obtain a creamy sorbet, I add to the syrup, cream or whipped egg white.

Hi, your sorbet is really inviting. I wanted to ask you if it is possible to use long-life cream without compromising the success of the sorbet. I thank you

First of all wash the lemons, dry them, squeeze the juice, filter it. Then cut the zest of one lemon with a spiral movement, avoiding the white part which is bitter.

Then, before making the lemon sorbet you need to prepare it syrup. Take sugar and water, stir and bring to the boil, adding the lemon zest. Boil for a few minutes without caramelizing (about 5). Remove from heat, also remove the zest from the syrup and let it cool completely.

Add the cooled syrup filtered lemon juice. Jumbled up. Pour it all into one steel bowl previously placed in the freezer to cool.

Mount theegg white until stiff peaks and add it to the previous compound. If you have a mixer you can mix everything directly in the steel bowl, to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

At this point, place the steel container with the mixture directly into the freezer, taking care of mix the sorbet with a fork every half hour or every hour, for 3 hours. This is to break up any ice cracks that have formed.

Cover the tray and let it rest for 24 hours, then serve yours lemon sorbet without ice cream maker, in glass cups or using half emptied lemons put in the freezer to freeze.

Lemon sorbet recipe without egg whites: fresh and creamy dessert

What better way to end a meal than a lemon sorbet? Fresh, creamy, and not at all heavy to digest, sorbet is a dessert that cleans the palate, helps to end the meal with a sweet note but without too many guilt feelings. Making it at home is not difficult at all and it is also possible to make it even lighter eliminating the egg whites. Here is the complete procedure to follow step by step.

Lemon sorbet

For the lemon sorbet recipe, cut all the lemons and squeeze them. You will need to get about 250 g of juice. Collect 350 g of water and 120 g of sugar. Bring to a boil, turn off immediately and let it cool syrup Pour the lemon juice into the cold syrup and mix.

Transfer the syrup to the ice cream maker and start it for 15 '. Mount in the meantime the egg white with 50 g of sugar. Alternatively, for a more silky sorbet and longer shelf life, whip the egg white with a pinch of sugar for a few seconds, then pour in 50 g of cooked sugar with 2-3 tablespoons of water at 116 ° C and whisk at maximum speed until cooling.

Only half of the meringue obtained will be needed, but it is not possible to work in less quantity. Incorporate half of the whipped egg white into the ice cream maker after 15 'from starting and leave it in action until the creaming is complete. Check the consistency of the sorbet: when ready, it will be frothy and smooth.

Distribute the sorbet in the glasses, then pour 1-2 tablespoons of limoncello in each and decorate as desired with caramelized peel.

Video: Homemade Zesty Lemon Sorbet recipes, no ice cream machine needed ASMR (January 2022).